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In today's video guys I'm going to show You this AI trick this algorithm hack That's going to be paying you over five Thousand dollars per month and nobody Knows about this when I was getting Started this is actually the exact Hack That I Used personally when I was Growing this YouTube channel I actually Posted about this algorithm hack like a Few years ago when I was starting this YouTube channel as well a lot of people Made the money using this hack and in Today's video I'm going to show you a Brand new updated version on how to use This AI trick this algorithm hack to Legally and ethically Force YouTube to Send you high quality traffic without Recording any videos yourself or putting Your face on camera you can be Completely Incognito and you can get Started from complete zero without even Having a website all this completely for Free in less than 20 minutes I'm going To show you exactly how to do it in Today's video okay so let's get started Now the first thing because in this Video I really want to focus on the hack On how to actually do this properly so It's going to work for you you can Actually use it to get traffic any aware To CPA ClickBank or anything that you're Using but for this example I'm going to Show you a couple of examples live exact Examples from ClickBank and also from

Warrior plus so what you want to do is You want to go to ClickBank for an Example and then we're going to select E-Business and e-marketing category so First thing that you need to pick up is Going to be an affiliate offer now in This case I'm going to use this one Right here get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube and the reason for That is because when I go to the Affiliate page you can also use the same Exact one this is one way to do this Method you just go to the affiliate page Right here and then you're going to find Because this page it has a lot of these Resources what we are really looking for Are going to be these videos Okay click On the video and you're going to see That you can actually download these Videos and use them to get traffic so What we actually need for this method at The start is going to be some sort of a Video that's going to be promoting the Offer one way to actually do that is to Get the videos from the affiliate page Just like this one has now if the page Does not have any videos for the Affiliates because some affiliate Pages They don't give you the videos here's What you can do so this was for ClickBank but for example if you want to Be making money like Warrior plus just Like I'm making right here a lot of People have been messaging me about

Warrior plus all these earnings that are Right here are coming from my Incognito Profit system without using my YouTube Channel link to that is in the video Description if you want to join that Program it's not free but I guess it's Totally worth it but if you want to make Money right here you can do this as well On board your pass and this is where I'm Going to show you the second way of Getting started just go toward your past Pretty much this is the this is the URL and then click on the Free sign up right here and sign up for An account then just go to the affiliate Go to the dashboard if you want to see Your earnings and go to the offers to Select the offers okay and then these Are going to be the affiliate offers That you want to pick up now if the Affiliate page as I said does not have The video I'm going to show you an Example for this app right here Phoenix Reloaded this is simply what you can do And this is something that's going to Work on like 90 percent of all the Affiliate offers that you're going to Find online when I go click on your Sales page you're going to notice that This is a sales page and it has like the Sales video okay this one is 12 minutes Long so it says 12 minutes you don't Need a 12 minute video you can just cut It down to be like six minutes or

Something like that anything more than a Minute the reason why we are looking for Something that's longer than a minute is Because if you're going to post it and It's less than a minute it's going to be Considered a YouTube short so you want To make sure it's going to be more than One minute and it's going to be in this Kind of like resolution of a basic video Because you want to use a basic video we Don't want to be using YouTube shorts in This example and then you just simply Want to go to Google and search for a Vimeo a video downloader Chrome and Click on the first search result and You're going to find an exam an Extension that looks just like this one Has over 500 000 users just click on add To Chrome as you can see I already have It and then for every single vimeo video That you're going to find online you're Going to have this download button and You can just simply download the sales Video and this is going to work just as Well so what I'm going to do is I'm just Going to download this video right here Which is like 1 minute and 28 seconds so Simply click on it and then it's going To open it up like this and then you Right click on it and you click on save Video s and you just download it and Right now please watch very very Carefully because I'm going to reveal The exact hack trick algorithm trick

