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Okay guys Shady salad so you can see Right here that today I was able to make Over 900 already then yesterday I was Able to make 759 dollars then last seven Days is 5.6 000 and last month I made Close to 26 000 actually over 26 dollars you can see The right here and when I go to the last 30 days it's 28 000 and this is all in affiliate Commissions and you can see these are my Daily results 780 610 944 888 772 759 930 and in today's video guys I'm going To show you the exact three-step method On how I'm making over 28 000 per month But more importantly how you can get Started without ever showing your face Online without creating any videos or Without having any social media Following at all I'm going to show you The exact method that I'm using to make Over 900 per day how to get started in Super simple 30 steps and exactly how it Works so I'm making money every single Day like clockwork ready for that don't Forget to please smash the like let's Try and get to 1000 likes and all social Live videos about making money online be Sure to subscribe and notification Bell And comment down below and tell me what Was your favorite part of this video or What you didn't like about this video at All so I can always improve in the Future and with that being said let's

Get started with the method guys now This is my original pass account as you Can see that today 939 just what I told You in the intro so this is exactly how Much money I'm currently making on the Warrior plus and in today's video I want To show you this system how it all works And how you can get started in super Simple three steps as a beginner who Never made any money online before so First of all what you want to do is you Want to go to website that's called and the step number one Is going to be we are going to be Picking up a high converting affiliate Offer that's going to be making us money And this is a very very important step Because when we are making money with Affiliate marketing we need to have an Affiliate offer that we are promoting But also you want to make sure that the Affiliate offer is hot it's converting So we are going to be making the most Amount of money now pretty much the way I'm doing it is I'm using the warrior Plus as my affiliate Network because it Has a lot of different offers you can Also see their detailed stats such as Conversion rate with the value average Sale and also average refund rate and Also a lot of people are adding new Affiliate offers right here so the pool Is also fresh and I can be promoting Fresh new affiliate offers without

Actually signing up to any other Affiliate Network now the type of offers That are allowed to use the most are Pretty much the ones that are in the Make money online in Niche so pretty Much if you're going to click on any of The name of the offer for example I'm Going to show you a couple of them you Click on the name you can also see the Sales Page by clicking on the Wii U Sales page right here now when you're Going to come to the sales page the Thing that I'm looking for and the one That I recommend you also to look for is Pretty much like a money making angle Because offers like that convert the Best from my experience so this is about Chat GPT and it says become a child GPD Pro and revolutionize the way you can Create content getting it done by super Intelligent budget answer is all your Requests in real life in real time now This is this might be a good offer but It wouldn't be good fit for my method Because it doesn't have the make money Online angle this is about chat GPT so Each person is not interested in maybe Making money with chat GPT they are not Going to purchase this but if they are Interested in making money they are Going to purchase a money making offer So this is something that I wouldn't Personally promote now the one that I Would promote let me just check out this

One and also let me check out this one Just to give you an example is this one Is like finally discover how we are Harnessing the power of AI to make 5K 10K 15 and 20K payments so this is Something that I would be promoting even Though it's like the AI or chat GPT like The one before because it's leveraging The headline of making money so it's Going to be catering to the biggest Audience of people who want to make Money online so this is my way of Getting affiliate offers from Warrior Plus and this is the exact thing that I'm doing to actually make that amount Of money and also this one is like brand New graphics robot lets you turn your Works into sellable images in seconds This is okay but it's kind of like kind Of like the lower lower angle so I Wouldn't go for this one I would test it Out but most of the times I would go for The make money online once okay so now That we have this offered what I want to Show you is another thing if you're Going to go right here and this is Something you can also only do on Warrior Plus or a couple of other Networks but I haven't found it anywhere Else other than Warrior plus so go to The products and you can see all the Products that are going to be in the Final so it's like if you are promoting I don't know like a McDonald's menu you

