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What is going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you these brand new AI Tool that's going to help you make over 150 per day now this is cool method but The trick that I'm going to show you Later in this video is going to Absolutely blow your mind using this Method anybody online can make anywhere From like 50 to 150 per day and also Make like 1.5 000 per week because obviously you don't Make the most amount of money on day one But if you're going to do this for a Couple of days you make the most amount Of money I'm super excited I want to Show it to you but before we get started Don't forget to smash the like subscribe To the channel hit notification Bell Comment down below something for the YouTube algorithm and let's get started With the tutorial Now using this method I'm going to show you can promote Literally any products that are online For example like Warrior plus which is The method which is the network where I Make the most amount of money video Affiliate marketing now you can see that Today I was able to make one thousand Dollars then yesterday 760 because Obviously the sales fluctuates I don't Make the same amount of money every Single day the last seven days six point One thousand dollars and these are my Daily earnings couple hundred dollars

Here and there you can see for example Sometimes I mean like 400 194 dollars And then pretty much next day I'll make 1.1 000 so it's like more than double Okay so obviously this is this is Something that can happen for you as Well with this method so please if I say 50 to 150 if you always assume the least Amount of money you will make it and you Can even be surprised when you make them More but there's a very very possible That you're going to make 150 per day With this because just one person one Sale can actually turn into over two Hundred dollars so 150 dollars is pretty Conservative okay but also you can use ClickBank 40s Digi store whatever but I'm going to show you in this case how To use Warrior plus because a lot of you Guys have been asking me okay how do I Make money over your past well simply Just do this now just go to Warrior plus And then go to the affiliate right here And go to the offers and you want to Pick up any of these affiliate offers That are in the make money angle okay Now a couple of them that I can Recommend are pretty much the ones that I'm promoting so if I go at the bottom I'm going to or actually it's right here It's got the Phoenix reloaded this is The one that I reconnect and because I'll show you why it's in the make money Online angle it has 13 conversion rate

On over 10 000 sales meaning this is Converting very well for a long time Okay this is going to work for you and It's going to be making you money also It has 2.7 uh earnings per click on 10 000 sales now pretty much there are Multiple offers for example like this One right here which is almost five Dollars earnings per click but only has Like 500 uh sales so most likely it goes Very good at the beginning because it Was a new offer but this one right here It has over 10 000 sales and it has Amazing rate so this is the one that I Recommend it's called Phoenix reloaded Now also one of the reasons why I Recommend it is because when you go to The sales page it's in the make money Online angle pretty much make money Here's how you can do that it's a low Ticket offer I believe for like 12 Dollars if I go to the bottom it's like 12 offer or something like that actually Not sure if I can see the pricing but It's like 12 or anything like that that Anybody can buy but but also when you go To the products it has multi-block cells And also like these upsells for example Like 197.97 upsell just one of those and you Are pretty much over 200 already because The person needs to buy the main product And then the upsell and that's like 200 Overall if you have the commission bump

So pretty much that's how it works and One person can actually buy all the Upsells it did happen to me multiple Multiple times and this is the reason Why I liked YouTube Warrior plus offers So for this case I'm just going to go With Phoenix reloaded and this is my Affiliate link and that's pretty much it Now the next thing what you want to do Is you want to go to this website that's Called now this is a completely Brand new content creator AI content Creator that's really high quality and Also it's completely free okay now this Is the first AI tool we're going to be Using and in a second I'm going to show You another genius AI tool that's going To blow your mind and it's going to open Up multiple possibilities for you now Just click on try now for free and it's Going to take you to this dashboard now You what you need to do is just create An account the downside which I never Like is you need to write the details And you cannot sign up with Google just Enter your email enter your password and Enter your password according to all These requirements so you need to have The eight characters uppercase lowercase Special number and a number and click on I agree with terms and conditions and It's going to create your account right Here and then when it's ready you need