Boost on YouTube you can actually use to Get hundreds of views targeted views and Clicks and traffic to your affiliate Link so please pay very close attention Because otherwise this is not going to Work so first what you got to do just go To YouTube and Just create a channel Okay just create any kind of Channel it Doesn't need to have any subscribers any Viewers any likes anything at all then Click on Create and click on upload a Video Okay click right here if I can Zoom that go right here and click on Upload a video okay so now that the Video is uploading this is exactly what You gotta do to this video to actually Force you to get a lot a lot of traffic So first of all this product that we are Promoting is from ClickBank and it's get Paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube So it's pretty much in the make money Online Niche and kind of like how to Make money on social media category so What we want to do is you want to come Up with a headline that's going to Consist of two important parts now the First part can be literally like Anything related to make money online And then the second part is going to be From this website which is going to make Sure you cannot mess this up so I'm just Going to put their like make money Online and this is answer the public by The way and then I'm going to select

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United States and also I'm going to Select English and this is going to give Me the best things that people are Currently searching for so for example I Will just scroll down where I can see Them and I can just use any of these Keywords and the ones that you want to Be using are actually the ones that are Going to be in these circles I know They're a little bit hard to read but Pretty much if you're going to go to These circles you're going to notice These are like questions and pretty much What you want to do is you want to pick Up the ones that have the high search Result you can see right here is key Indicators highly searched average Searched lowest search so the highly Searched is to be the most orange color And that's the one that you want to go For so for example this one right here Has a very high orange color compared to Other ones and it's like how to make Money online when you are broke okay so Pretty much this is something we can use So I'll just copy this and put it right Here but also I don't want to put it Like this okay what I want to do is put It like this how to make money online When you Are broke so this is going to be the Second part of the headline and we are Going to put it in these brackets and Then the first part is like and earn 40

Per hour using social media in 2023 this Is something I got from the sales page But the second part is important you Want to make sure this has like very High search results a lot of people are Searching for it and the way to find it Is just go to answer the public and Select the one pretty much the search Result dad is going to have like a very Uh very dense orange color okay so for Example like here like white make money Online this one doesn't really make Sense like don't use that one just make Sure it actually makes sense so we're Making money online okay this one also Kind of makes sense just make sure to go For something like like this one is make Money online legit how make money online Fast and I don't know for example this One I'll make money online okay that's The one that I used would make money Online just use the one that has like Very very dense the color very dense Color I don't know the correct word just Use that one and pretty much put it on YouTube as the second search keyword in The bracket and then the first can be Anything from sales page if you're going To notice my videos on YouTube all of Them are structured this way because That's what's getting me traffic then The next part you want to get your Affiliate link for your product but make Sure you're going to shorten it so I'm

Just going to copy this one then I'm Going to head over to website that's Called cutlip and I'm just going to Shorten it right here so I'll just put It right there and click on shorten and In a second I have my shortened link Right here so I'm just going to copy That and put it right here and then I Just put it in the description check out How to earn 40 per hour just by using Social media in 2023 here and then this Is the link right here and that's pretty Much it now the next thing the thumbnail We don't actually need to use any Thumbnail whatsoever because we are not Going to be we're getting the traffic From search results okay I'll show you Why this is why this method is very cool For beginners because we don't have to Use any thumbnails whatsoever then for The playlist just click on the playlist And click on create a playlist and call It something like make money online 2023. some very very broad keyword very Broad okay so in the headline the Keyword was supposed to be brought but This one is even broader okay so the Make money online 2023 how to lose Weight weight loss get a six-pack Something like that okay so then click On create just like that and click on Done okay then it's like no it's not Made for kids I think it's gonna show More and now for the tags which are