Are promoting the burger the fries and The coke as well and from all of these You are getting the commission so this Is the main product for 11 and you can See you are going to receive 100 of the Commissions so you make a 12 sale Essentially and get paid 12 dollars but For all the upsells you are essentially Making like a 50 sale let's just make The math simple but you are getting paid Only half of the amount therefore 50 Which is very standard but there's a Hack on how to actually get this Upgraded so this is the one of the Offers that I do recommend that you can Also promote you can just search for it You it's called the breakout code 2.0 The 2.0 version is the new one it's Higher converting and you're going to See that instead of just having the 50 Of the commissions as is the default for This one I actually have 100 of the Commissions on the entire funnel so you Can see that when I make almost 200 sale I get paid almost 200 in commissions After all the fees and stuff like that That you cannot really like negate but With the commission that is split Between me and the vendor I'm getting Everything so you can see that right Here instead of making the 50 of the Commissions in this case it will be Close to 100 missed out if I did not Have this commission bump so that's like

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A secret soul that I'm using with these Affiliate offers and the way to do that Is you can simply purchase the license Rights upgrade from the affiliate offers It's right here it's called license Rights or license rights down sell the Down sales is pretty much most of the Time like the same exact product just With a discount so hopefully this is not Going to annoy come about the vendors But yeah this is like the exact product But with like 30 dollar discount so if You're going to purchase the license Right it's like 67 it's going to get you A bump commission bump and you are going To be getting paid 100 of the Commissions so this is the step number One how to get the offer and the secret Sauce on making the most amount of money From that and the second thing after you Have your affiliate offer is we need to Create a very simple landing page and The landing page is going to make sure We are going to be capturing the traffic And making a lot more money long term so The one that I recommend for beginners In terms of like a landing page and also An autoresponder is a software called The get response or a software called Aweber you can sign up through the link In the video description I get a little Kickback from that it's my affiliate Link I'm doing it for the marketing so Yeah I will use n affiliate link as well

Now pretty much this is an autoresponder That you can sign up completely for free Without even needing a credit card and What it does it's going to collect your Traffic in terms of email subscribers And also it's going to build you a Landing page so you can just sign up you Can see there's like a free forever plan So you can actually sign up completely For free and then once you're going to Sign up you just want to go to the tools Section right here and you want to Create a landing page now you can use Any other software for this as well I'm Going to show you the template the Highest converting sales template that's Going to not only get you subscribers But it's also going to get you sales That you want to be using when you are Doing the Incognito method so you're Going to create a landing page right Here and pretty much you want to click On Show templates that are going to be Getting started from scratch and then Use this template right here it's just Called I know Incognito test and click On next step and then you're going to Create you the template that's going to Be templatey with all the dummy text and Stuff like this and pretty much you just Want to play around with this super Simple page builder but what you want to Create is going to be page that looks Just like this now there's a couple of

Very key important points that are not Going to be just capturing the traffic But are going to be making you sales and Here's what they are super simple IP Headline super Sim simple hyper image And then an opt-in form okay now what to Actually write into the headline or what To actually use as an image is something That I highly recommend you're going to Steal and copy and paste from the sales Page of the product so this is going to Be a landing page for the breakout code And if I'm going to check out the sales Page you're going to see that I Literally just copy and pasted the Entire headline from the sales page Right here and also copy and paste it Screenshot of the video so just going to Screenshot this part so you can also add Like a red a rectangle to highlight the Results and make it a lot more hypey and A lot more clickbaity and then add like A arrow right here okay then you're Going to save it and then you just Upload it to get response now the reason For this is because when somebody is Going to come to this page you want to Make sure you're going to promise them Something very very happy and actually Deliver on it now one way to do that is To promote something super super hypey And then find an affiliate offer that's Going to deliver on this promise now and The second way of doing this which is a

