The Rode Procaster Microphone is Fantastic!

Hey all it's Willis welcome back to the Channel so in the past many of you have Asked me what microphone I use to record My YouTube videos well right off the bat This right here is a rode procaster Microphone I've had this for somewhere Like 10 years I've recorded over 500 YouTube videos created multiple online Courses using it and even started a Podcast many years back so if you're on My lookout for a high quality microphone To level up your audio quality then Consider the rode procaster microphone But more on this microphone in this Video and what I'll be sharing is not so Much the specs or the technicalities of This microphone but more so my personal Experience using this microphone so Let's get to it alright guys so the First thing I want to do is do a Comparison so you can hear the Difference between a road procuster a Video my go this is also a rode Microphone and also the built-in Microphone that is recording right now So my Sony a74 camera if you understand Video production audio is more important Than video quality because your audience Can forgive you if your video quality is A little poorer but they can't forgive You if they can't hear what you're Trying to say let's do a test let's Start from actually the built-in Microphone from the Sony a74

Okay so what you're hearing is the Built-in microphone from the Sony a74 I'm going to read out Road procaster Broadcast quality dynamic microphone all Right now we are going to test out the Rode video mic go 2 setting right here Which is my backup microphone alright so What you're hearing now is a rode Videomic go to sitting about somewhere Around that much space Road procuster Broadcast quality dynamic microphone all Right back on the rode procaster Microphone and what you're hearing Obviously is the rode procraster Microphone all right so now that you Heard the difference hopefully you know The importance of audio quality let's Now discuss the price of a rogue Pro Caster and also compare it with that Other popular microphone brand on the b H website you'll see the rode procuster Going for 229 dollars it hasn't really Changed in terms of pricing it's quite Fixed you might be able to find this Cheaper on sales such as Black Friday Cyber Monday and Etc what you're going To get is simply the microphone and the Adapter which can connect to other Things things you don't get the shock Mount and this is all separate Accessories this is basically all you Get in this box that's the microphone And you will need other things because It is an XLR based microphone so it

Doesn't connect directly to your Computer you will need a USB interface I'm going to compare this right to Another popular microphone sure sm7b you Might have seen this a microphone in Many many podcasts many video creators Who use this microphone almost double The price you can take a look if you've Commented in the past saying that you Like the quality of my audio why would You spend almost double the amount on a Short sm7b when you can get the rode Processor for almost half the price both Of the microphones are Dynamic Microphones a couple of Cons with buying These types of microphones is that you All need other accessories so the first Thing you will need is a USB interface This right here is from focusrite Scarlet solo if you record on your own You're not doing anything like podcasts Interviews all you need really is the Focusrite Scarlet solo okay which goes For 119 dollars at the time this Recording if you are considering going To be recording other people then you Want to look at the focusrite Scarlet 2 I2 so this has two XLR Imports right Here goes for 179 so the way I've got it Set up is I've got rode Pro cluster here I've got an XLR cable which is another Cost which attaches to a USB interface Such as a focus Scarlet solo and by the Way the XLR cable that I'm using is

Pretty high quality it's from a mugami So take a look at that and by the way All these accessories and this pieces Will be listed in the description box Below so you can take a look and go Directly to those places right on b h And also I'll link the Amazon links too Once you've got those in place the other Things that you'll need is a cloud Lifter you might have heard this term Before all it does is it will boost up The gains so making your microphone 25 DB louder with clean transparent gain Not to get too technical but basically It will boost up input right so that When you are doing like live streams or You're recording your videos you don't Need to boost it up post-production or When you're editing your videos I don't Use a cloud lifter personally but I do Use this one right here which is just 99 Compared to 149 it does the exact same Thing anyway I don't attach it to here But what you do is you attach it on the Back Dynamite dm1 is what this brand is Called and then right here is where you Put in the other end of the XLR cable And that is all you need so you can see How it connects and that way you're Getting a boost in gain so very similar You've got 28 DB of gain and it does a Pretty good job that's pretty much all The gear that you need unless actually You need a boom arm or stand like this

And if you are looking for one on the Market then you're going to want the Rode DS1 which goes for 29.99 all right The only downside I would say with using This type of thing is if you bump on the Table like so you might be able to hear That or a little bump here yeah you Might be able to hear that the other Setup that I recommend otherwise is Getting something like the rode psa1 Right here which is a boom arm so what You do is you attach it on your desk and Then simply extend it wherever you want And you're good to go I actually have it Sitting right there I used to use it for Many of my videos but I'm going for a More cleaner look it does come down to Personal preference Sometimes some People don't even want a microphone on Their frame what they have is something Like a microphone sitting at the top Which I also have so that way you're Getting a cleaner shot in addition to The Boomer what you also want to Consider getting is the shock mount so This one's from rode the psm1 it Attaches to the end of the microphone as You can see here so this is what it Looks like and this is how you set it up Which is why I kind of opted out of this Boom um look right because I've got so Much going on I've Got The Boom arm got The shock mount going I went for a Cleaner look with this desk stand

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Instead but what the shock mount does is It will absorb any shocks right so if You bump the tape table if you bump the Microphone it will absorb that shock and This shock mount goes for 39 and as you Can see by now all these little Accessories and pieces do add up in Costs and if you do want high quality Audio then this is one of the options Now it's not the only option there are Other options out there but this video Really is about you know how to get Sound and quality that I produce in my Videos however if you are looking for Another I might as well show you the Other option which is the shaw mv7 this One you won't need any USB interfaces You won't need a cloud lifter things Like that this plugs straight into your Computer via USB I'm sure there are Other inputs like the XLR connection as You can see but if you're looking for an All-in-one solution consider getting the Shore mv7 which goes for 249 dollars Does come down to budget but in my Opinion I prefer this route and I Wouldn't go any other way at least for Now I've been using this kind of setup For like 10 years or so as I mentioned In a nutshell that is my audio is set up In terms of Hardware now the other thing You may want to consider doing is audio Processing and to keep things simple I Always like to refer to a website called

Orphanic or phonic simply allows you to Upload your audio file and then it will Process everything for you so you can Use the Adaptive leveler loudness Normalization you've got filtering and Noise and hum reduction more on this Actual tool in another video that I Dedicated so you can find the link in The description box below you'll learn How to actually use this tool you know Sometimes when you watch some YouTube Videos and the audio level is quite low And then sometimes you watch another Video it's quite loud well this tool Corrects that fixes it so that it Normalizes your audio and pretty much Cleans it up other than that that is my Entire setup in terms of audio hardware And how I process my audio hopefully It's answered your question on what Microphone I use to record my YouTube Videos in the meantime thanks so much For watching and I'll leave up a couple Of relevant videos for you to watch next I'll see you next time [Music]

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