The Truth About Starting on Fiverr in 2023

If you're thinking about starting a Freelance business on Fiverr in 2023 This video is for you Fiverr has become One of the top freelance platforms over The past couple years it's got over 4 Million active buyers and with an Average spend per buyer of over 200 it's Definitely taken one of the top spots For great places to make money online But as with fiverr's really impressive Year over year growth as a platform as a Whole its competition has also been Growing and sucking up market share as Well major freelance platforms like Upwork also present themselves as Fantastic options for both freelance Sellers or people looking to hire Freelancers online along with fiverr's Actual number of buyers growing there's Also been a huge increase in the number Of actual Freelancers selling services On the platform as the whole idea of Freelancing or having a side hustle Becomes more mainstream dream more People have been signing up for accounts To try their hand at making money online For themselves and studies show that This trend doesn't really seem to be Slowing down upwork recently ran a study Called freelance forward 2022 and what It found was that in the U.S over the Past 12 months over 60 million people Reported to doing some form of Freelancing 60 million people is almost

40 percent of the entire U.S Workforce And many other studies are showing that By the year 2028 about 90 million or More Americans will be freelancing in One form or another that's a lot of People and if you're the type of person Who finds yourself worrying about the Competition and how competitive and Saturated different platforms are Getting this might seem like terrible News for you but along with all that Growth in the form of Freelancers Joining platforms like Fiverr Fiverr as A company has been doing some pretty Cool and Innovative things to make sure It's constantly working on driving new Clients to the platform new buyers Specifically business clients clients With a big budget and a lot of projects In one of the recent quarterly earnings Calls this year Fiverr CEO Micah Kaufman Announced a pretty interesting idea of Freelance as a service model that Fiverr Was going to try to start catering to in The coming years basically it's his Vision that Fiverr becomes a platform That large corporations can use to take A particular creative project they need Done from an ideation and Inception all The way through to completion and Delivery he views Fiverr as a company That can offer this type of service Where not only where will you be able to Find the Freelancers to do these types

Of projects but Fiverr will manage the Project's assigning Freelancers creating Milestones helping that company manage The whole life cycle of that project Which is pretty ambitious but honestly Pretty incredible both for Freelancers And for businesses looking to hire Freelancers in this way this is a really Good thing for Freelancers especially The good ones the types of Freelancers That treat their Fiverr business as a Business handle things professionally Offer a really high value skill set and Are always learning these are the types Of Freelancers who are really going to Reap the benefits When Fiverr rolls out Services like this as a service model That Micah Kaufman was alluding to these Are all good things in my opinion and if You're hearing this and you're skeptical That Fiverr can deliver on this type of An ambitious change or Evolution I have Faith I'm not an analyst but I've tuned Into a bunch of fibrous you know last Two years of earnings calls and despite All of the economic and Global Uncertainty Fiverr has been growing as a Business it's pretty impressive and I Think this this idea of as a server Service really is a natural Evolution Down the path that Fiverr seems to be Tracking towards my personal opinion is I think five are set up to make it Happen and that's exciting for me as a

Freelancer and it might be for you too So I guess now this brings us to the Part of the video where we talk about The truth of starting on Fiverr in 2023 Starting with Should you should you start selling on Fiverr in 2023 well if that's a Consideration for you and you're Concerned about whether or not you Should start on Fiverr based on concerns Towards Fiverr as a platform I think Based on what I've already said so far In this video and what's available Online it should be pretty obvious that Fiverr it's a pretty solid Choice it's One of the most reputable and largest Freelance platforms currently available But if you're wondering whether you Should start on Fiverr in 2023 because Of how it might positively or negatively Impact your freelance business I think This boils down to one really important Consideration and it's really based on You and how much effort you want to put In to securing your freelance clients And not even how much effort but how do You want to go about securing your Freelance clients if you want to avoid Paying 20 to a platform and host your Own website cold call cold email and Build relationships with companies to Grow your business then Fiverr is Probably not the best platform for you If that's the way you want to go about

Things you're probably better off Creating a portfolio website driving Traffic to it and signing clients Yourself it'll save you the 20 and Probably give you a little bit more Control and certainty over the long-term Future of your business because you Control all aspects of it so if you want To make a portfolio website and do Things this way I've already created a Video about it I'll link to it down Below check it out but if what I just Described isn't something that you view As ideal then joining a freelance Marketplace like Fiverr is really a No-brainer and you probably shouldn't Just join Fiverr you should join many Different platforms to see which works Best for you all freelance platforms are Tools they're tools to help you drive Business to your business so check out Fiverr check out other sites cast a wide Net see what works for you and see where You're having the best luck driving Traffic for your services all right so The next consideration about the truth About starting on Fiverr in 2023 has to Do With competition A lot of you already know how I feel About this there is competition Everywhere Fiverr or any other Competitive market that people enter to Make money whether online or brick and

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Mortar competition exists everywhere Unless you live on an island or you're The only person doing anything But who who's in that situation when it Comes to whether or not you should start On Fiverr in 2023 from the lens of being Worried about the competition here's Something you need to understand the Best Freelancers and the best freelance Businesses are not scared of the Competition instead they spend time Studying the competition they study them To try to figure out what their Competition is doing really well what They're not doing so well studying these Things to try to help them figure out How they can differentiate offer Superior value and compete against that Competition and make no mistake the Whole purpose of this the whole purpose Of studying the competition selling on Fiverr being a freelancer should be to Provide value to your client so if You're worried about competition on Fiverr re-watch this part of the video And you should be okay hopefully so Moving along this brings us to what I Think is a pretty big opportunity for 2023 as freelancing becomes more Mainstream something that more people Are doing something that more businesses Are using to get projects completed and Something that you know companies like Fiverr are focused on growing and