To go to your email address and you're Going to receive an email like this go Charlie sign up verification code we Need to verify your email before using Go Charlie and this is going to be my Code now hopefully you're not going to Hack my account so I'm just going to Show it to you without any problems but This is pretty much how it works and Bam Now your account is ready to rock and Roll what you want to do is on the left Hand side because there's all these Options that you can use but pretty much We are going to be using this one right Here go to the writing tricks then you Want to open it up and then go to the Blog wizard okay and pretty much this is Going to create like a Blog article in Just few seconds now let's call it like Uh let's go like three ways to make Money online for beginners beginners Then tone let's use like a relaxed tone Or let's actually go with energetic or Persuac let's go with this one then the Target audience is going to be adults And then SEO keywords is going to be for Example make money online make money Online for beginners uh how to make Money online okay so these keywords and Then click on right here fetch block Topics so just click on that and the dog Is going to fetch the topics for you It's like you are playing in a game with Him so instead of throwing him a ball

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You just throw him a keyword and he's Going to fetch the topics now this is Okay now click on a fetch block outline Again and it's going to fetch it once Again so let's just wait for it to load Up and yeah it's going to take a bit More because now it's actually how he Actually had to go through the entire Text so just wait for it that's cool Leo Then click on Pro C to overview that's Cool and now click on a veg blog and It's going to actually create you the Blog post so wait for it to load up and Wait for it to finalize and Bam this is How your article is going to look like So you can see it looks very very high Quality there's plenty of text and you Didn't have to do anything at all just Sign up to go so this is the First thing now the next thing what you Want to do is you want to actually like Use it pretty much as an article but you Want to put it into Google Docs just go To Google Docs and just copy and paste It there and just kind of change the Formatting okay kind of like change Formatting so this is going to be on the First page just like this so I'm just Going to put it right there just like This now just click on control and enter And you're going to be taken to the next Page that's where you want to actually Add like the first method or the first Way to make money online or first way to

Lose weight again guys whatever I'm Showing you right here you can use it For other niches that's how help people Are actually making money because what I What I actually received is this actual Message on Instagram you can pause the Video right here just pause it and read It and this person actually made over 200 dollars using tap mob in one of my Videos now this was the first message That he sent me again you can just pause The video right here and read it through That but I reply to him like what he Done and pretty much told me that he was One of the methods but he told me he'd Use a different Niche so that's very Important what I'm showing you what to Do do exactly what I'm going to show you But also try to come with something new Like you don't have to come with like a New method just like a new Niche New Angle new offer new new headline so Instead of three three ways to earn Money for beginners let's do their three Ways to lose weight without exercise Three ways to lose weight fast or Something like that that I'm not showing Because whenever I show something in my Video most people just copied word for Word and the most money you're going to Make is actually when you come up with Something just slightly unique yourself And that's pretty much where the money Is going to be happening because if

You're doing something that's saturated It's not going to work not because it Doesn't work it doesn't work because It's saturated only okay so I'm just Going to create a very simple document From this because this is how to do that Just by using the article that I got From Uh go Charlie or hold on And now just copy and paste it okay put It right there and then that's it now Pretty much for the headlines what I Like to do or for the first one I'm Going to use like a different font let's Call it Montserrat not monsterat or Railway Railway Railway actually so and Let's go with extra bold make it at the Center and make like 48 okay and then This one is going to be same Railway but It's going to be medium it's going to be In the not in the center on the left Side but it's going to be like 18 or not 18 is too much let's go with like 14 Okay something like this now I'm just Going to copy using this little icon so Whenever you're going to highlight Something and you go to this icon right Here this little painting brush for a Wall paint format you click on it it's Going to copy the format of whatever You're going to highlight and whenever You're going to paint it somewhere it's Going to pretty much do it as well so I Have just done that and again I'm going

