The SMC Livestream: Live Price Action Analysis and Trade Plan for Forex and Indices

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news about the SMC Livestream! Join me as I delve into the world of Forex and Indices, offering live price action analysis and trade plans. Together, we will explore the dynamic market trends and uncover profitable trading opportunities. So grab your seat and get ready to embark on this thrilling journey of financial success. Let’s dive straight into the world of trading, where I will be your guide, providing valuable insights and strategies to help you make informed decisions. Stay tuned for an enriching experience that will elevate your trading skills to new heights!

The SMC Livestream: Live Price Action Analysis and Trade Plan for Forex and Indices


Welcome to my article where I will be discussing the SMC Livestream Show, a platform that offers free top-down analysis and trade planning for Forex and Indices markets. This show provides valuable insights and strategies for traders who are looking to improve their trading skills and achieve consistent profitability.

The SMC Livestream Show

The SMC Livestream Show is a unique educational platform designed to empower traders with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the Forex and Indices markets. Led by experienced trader and mentor, Hein, this show offers live price action analysis and trade plans that can be applied in real-time trading scenarios.

Mentorship with Hein

For those who want to take their trading to the next level, Hein offers a mentorship program where traders can gain private live streams and access to his full methodology course. This mentorship program provides personalized guidance and strategies catered to individual trading styles and goals. With a 40% off coupon code, this program is now more accessible than ever before.

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MMFunded Analysis Service

In addition to the SMC Livestream Show, traders can also benefit from the MMFunded Analysis Service. This service provides detailed analysis of the markets, including potential trade setups, risk management strategies, and market insights. Best of all, this service is available free of charge to all traders.

Blue Guardian: A Trusted Prop Firm with Exclusive Benefits

For traders who are seeking to trade with a prop firm, Blue Guardian offers an excellent solution. This trusted prop firm provides traders with the opportunity to trade without a time limit, allowing them to have full control over their trading journey. Furthermore, with a promo code, traders can avail a 5% discount on their trading capital.

MMFunded V2 Matrix EA Project

Another exciting opportunity for traders is the MMFunded V2 Matrix EA Project. This project aims to develop an advanced trading robot that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate profitable trades. With daily documented results, traders can witness the effectiveness and efficiency of this automated trading system.


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  2. What topics are covered in Hein’s mentorship program?
  3. How can I benefit from the MMFunded Analysis Service?
  4. What advantages does Blue Guardian offer to prop traders?
  5. Can I participate in the MMFunded V2 Matrix EA Project?


The SMC Livestream Show is a valuable resource for traders who are seeking to enhance their trading skills in the Forex and Indices markets. With live price action analysis and trade plans, as well as mentorship programs, analysis services, and prop trading opportunities, traders have access to a comprehensive ecosystem that can accelerate their journey towards consistent profitability. To learn more, feel free to message me on Instagram or follow my journey on Tik Tok.

Note: The SMC Livestream Show, Mentorship, MMFunded Analysis Service, Blue Guardian Prop Firm, and MMFunded V2 Matrix EA Project are separate entities. Please ensure to visit their official websites for detailed information and to verify any promotional offers mentioned in this article.

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