Right here we are going to use website Just go to Google and search for Rapid Tags and then this one right here rapid Tags IO this is again the one that I Personally use myself for this YouTube Channel and it's kind of the reason for The success as well so you just want to Use use tools for free and then this is The web this is the thing that you want To use pretty much tags for YouTube now What you want to put here is actually Going to be the entire headline of the Video okay make sure to copy the entire Headline so first we structure it and Then you put it right here and this is Going to speed out all the best eggs That are currently the best for the Headline of the video and this is very Important because the entire video has To play together you cannot just put Here earn 40 per hour using social media In 2023 and then put like affiliate Marketing keywords the keywords need to Count from the title and that's very Important so now you're going to put Them right here and this is like 90 of The entire video optimization done the Rest is just filling out these details Like video language I'm just going to Put their English then Caption This Content never aired then recording date And then video location like United States okay just do something like this And then pretty much just fill out all

The details everything else that you're Going to be filling out is not really Important like what you're going to feel There just just fill it out okay just For example like this like video Language English this content February And United States just make sure Something is there don't leave it blank But ninety percent of the video is the Headline just like I showed you the Description with your affiliate link and Then the tags from the headline of the Video okay and now our video looks Something like this and now I want to Reveal the Boost that's going to get you Traffic and viewers to your video on Complete autopilot this is something you Can use actually for any Niche any Keywords when you are growing your YouTube channel or pretty much anything That has related to YouTube If you Really want to boost your videos Especially when you are getting started And this is something that you can do And actually make money even today Because that's kind of like how fast This is going to work for the videos That you're going to put on YouTube this Way so what we want to do is we want to Use the main keyword from our video so This is pretty much earned forty dollars Our using social media housing money Online when you are broke and then you Just want to search for make money

Online 2023 because as I told you that's The main keyword okay and then pretty Much what you want to do is you want to Find the top videos top 10 videos Because they are getting the most amount Of traffic and you simply want to click Right here and you want to click on save To playlist and you want to select the Playlist that we have created while we Were actually recording the video okay So we added this this is my quest still There then we're going to add Franklin Hatchet and we are actually like helping Them grow the channel but also most Importantly we are helping ourselves Because it's like the video with the Lowest amount of power so you just want To add them into the into the playlist Okay also my video right here and then Also this guy right here Mr rice then Franklin again let's do that and then Also Joshua Mayo okay and that's pretty Much it okay so you add them there then On the left hand side you can see this Playlist right here click on the Playlist click on it and you're going to Notice this is how it's going to look Like now in some case your video can be Like let's say right here and this is How the playlist is going to look like What you want to do is just simply drag Your video to the first position just Like this and now pretty much the entire Playlist is going to receive a link

Juice or SEO Boost from all these videos That are right here so pretty much all These high quality videos from reputable YouTube channels or even like not Reputable but they are ranking on the First page position for the main keyword So they have to have a lot of power but When somebody is going to click on the Playlist the first video they are going To watch is going to be our video that's Pretty much selling the product and this Is something you can use to boost any Video whatsoever on YouTube starting From complete zero with Organic viewers So all these people are going to help us Boost this video right here and if you Were to do it for like weight loss just Search for weight loss if you're going To do it for like woodworking search for Woodworking or for any keyword Whatsoever you can search for it and Then use the top 10 videos put them on a Playlist and then put your own video There as well just make sure you're Going to put it on the top so when People are going to find it for example Somewhere like this this is a playlist You can see that when they are going to Click on it then this is the first video That's going going to be playing right Here you can see that right here and you Want to make sure that it's going to be Your video because all the other videos Are going to be boosting it and then the

First one that's going to be playing is Going to be our video because when Somebody clicks on the playlist the First video is always playing and you Want to make sure that that video is Going to be actually yours and that's it For this video I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial guys let me know how it's going To go for you if the tutorial was clear Enough that you were able to set this up I had people messaging me that they made Hundreds of dollars using this method Just by simply re-uploading sales videos And boosting them with playlists so go Ahead and give this a test and you can Easily get to over five thousand dollars Based on the product that you are going To be promoting anyways if you'd like to See exactly how I'm making over thirty Thousand dollars per month just by using My income in the profit system check out This video right here which is going to Explain it exactly how I'm doing it Right here without using my YouTube Channel bye for now

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