Bringing in more business interests this Creates a massive opportunity for people Who are already involved in freelancing To secure larger higher budget longer Term projects with larger companies as Freelancing as a whole gets more popular But the reality is that some of these Huge lucrative projects I'm talking Talking about might require you to Upgrade your skill set or in some cases Learn new skill sets altogether so what Might this mean for you well on the most Basic level putting a focus on Broadening your skill set is going to be Pretty helpful like if you're the type Of freelancer that sells services that Are laser focused on very specific tasks It might be beneficial for you to spend Some time reflecting on the broader Processes or projects or workflow that The tasks you provide slot into and Trying to understand different skill Sets that are applicable in different Phases of that type of a project think Of it as a whole and try to figure out What types of skill sets additional Skill sets you can learn that'll allow You to be more relevant and offer more Value in more parts of a particular Project that people might be hiring Freelancers for obviously you can learn These new skill sets that you discover For free using sites like YouTube or Blogs but in some cases for more

Complicated skill sets paid courses that Are specialized might be a better option Now for me I've always been a pretty big Fan fan of sites like skillshare it's a Low-cost option they have a lot of Different creative course catalogs Available to help you learn a bunch of Different things I'll put an affiliate Link in the description you can sign up For a free trial you can try that one Out But there are a lot of different options Not just skillshare Coursera going back To school taking a university course Night classes Udemy is really good Reaching out and finding mentors in your Niche there are so many ways you can go About it the most important part is that You go about it and you learn these Relevant skill sets to properly set Yourself up to Target a bigger piece of This freelance business pie that is Probably coming down down on us as the Industry grows and honestly what's Probably the best way to learn a new Skill set you're gonna think it's tough And it is the toughest way but it's to Do the things you want to learn finding Companies agencies organizations that Are already doing the types of projects You're trying to become more relevant Within and trying to get onto one of These projects whether it be as an

Employee as a contractor as an intern Getting into an organization station Like this and working with them learning The ropes from the inside out is the Best way to make yourself more relevant To these big large corporate type of Freelance projects that are probably Going to become more common on sites Like Fiverr because ultimately we don't Know what we don't know and getting an Inside look into some of these types of Processes and projects can be a great Way to get you exposure and the know-how That you would otherwise have a really Hard time learning on your own and you Might even be able to absorb this type Of knowledge on Fiverr Fiverr Studios Exists you can check them out see if you Can find a studio that does bigger Projects that we would be willing to Take you on but yeah that's just another Option for you the next big truth about Starting on Fiverr in 2023 is that you Need to think of Fiverr as a tool it's Just a tool the reality is that fiverr's Been around for long enough at this Point that I think most of the mystery And misconceptions about what the Platform is have been cleared up for Most of you over the years I've talked To so many people who had the idea that Hey if I sign up for a Fiverr I'm Guaranteed to make money like it's some Sort of magical get rich quick kind of

Like behind the scenes scam that's just Like a fountain of wealth but that's not What it is Fiverr is a tool if you're Getting into freelancing and considering Fiverr take a step back and think about Some of the things you would do if you Were starting a traditional type of Business you would need to do marketing You would need to reach out to people You would need to do sales why to drive Traffic to your business all the things You would do you would use tools to do It tools help you with selling with Marketing with relationship building Fiverr is just another one of those Tools sure I think Fiverr is a fantastic Tool and something most Freelancers Should consider but if you want to be Successful you absolutely need to treat It like a tool that's there to help you Grow your business not some form of get Rich quick thing because that's not what It is and little side note if you're Subscribed to this Channel and you have Been for a while I hope that together We've evolved past the point where You're on the hunt for cheesy get rich Quick things because come on come on we Just we should all know better get rich Quick should never be something we we're Heavily invested in hard work providing Value and building a business is so I Hope we're all at this point together Hopefully and the last super important

Truth about starting on Fiverr in 2023 Has to do with balance and burnout for a Lot of people who have never freelanced Before and are just used to doing your Standard nine to five job joining a Platform like Fiverr can be amazing but It can also be overwhelming because Honestly it puts you in a situation Where now you're not just working a nine To five you're getting projects done on Your own time in your spare time time That you might normally spend on Yourself or with your friends and family And that can be stressful for for people Time management is important and being Able to deal with tight deadlines with No one looming over you to tell you that You need to get to work and get Something done is really important so Here's my advice if you're planning on Starting on Fiverr in 2023 number one is Block your calendar number two is to Prioritize time with your family and Friends and number three is to Prioritize your health get out to the Gym eat healthy and take care of Yourself this has worked for me and Allowed me to run a bunch of different Side hustles for the last four years and I hope it works really well for you too So anyways that's it for this video That's the truth about starting on Fiverr in 2023 I hope this was helpful I Hope it dispelled a lot of the myths and

Misconceptions you might have on the Platform but if you're excited about it And you're gonna do it I wish you a ton Of luck subscribe to the channel a lot Of resources for on this channel to help You make it happen for yourself thanks So much for watching until next time Cheers

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