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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to share with you a unique one Thousand dollars per week method that Currently nobody is doing and you can Say that in less than 10 minutes I'm Going to show you exactly how you can Use other people's videos on YouTube Legally and ethically by the way don't Worry you don't have to create any Videos yourself use these videos to get Traffic and actually turn this traffic Into sales and into commissions and make Anywhere from like 500 up to a couple Thousand dollars per week my goal with This video is to show you how to make Like one thousand dollars per week which I think is pretty good for most people So yeah let's get started but for that Don't forget to please smash like on This video I would really appreciate it And let's try and get to 1 000 likes and Also don't forget to subscribe and hit Notification Bell so I can notify you Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video and also comment down below And tell me if making one thousand Dollars per week is okay or it's not Enough or it's more than enough so I Know what kind of method to focus on in The future as well alright so let's get Started now what we are going to be Doing actually with this method is Something clever than most people are Not even trying to do themselves but if

You're going to see that but just the Way I'm going to show you you can Actually use other people's videos other People's hard work legally and ethically While actually helping them out and You're also making money yourself so Here's how to do that so step one we Need to have some kind of an affiliate Offer now for this method I'm going to Go with the affiliate offer that I'm Going to show you right now but you can Also use other affiliate offers so just Go to ClickBank and go to ebusiness and E-marketing and then search for like Free traffic okay search for free Traffic and you're going to find these Two offers pretty much Evolution which Is right here and also a offer free Traffic system flood your site with free Traffic this is the one we want to be Using Okay the reason for this is Because it has one dollar trial at Thirty dollars per month recurring kind Of like Revenue that you're going to be Getting paid so it has small entry High Monthly payments and also High retention Rate you can see the average conversion Is four hundred dollars so once you're Going to get someone for like two Dollars because the product is so good People are going to stick there for a Long time okay so this is going to be The affiliate offer of choice okay some 150 dollars per day method okay so this

Is something we want to be using also Make sure if you are going to be Promoting a product you're going to pick Something something like on the on the Lower Side okay so you are going to get These sales very fast and the next thing You want to do is you want to go to YouTube and now you pretty much want to Find someone who's going to be in your Niche who's going to have couple of Informational videos about the topic now Because I'm going to need to make money Online Niche I might as well use my Videos you can also use my videos as Well but also feel free to use anybody Else's videos but I know I have pretty Much all the criteria for this method so I'm going to recommend myself but what You're really looking for are Informational videos about the topic so If you are like for weight loss you want To find someone that has weight loss Videos then you want to make sure that The thumbnails are going to be high Quality you really want to make sure They are really high quality because That's going to determine if you're Going to make money or not with this Method and then the third part you want To make sure that there's at least like Three to five video shows that you can Use so I'm going to use is I'm going to Use my channel okay so this is the Channel in kind of money that you're

Watching right now I'm going to use like Top three videos that I have right here Okay so these last three videos so this Is the first step okay so second step I Guess now the next thing you want to do Is you want to go to a website that's Called writely and this is something we Are going to use to actually make money With these videos so you just want to Sign up for an account and then we want To create a new advertisement we are Going to call it incognito free traffic And click on ADD okay and this is where The secret sauce actually is going to Come into play we want to do pretty much An image right here just select an image And you want to make sure you're going To show it after like I guess like 10 Seconds 10 seconds is okay and then we Want to upload an image okay we want to Select Evo pop-up this is very important It will pop up and we want to upload an Image now what kind of image you're Going to upload it's going to be a Screenshot of the sales page so just Take a screenshot of this one just just Like this and they want to save it and They want to upload it so this is how It's going to look like so it's going to Have the screenshot of the page and then The button text right here just put here Earn 128 dollars per day with free Traffic and they want to pretty much Copy your affiliate link from ClickBank

Copy that and then go back to write l y And pretty much add it to every single Part that's going to say the link so a Button link then logo link then logo Text is going to be click here and yeah That's pretty much it so this is how the Evo pop-up is going to look like and This is going to be our monetization Part so when people are going to click Here they will come to our affiliate Link when they click here they will come To our affiliate link and when they Click here they will also come to our Affiliate link now just click on done Okay so this is the advertisement we are Going to be using now the next thing you Want to do is now we want to be pretty Much using these videos with this Advertisements now we need to have a Place to actually Host this video for This one I highly recommend you go to Google and you search for c a r r d card and this is a simple free full Responsive one page side now this is a Premium site okay it's not like Google Sites you can use Google sites but I Like to use the card because you can see You are going to be able to create these Kinds of pages in few clicks completely For free literally just by watching this Video okay so just create an account Right here this is how it's going to Look like and then click on the new site And we want to choose like a starting

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Point or or like a template okay now the One that I'm going to go for is going to Be I'm going to go with this one the Next big thing so I'm just going to Select this one you can use any one that You want to be using and then you pretty Much just customize it okay I'm going to Zoom it out a little bit so it's going To be a little bit more bearable and Then pretty much you can just upload the Images change the text but this is what You want to do there so for this image You want to upload like a face or Something so I'm just going to upload my Face there and then instead the headline You want to write here top ways to earn Money online in 2023 and then pretty Much for the second text you just want To write there and just here are my Favorite ways to make money on online in 2023 check them all okay something like This and this is going to be played the Main page where people are going to land On and then pretty much right here is Where we actually want to add a video Thumbnails okay so you want to make sure You only keep like this to kind of like Them templates and then delete these Ones okay so just click on it click on Yes you want to delete it then delete This part as well then delete this part As well delete this part as well delete This part as well delete as well this Part as well this part delete and yep

