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So you can see right here that I've been Making like 900 600 or 800 700 600 500 Or 400 every single week using this Method and in today's video guys I'm Gonna show you how you can actually make Over four hundred dollars over and over Again just by using this very simple and Clever chat GPT method to promote Affiliate products to promote CPA offers But ultimately get tons of high quality Traffic that you can monetize in any way Shape or form that you desire and the Best part about this one is you can make Anywhere from two dollars up to a couple Thousand dollars and it's gonna take you The same amount of time also you don't Need any skills any experience any Previous marketing experience by selling Products all you got to do is just use Chat GPT with a couple of problems like I'm going to show you in the next few Minutes and then use one simple hack to Actually get tons of free viral targeted Traffic that you can easily turn into Hundreds of dollars per week alright so Let's get started now guys in today's Video I'm going to show you how you can Make this amount of money on for example ClickBank a Digi store or even like CPA Grip you can see that I've been getting These checks from this uh account like 900 600 827 728 681 800 400 600 500 100 so I Guess pretty much average or like the

Lowest amount from these checks is like 400 and this is something you can also Make yourself and earn yourself just Using chat GPT I'm gonna show you the Exact step-by-step method on how to Actually get the same exact results and Earnings just like this without any Prior investment but for that don't Forget to please smash likes if you like Videos about making money online and you Want to make thousand dollars from this Method and let's try and get to 1 000 Likes on this one that would be really Awesome and also don't forget to Subscribe and notification Bell so I can Notify whenever I upload a brand new Man-making video and tell me comment Down below and tell me what is your First goal with making money online how Much money you would like to make Whether it's just ten dollars to see if It's real or a thousand dollars to buy Something nice or your first ever goal To make money online is like 100 000 Something realistic obviously so just Comment down below I'm really really Excited to know this okay guys now for This method what we are going to be Doing is we are going to be using Chad GPT to pretty much do all the work for Us so we don't really have to work at All and then to really focus on this Money making strategy because the method That I'm going to show you is something

That people right now are manually doing To pretty much get traffic make money Make tens of thousands of dollars but we Are simply just going to be doing and Using is chat GPT to do the work for us To get the traffic and pretty much make Money with affiliate marketing so this Is exactly what you're going to learn in This video and if you're going to do it Just the way I'm going to show you you Can easily get thousands of targeted People to click on your affiliate link And if you know if you send thousands of People who are interested to click on Your affiliate link they are going to be Making those purchases and you are going To get paid via affiliate commissions Now step one what do you want to do for This method and this is actually super Simple just go to ClickBank and you want To pick up an affiliate offer now this Is going to work for ClickBank this is Also going going to work for CPA grip Offers like if you go to CPA Group and My offers and you're going to select Like United States you can easily Promote all these single offers right Here like uh OverWatch coins or for Example Roblox game card or I don't know Uh this one survey voices Buffalo gift Card fortnite v-bucks any of these like PlayStation giveaways for all these CPA Offers you can do this method as well But I just want to show you how to do it

On ClickBank for the sake of the video Okay so first of all we are going to go To the category and we are going to go To like self-help and we're going to go To marriage and relationships okay and I'm going to pick up this product right Here called text chemistry use text to Make the men used to make men Love You By Amy North and you're going to get Paid 53 dollars for promoting this offer Now all you got to do is just click on Affiliate page for this one and you Simply just want to go through the Resources and what we are really looking For right here is actually going to be This page right here this viral PDF Report okay so some kind of like PDF Document or anything that's going to Look like this I'm going to open it up Something like this this is what we are Looking for you can see this is actually Custom made for this product so this is The reason why I'm actually using this One because it's providing value and Selling the product in the text okay so I'm just going to pretty much download It very quickly but you what you want to Do is just click on request a branded Copy and you want to send them a message With your ClickBank name now your ClickBank name is pretty much right here At the top so welcome and this is your ClickBank name if you want to copy that Go back right here if you want to send

Them a message and pretty much just Write there something along these lines Enter your name email and to your ClickBank ID select the product text Chemistry and just write here hey I'd Love to promote your product Could you please send me a branded Report with my affiliate link My username is and they just put it Right there and then click on send Message and they are going to send you The PDF report Within by couple of hours Actually it's very fast just do this to Actually get a high quality PDF document That's going to be selling the product Okay the product right here is going to Be this one right here which is going to Be paying us 53 dollars every single Time now the next thing just go to Google and search for Doc Droid doc Droid this is very important it needs to Be this website this is a web server you Can upload and share PDF files but most Importantly when you're going to upload A PDF file right here I'm just going to Upload the sample you want to upload the Branded report you're going to receive Right here pretty much I don't want to Do that okay Okay click on no thanks all The bridges again captcha just like this You want to upload it right here because When you're going to upload a PDF Document with links this website is not Going to disable the links in the PDF

