The Simple Ebook Business Model (No Tech Skills Required)

Hey it's abuelas in this video you're Going to learn a really simple ebook Business model that you can follow where I'll be teaching you and showing you how To quickly put together an ebook with Minimal fuss and knowledge I'm then Going to show you a free platform to Sell your ebook and then finally how to Promote your ebook the goal of this Business model is to make it as simple As possible so that you can stop Procrastinating stop wasting time and of Course get results and get sales faster Step number one is to create your ebook And the easiest and fastest way in my Opinion because we want to stick to the Simple method is to Simply use Google Docs and here's one example that I Created in Google Docs you can see the Cover page abundance mindset we've got a Table of contents we've got a preface Introduction the text that we want you Know this is all dummy text but you can Get the gist just by looking at what's In here right so I've got a full Tutorial on how to create something like This in Google Docs link will be in the Description box below below so you can Watch that and then follow along step by Step and of course with the arrival of AI tools such as Chad GPT it just makes It so much easier you could very well Use chat GPT to come up with an ebook Title or perhaps get you some

Suggestions I've used it in the past to Come up with a table of contents for a Couple of my products before and it's Starting a pretty good job apart from You know making some minor tweaks and Changes which should always be taken Into consideration when using AI tools Like chat GPT in terms of your ebook Cover design like what you see here you Could very well simply use canva and Then search for ebook templates or ebook Cover templates and you'll be given and Provided all these templates to choose From I've got another video showing you How to design an evil cover like these Ones here but more importantly you can Actually download these right away by Looking at the description and then Where it says download the templates you Can simply click that and then follow The instructions once you've completed Your ebook whether you followed my step By step tutorial or used some other Program simply make sure you save it as A PDF document because that's what we're Going to need later on so in Google Docs Simply hit file then we are going to go Download and then look for PDF document Now we're not going to do anything with It yet but keep that handy because we'll Be using it to upload to our Ecommerce Store now that your ebook's done let's Move on to step two and that's selecting A platform to sell your ebook we are

Sticking again to the simple method Quick and fast we don't want to set up Anything no technical issues and things That we'll come across so if we are Going to install something on let's say WordPress and then you're going to have To require all these plugins and themes You know and then you're going to come Across some technical issues if things Don't get updated so instead of worrying About all that why not simply use a tool And platform such as Koji what exactly Is Koji well it allows you to hack your Own storefront without the technical Know-how what I like about Koji is that They've got a range of templates to Choose from so you can sell things like Digital products ebooks and audiobooks Sell video courses you can sell other Downloadable files and zip files too and The list goes on but the template that We are going to use in particular is This one here called ebooks and Audiobooks and where it says configure That's the button you want to click but Before you do that make sure you sign up For a free Koji account and I'm Emphasizing the word free because there Are no monthly fees to pay all you need To pay is the 10 fee per transaction so Only if you make a sale then Koji will Take that 10 and that includes Transaction fees from the payment Processor so let's go ahead and

Configure this template we'll click on Configure we'll hit start enter your Book title author and book description At the top you'll see audio booked as Well but we're sticking to books since We're selling an ebook however in the Latest stage we will have the Opportunity to add an audio version of Your book let's go ahead and click on Next enter a few more details including The price if you want to give it out for Free simply leave it as zero dollars Otherwise enter price click on next We'll now upload our ebook remember in Google Docs we saved it as a PDF Document well simply upload that file I've uploaded mine and we'll click on Next and here you'll upload your book Cover so whether you designed it in Canva or in Google Docs you can simply Save it as an image and then we'll Upload it next you'll be given a couple Of customization options the first being Book preview enabling this will allow Your potential customers and readers to Read the first let's say first five Pages so you can specify and drag this Let's say the first five pages of your Ebook until they get they will get Nudged to buy the actual ebook and then You can also enable audiobook add-on so If you have an audio version of your Ebook you can simply upload it right Here once done you're ready to publish

Your ebook simply click on publish book Once published this is what it looks Like you can view it as a guess so they Can buy it right away or preview it and We enabled up to five pages for free or You can view it as an admin and this is Obviously what you see you can read it Now or download it and the great thing Is whether your customer bought the Ebook and or audio version they can read And or listen to it right inside the Player it's also really easy to share This page on social media or on the web Simply hit that share button and you're Given the option to share the book Details like this page here or book Preview let's say book details we'll Click that once now you can copy the Link or share to one of these social Media platforms but keep that share link Handy because you're going to need it in The next step and speaking of next step Step number three is to promote your Ebook we've created our ebook we've Created our storefront but it's not just As if someone or people will start Seeing your ebook out of then air Because at the end of the day you need To still Market it and promote your Ebook the way that I'm personally doing It is by posting YouTube videos I post Videos related to digital Tech so it's About finding that Niche and whatever Product obviously you're selling it's