Just like this okay so okay one more Time delete this one delete this one Delete this one I don't want to really Cut it off because I want to show you How it's going to work okay so just like This okay so this is enough and now Pretty much what we want to do is we Want to pretty much edit these these Parts okay so it's going to be first Video so video number one then we are Going to copy the headline from this Video if you want to do this just copy The video and put it right here so just Like this and also make sure that the Text is going to be the smaller okay Just like this and then pretty much you Can delete this part and the details are Going to be uh watch now okay so just Like this now for the image we need to Upload the thumbnail of the video the Way you do that is you literally just Copy the link and go to Google and Search for thumbnail Grabber and put it Right here okay and this is something You want to do so just like this and Then download the last image and then Just upload it make sure you're going to Scale it accordingly just like this Click on accept and it's going to look Something like this you want to click on It click on this little brush icon the Appearance and change the width to Minimum so it's going to do it like this Okay you can see when you put it

Somewhere right here it's going to Distort the thumbnail just put it to Minimum just like this okay and this is Pretty much what you want to do with Every single one of the methods okay one Of the video just three videos just like This okay so I'm just going to do it Very quickly so this is going to be one More time this is going to video number Two I'm going to put a headline from This one Okay just like this so just like this oh Copy and paste it directly here awesome That's cool then delete this part no no No no no no that one this one delete it Then the link is going to say watch now And then the thumbnail right here I'm Just gonna use someone some else that I Had before okay and I changed it with Appearance just like this so it's going To look okay and now comes the money Making part okay so I did it for two Videos you want to do it for three or Even more so the website is going to be A lot more filled out with the videos Now you just copy the video so this is The clever 500 you put it right here on The right clip and you click on create a Link with that and now what is this Going to do it's going to create this Link where people click they'll come to The video and after 10 sec seconds they Are going to be presented presented with The evil pop-up so just a second just a

Second it's going to happen where it's Bam this is it this is the it'll pop up And when people click here or here or Here they are going to be taken to our Affiliate link and that's how we are Going to make money so now this is the Link that you actually put there okay so I'm just going to do it for this video So I will put so just click on the Thumbnail and then link URL just put it Right here okay and also to watch now Make sure it's going to be like this and Click on done okay and then for the Second video so this is the 4 000 per Day copy that link again create another Rightly link copy that and put it right Here and also right here okay so right Here and click on done and now just Click on the save icon right here and Publish the site now the title go with Like make money online in 2023 top Videos to make money online in 2023 Action published to a card code URL That's completely okay we don't really Need that add pretty much like a custom URL just put something right here so for Example Incognito top three methods okay I put the top three but I pretty much Put only two of them just to for the Sake of the video you want to go with Like three or five just to make the Video website a lot more valuable and When people are going to be presented Video after that for more times they're

More likely to pretty much bite so this Is how the website is going to look like And just tell me in the comment section Below if this does not look good so top Ways to earn money online uh this is it So when people click here or here they Are taken to here they can watch the Video and then they are presenting with The after that offer then right here as Well and you can see this is the website This is what you want to create Something like this with make money Online videos or with weight loss videos Or any videos that have a filled offer And you do it like this okay so this is Very very important now that you have This website ready we can actually start Making money with this one now here's How to do that you want to go to this Website and you want to just completely Sign up for free so enter your first Name last name email address re-enter Email password and click on sign up and This is actually going to be the website Where we are going to be getting the Traffic to our website where people are Going to be watching the videos seeing The affiliate offer and we are going to Be making money everybody is going to Receive value the video creator the Person who is watching the videos and Also pretty much we because we get paid Whenever somebody is going to make a Purchase now this website is actually

Called so and Once you're going to create your account The best way to actually get traffic From this is just go to the groups and You want to search for any of the make Money online groups okay and then you go Right here to post to this group and you Can also like post the link right there If you have to post girls like hey I Just found a cool website sharing videos About making money online from anywhere In the world completely for free there Are two videos there currently but they Are getting updated link is going to be In the comments or comment below so I Can send it to you don't want to spam it Enjoy and then just put the link it's Going to autofill all these things and Give a preview of the website the reason Why we created it so premium is because It's going to give a premium preview so Whenever somebody is going to see a Website like this they already know that This is something quality because you Don't really create these websites every Single time but if you're going to use The card instead of why the Google sites Or any other page builder I recommend to Do this I'm not going to be shouting it Out in every single video to not get it Saturated if you're going to do this Then you are going to increase your Conversion rate of every single method But for that reason I want to keep it

Kind of like private because if I show You how to do this every single time in A video it's going to get saturated so Also comment down below if I should show You every single time like these things And you don't worry about it getting Saturated or it's completely okay I Would really appreciate it and then Pretty much you just do this and you Click on post and Bam this is going to Be your post and now pretty much people Are going to click through your website They are going to see that this is a Normal website there are some videos High quality thumbnails and more Importantly when they click on the high Quality thumbnail they are going to Receive what they clicked on so now they Are going to watch the video video they Will see something high quality and Bam In just like seven four six five four Three okay so now the pop-up is here and Pretty much they click there they are Going to go to affiliate offer we get Paid they are going to receive value and Everybody is happy and that's it hope You enjoyed this video now if you like To see also how I make over one thousand Dollars every single day without ever Showing my face online check out this Video right here which is going to show You the exact method that I'm using Myself on daily basis click here and I Will see you there bye for now

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