To do the same for the text okay just Like this but I'm going to make the text Like uh 13 just like this okay so that Pretty much it and again highlight paint Then do it right here and then highlight This paint and then do it right here as Well okay and then once again pretty Much you do it for the entire document I Just want to take the entire video Boring you with creating the document Now the next thing you want to do is you Want to go to Google Store Chrome web Store or just Google this plugin called Synthesis X okay now this is genius Genius extension for Google Chrome just Add it there it's completely free and Then you want to go to Google and you Want to search something related to your Niche so again if it's weight loss you Can put the like six pack or healthy Food if you are looking for money uh if There's like way to make money online Just search for like money back anything Related to your Niche now we are going To be using this plugin and the way We're going to use it is all these Images right here more some of them are Free some of them are copyrighted but What you want to do is just click on the Image and then right click on it and Click on re-visualize this image using The synthesis uh Pro program or or Extension or Plugin and it's going to Recreate this image using AI or give you

Some some suggestions and if you don't Like them you can simply try again Because I don't like those and you can Just wait for it to load up this is Completely free you can use it as much As you want and this is a great way to Come with Unique Images okay unique Images that you can use now these are Crazy looking I don't know why but I Like actually this one and you just want To click on download and it's going to Download this image and then you just Want to add it as the cover right here Okay just make it like smaller for Example just like this so it's going to Fit there and let's make it to the Center that's perfect just like this and Let's actually add it to the left hand Side just like this okay so this is how You get the images for this so it's Going to be with the image with the text And it's going to like go around it so That's when you click on the image and You select this option and this is how You want to create some super simple but Unique ebook using the go Charlie and Just click on the Untitled document it's Going to fetch the headline from the Headline and that's going to be reminded So using these two plugins you can make Pretty much as many ebooks that are Unique high quality value based and to Promote your affiliate links now this is Just the ebook Okay it doesn't have our

Affiliate link that's what we need to Add there so you want to copy your Affiliate link right here and then you Just want to add it into the ebook now One of the ways to do it is just add Their call to action from the sales page Now when I go to my affiliate link on The sales page you're going to see that It pretty much has it's making a Thousand dollars daily passively here's How you can replicate our success within 30 minutes you want to use something From the sales page in the call to Action so it's going to be congruent Okay so there's thousand dollars daily Passively so that's what I'm going to do So I'm going to add a video click here To see how we are making over one Thousand dollars daily passively and how To and how to replicate this easily so This is going to be my call to action And I'm just going to hyperlink it put It there and make it bold and add it to The center okay I'm going to copy that And pretty much add it also on the Second page then also on the third Method And then for examples like right here at The end of the ebook Okay just like this So you have the affiliate link there Ready to go ready to rock and roll and Then click on file right here click on The file right here then download and You want to download it as a PDF so when

You're going to click on download PDF It's going to convert the document into A PDF and when you open it up bam this Is how it looks like you're affiliate Link and pretty much money making ebook Created in uh I don't know how this Video is going for long for example but I guess like 10 12 12 minutes I suppose From from beginning to the end you can Create like as many of these as possible Now all you got to do is now share this Ebook into some PDF sharing websites I'm Going to share with you three of my Favorite ones that are getting the most Amount of traffic the first one which a Lot of people know about is called PDF Drive so and this is a Website where you can share these PDF Ebooks and get traffic okay just go to PDF then select the good Category like uh obviously personal Growth or or for example business and Career or depending on the niche if you Go with like health and fitness again go With health and fitness and stuff like That and just upload it right there so This is the first one it's called the second one this is my Second most favorite it's called again this is where you Can just upload your ebooks and again And they are getting hundreds of Thousands of views for example like this One uh this has been uploaded two years

Ago 13 000 views this has been uploaded 80 years ago four million views this two Years ago and two thousand views kind of Like the method with these ebooks is to Create couple of them definitely not Just one of them but make them high Quality not like 100 80 quality and That's good enough and then my favorite One is called pretty much a website where Thousands thousands of uh PDS and Millions of people going here every Single month again we're going to upload Something high quality here it's going To get traffic it's going to get clicks And you are going to make sales from the Ebook that you going to create on the go Charlie Ai and that's it I hope you Enjoyed this method now guys go ahead Use this method make sure to twist it Around come with some few high quality Ideas yourself and yeah you're going to See amazing results other than that for More videos check out this method right Here which is going to show you another Cool money making method on how you can Make money online as a beginner click Here and I will see you there bye for Now

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