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Got to be related and whatever industry You are in that's the kind of topics That you want to talk about so then That'll naturally lead to that you know Customer look looking at your ebook and Then seeing that it's actually a great Fit for what they're trying to learn or Do and then they'll just buy it right so That's the kind of workflow that you Want going on or more so like a sales Funnel that's the first kind of platform That you could start with you know Videos not for everyone which is why you Can start with something like Instagram Where there are plenty of formats to Choose from you've got Instagram reels You've got carousels normal posts on Instagram and so on with social media You've got to think strategically and It's not about just posting you know Your everyday life if you're doing it For business you still have to somewhat You know teach others educate others or You can entertain and mix that all Together inspire people that's what I Kind of do in with my Instagram account At least you know I've got a mix of Different things I've got carousels Where I'm showing uh you know five AI Tools so this is purely educational it's Nothing really about me so things that Actually are beneficial for your viewers This especially works well if you're Someone like a mentor or coach and

You're building your personal brand That's what you want to do and get out There or if you simply uh building your Business based on a name brand how People will actually find your ebook is By using calls to action or CTA in your Let's say Instagram carousels or Instagram reels where your description Is you can place a call to action at the End where it says want to learn more on This topic look in the description or Look in the link in bio for a link to Your latest course or ebook in this case So here's where my link is and this Showcases and features some of my Products right 50 digital product ideas Where which is all powered by Koji and They can purchase this right away right On my social media Lincoln bio here Here's a demo one that we created in Koji so taking a look at it again when They land on this page they can read a Few pages of it if you're posting YouTube videos in the description you Can always put your links so I've got Links to my tools and gears that I use I've got a link to my actual shop I've Got my YouTube content planner here they Can buy me a coffee so quite a few you Know calls to action right at the bottom Where in every single video that I post Actually so this is an opportunity you Know kind of like real estate where you Can provide and feature and showcase

Your links but everything starts with Content so you just got to get some Content out there build some traction And build some momentum and then as you Get that going you know you will see Some traffic to your ebook you will Potentially get some sales it all Depends on what your ebook is about how You drove them from your content but Apart from posting content online the Other method that I like to follow is by Utilizing email marketing and that is to Build a newsletter or an email list so Koji has their own template called email Sign up so you can very well integrate a Sign up form to your link in buyer page That's integrated into your Koji account And then it also integrates with MailChimp if you'd like to use that Otherwise you can always export a CSV of All the data that it's collected you Know the sign ups that is if you need Something a little more advanced for Email marketing then I recommend Convertkit it's got a ton of features it Starts at zero dollars up to 1 000 Subscribers so bear in mind that what You're looking at here you is not based On you know the 300 1 000 subscribers so If we drag that to 1000 you'll see it's Still zero dollars you know that's a Maximum right that'll go and you're Given unlimited landing pages unlimited Forms broadcasts and you can do some

Automations a little bit there's some Tagging and segmentation going on here So the main component is the actual Landing page right you can use this to Start collecting subscribers but in my Opinion email marketing is such an Overlooked kind of underutilized way of Marketing your products and services and Catching that audience right because if You're relying solely on social media Such as on Instagram or YouTube then What happens if one day your account Gets hacked or in a knock on wood if That happens right so there that's why You want to build on another platform Something you kind of own right through Convertkit or through Koji wherever you Can build and collect an email subscribe Cyber base have that all backed up and Whatever the case may be you've always Got your email list I personally use an Email marketing service called drip but I don't recommend this if you're just Starting out it is quite technical to Use and it's not as user friendly my Opinion like with a convertkit where With the landing pages it's simply a Matter of dragging and dropping in a way At the end of the day your ebook is not Going to sell itself you still need to Put in the work to promote your ebook And just because you spent hours writing Your ebook creating that storefront Putting your link to you know all your

Social media buyers it really doesn't Mean that people will automatically you Know buy it and you'll get sales and you Can't determine and conclude that yeah Maybe this ebook is a flop based on Let's say only 50 visits to that ebook Page you need a lot more data to Determine that you know and so people Give up to easy and it's just a matter Of making sure you pivot when things are Not right right if you think that maybe This topic really isn't something that Your audience wants then you just have To change things up and not give up I Provided the steps and the tools to help You write your ebook get that storefront And also some suggestions in terms of How to promote your ebook But ultimately It's up to you to get your ebook out There but hope this video was helpful And if it was by all means let me know By giving this video a thumbs up in the Meantime I'll leave up a couple of Relevant videos in terms of ebooks right Here for you to watch next thanks so Much for watching do take care Foreign

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