Lot easier is to find a super high p and A good affiliate offer that's promising Stuff and delivering on it and just copy And paste the exact claims from the Sales page onto your landing page and This way when somebody comes to this Page they're going to see this like one Click a blast of thousand dollars Straight into my account they're going To see this video and yeah I want to get Instant access to that and whenever they Are going to enter their email address Right here they will land directly on What we have promised with them so there Is the positive reinforcement of the Emotions from the landing page and now Because they they got delivered but we Promised them they are more likely to Recover that offer more likely to make a Purchase and yeah we are more likely to Make money so this is exactly how it Works you need to have a landing page That is going to be promising the stuff From the sales page and then instead of Just trying to deliver on it the product Is going to deliver on it so this is the Easiest way on doing that so landing Page just like this is going to work Wonders so now when somebody comes to This page are like okay one click Applies to a thousand dollars video okay Okay my name email is getting instant Access they're going to fill this out And when they do they are redirected

Directly to this page which has it a lot More colorful but the same exact main Parts I really need to watch the video And make the purchase now pretty much The only thing that you need is going to Be traffic to send it to the landing Page to actually capture the traffic Make money from the traffic and start Promoting affiliate offers to your email List not one of the freeways and one of The fastest way to get traffic for free Is use website just like Hercules Plus For example where you can mail to over 324 000 members but the thing is this is Free so the quality is going to be a Little bit lower and you are not going To be generating sales on daily basis so This is for complete beginners who have Not a single dollar to invest so if you Don't have any money then use websites Like this but one that I use myself are Websites like this for example like where you simply go and you Are going to purchase traffic for a set Price per click and you are just going To to order how much traffic you want And you're going to receive it so if I'm Going to go to find sellers you can see There are all these people who have an Email list and they are going to be Selling the traffic for fixed amount Okay so it's not going to be fluctuating Live on Google ads Facebook ads Microsoft ads you are going to pay for

Example 40 cents per click and you're Going to receive that click guaranteed So for example if I go for any of the Sellers let's say like Faizal James Right here where I can see right here is That 69 of the people from his last 100 Have generated sales from his traffic so You can see right here and he's pretty Much selling traffic for 40 cents per Click so I can simply just put the Amount of traffic I want to receive for Example like 1 000 targeted unique Clicks I will just pay 400 right here I Will put my link directly here and then I can go check out and that's it I don't Really have to worry about traffic Anymore and that's exactly what I'm Doing right here on Warrior plus now the Thing is as long as is you're going to Make more money that you're going to Spend on the traffic that's the only Thing that matters because you can see That today I made 939 dollars but it Took me the same exact effort as if when I was making like 50 or 100 because I Just bought the traffic send it to my Landing page collected it promoted an Affiliate offer and I made the money so The most important part when you are Buying the traffic just like this Because this is a luxury that's going to Speed up the entire process imagine if You could get this traffic completely For free you'll be just buying you all

The time right well I'm doing that kind Of like because I'm making more money From this for a hundred dollars than I'm Going to spend so I for example pay 400 Right here and then in my warrior Plus Account over time I made like one to two Thousand dollars from this and then I Just simply repeat it now this is Exactly what I'm doing hope it gave you Like a clear picture of exactly how it Works you need to have like a high Converting offer landing page to capture The traffic and then just use paid Quality traffic to actually boost it up And make more money from whatever you're Going to pay for the traffic and then Simply make more money that you're going To spend on traffic from the system now Listen if you are serious about getting Started and you like to get the exact Offers exact Pages exact traffic sources That I'm doing myself right here to Generate this amount of money and also Get my personal help to help you set up A system just like this that is going to Make you money on daily basis and I Highly recommend you're going to check Out my Incognito profit system 2.0 from The link in the video description check Out the video without the application Form and if you are the right fit I'm Going to personally help you set up this Entire system now this is not free if You don't have any money to invest

Please don't go there because I'm not Going to be able to help you out it will Be just a waste of time but if you are a Serious person about making money online And you would like to have me in your Corner helping you set up this entire System just like this with my affiliate Offers with my traffic sources we have To get numbers just like this obviously Not the right way you are not going to Be making like five thousand dollars per Week as soon as you join it doesn't work That way but eventually can get to these Exact numbers yourself then just click On the link in the video description Check out the Inca in the profit system 2.0 join I'm looking very forward to be Working with you but other than that This is exactly how it works it's super Simple just the details are exactly what Make it work

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