These ZERO Gravity Products Will Make You A Lot Of Money

Guys in this video I'm gonna show you Three ClickBank products that you need To start promoting right now and the Great thing about promoting these Products is at this stage there are no Terms against brand bidding and these Products are a little bit more Mainstream so it's likely that you are Going to make a lot of quick sales out Of the gate with brand bidding before we Get into it guys remember I'm running a Limited time sale on my courses at the Moment you can get all five of my make Money online and affiliate marketing Courses which are normally valued at 197 Dollars each which is a total of 985 Dollars you can get it for a limited Time for the one-time price of 77 you Can get lifetime access to all five of My courses for only 77 but you need to Act now click the first link in the Description and use coupon code Xx77 don't wait this is a limited time Offer now with that said let's get into It okay guys so we are in the Marketplace right now we're gonna go and Look at new offers And once we're in new offers what we're Going to do is go to the health and Fitness category now we've got products That are new that are already doing Pretty well on ClickBank for example We've got cortexy uh which is a tinnitus Or tinnitus whatever way you want to say

It uh products so gravity already 124 124 Affiliates I have done sales in the Last 30 or so days but we're not going To focus on that we're going to go for Something else right so you notice Straight away we drop so we've gone from A gravity score of 124 straight to zero All right remember these are all new Products just one of them is taken off With Affiliates better than the others Okay so we go down and this is one of The ones we want to look at 50 bucks per Sale all right so what we're going to do Is we're going to have a look this is a Pure Clean beat beet juice powder all Right look at that 50 bucks per sale Okay so this is what we're going to be After all right so what we're going to Do is we're going to click the promote Button now remember I told you that There are three products that I'm going To talk about today and these are the Three products we've got Pure Clean beat Fund aminos amino acids and uh CGM Support all right so we can look at all Of these three products individually and I'm going to explain why this is a Product that or these are products that You should be looking at promoting okay So first let's go to Pure Clean beat Create a hop link And well I'm gonna scroll down copy Open a new page paste that in and go all Right now if you have a look here very

Very simple looking landing page right But you got to remember this is a Landing page that most likely people Already know about the product right and If you are brand bidding that's the Traffic you're going after right so Someone just wants to get to the buy Button they don't care about all the Fluff okay and so uh they're like type Into Google Pure Clean beats and what's Gonna happen your ads gonna show up they Click on your ad they come through to This page and look at this oh my Goodness buy now so they click buy now Job's done you get commission everyone's Happy all right of course there is extra Information here about this product but One of the things that I think is good About the three products I'm going to Talk about in this video is there more Mainstream products they're products That you can imagine being sold in a Health food shop right not uh not these Kind of supplements that only through ClickBank right they're more mainstream Okay so we've got Pure Clean beats let's Go back to our Marketplace and let's Have a look at uh fundaminos amino acids All right so you can see the CV page Parameter was just changing there let's Go All right and what do we have we have Fundaminos okay and Um pretty similar looking landing page

Of course the product's different Um just but uh looks wise the color is The main difference and a few of the Images we can go click buy now excellent Jobs done all right again these are very Unique names you know they're not going To be confused by something else Google's not going to be saying do you Mean this if they type this word in so Um chances of your ads showing getting Clicks is very very high right so Fundaminos okay and let's go back to our Marketplace for a final look at the CGM Support which I'm assuming is a constant Glucose monitor but let's have a look it Might be something different let's paste And go And where are we CGM glucose health and Performance program Okay one month total free no long-term Commitments ah yes it's a glucose Monitor you can see that there on their Arm okay and price 240 dollars you're Gonna get about 30 of that as commission Which is nice all right uh so guys I Really uh really recommend that you jump On these three products so let's go back To the marketplace let's have a look We've got uh Pure Clean beets we've got Fundaminos amino acids and we've got CGM Support now as they go I think the top Ones that you want to be going for Initially if you're brand bidding are Pure Clean beat and fundaminos amino

Acids now the reason is I think this uh CGM support would convert however CGM Support is a little more general of a Name for a product so your brand bidding Performance is not going to be as good As it would be for the other two so just Keep that in mind right although you're Going to get a higher commission and Things like that the chances of you Making conversions in one or two clicks Is lower because CGM support is a more General kind of brand name just keep That in mind of course you should test This but just keep that in mind all Right guys so those are the three Products I recommend you jump on those Now before everyone else does and also Remember for a limited time you can get All five of my courses that's a Bing ads Affiliate marketing course that can be Used for Google that's a push ads Affiliate marketing course that's a Native ads affiliate marketing course That's a YouTube monetization course and A gumroad product creation course and These courses have case studies in them So not only am I telling you what to do I'm showing you what I'm doing and I'm Showing you the results so you can be Assured that this stuff works normally The price is 190 seven dollars per Course bringing five courses to a total Of 985 dollars you can get them all Today for a flat price of 77 and get

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