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Document other websites they are just Going to make your links in your PDF Document unclickable but this one is not Going to do that so when I'm going to Copy this link and visit it you're going To see that I get access to the PDF Document just like this without any kind Of like ads without any sidebars or Anything like that and all the links you Can see are clickable okay they are Clickable right here text chemistry the Devotion system and they're also Highlighted okay so this is like it's Going to essentially like turn your PDF Into a small small one-page website okay And this is what's going to be making Money you can see all these things are Highlighted with affiliate links that Are going to be your affiliate links and That's how you're going to get paid and Now pretty much all you got to do is Just send some traffic to this one and We are going to be making money and this Is actually where the chat GPT comes Into the play and this is what we are Going to be using to do all the work for Us now what you want to do is just go to Chat GPT and we want to just use it and Right there this simple string okay Please write me I guess I'm the only Person who's asking and pretty much uh Writing please when he's talking to Jet GPT based on other videos I I saw like Everybody's just like do this do this

I'm just like please could you be so Kind to write me a six post Twitter so Hopefully when the AI Revolution is Going to come around Chad GPD is going To remember me but anyways please write Me a six post Twitter Thread about top Pickup lines for women to use on men Okay so what you want to do just write There please write me then six post Twitter Thread about and then pretty Much something related to the product in This case it's topic Appliance for women To use on men okay and then click on This little search thing not search but Like do thingy and then pretty much just Wait for Chad GB to do its magic and You're going to see this is kind of like The the thing that we are going to be Using Okay okay so bam now it's done and This is what it actually created so are You a magician because whenever I look At you everyone else disappears all These cheesy things but this is Something we are going to be using right Now and I want to show you the hack on How to do that so now what you want to Do is just go to Twitter and this is What you want to put here so first of All you want to write the first tweet That's going to be the title of the Entire thread so I'm going to write here Here are six top pickup lines women can Women can use to get a man and then Pretty much write their a thread okay

Now what you want to do is click on Tweet so it's going to be actually sent And now you just want to click on a Reply right here then you want to copy The first one so just go to chat GPT and Copy and paste the first one write it There and click on tweet once again then Again what you want to do is again reply To your main tweet and again copy and Paste the second one just like this and Click on tweet just like this and then Again click on your main tweet so you go To your profile you click on your main Tweet the the headline one make sure to Click on the headline one and then You're going to see this button add Another tweet so again you click there And then you go back to the chat GPT Just like this add the third one click On tweet then add another tweet again Copy and paste it one more time just Like this then again one more time just Like this so again you want to copy and Paste all of them into this Twitter thread pretty much whatever chat GPT is going to tell you just copy and Paste it right there and just make a Twitter thread out of that and then the Last one is going to be check out even More and see how to make any man yours Through texting is going to be the doc Droid link by the way this call to Action is actually from the PDF itself So loud text make any managers through

Texting okay and this is pretty much it And you just put your link right here And you click on tweet and when you're Going to refresh it this is exactly how It's going to look like it's going to be A thread so here are six topic Appliance Women can use you to get men and you can See this is it a thread then first one Second one third one fourth one three Five six one then this this little thing And then pretty much go to action for a PDF okay so this is what we want to be Using and now this is actually going to Block a super simple blog post or a Website on social media and you can see I don't really have any followers but Just for doing this for this time I Already received 29 views on this so That means 29 people actually view this Thread and they can pretty much go Through this if they are interested in Actually check out the PDF and make Purchase through my affiliate link and Now pretty much all you got to do is Just get a link to this main PD to this Main thread so when I go to my profile And you can see this is these are the Posts but this is the main thread right Here it has show this thread so you can See if I click on short This Thread it's Going to put me right here you want to Copy the link of this Twitter post and You just want to boost it and you can Pretty much do this for CPA offers you

Can do it for other programs other Affiliate products or any kind of Monetization service because this is Providing Value First using the chat GPT So you'll just use chat GPT to pretty Much create this Twitter thread then you Post it on Twitter just the way I showed You pretty much before and then the last Post in the thread is going to be some Form of call to action to a video to a CPA offer to an affiliate product or Something like this and how to actually Get plenty of traffic to this one what You want to do is you simply want to go To a website that's called you like and you want to pretty much get These two Twitter retweets you can see This page is pretty much getting you all Kinds of social media engagement but you Want to just use the Twitter retweets Because if you're going to boost this Post this Twitter post it's also shown To other people who who are not Following you that's the beauty of Twitter that's why we are using Twitter And not Facebook or Instagram for this Because you can just boost the post and It can be shown to other people who are Pretty much more likely to watch that Read the post read the thread and Actually engage with it even if they Never followed you before and you just Want to pretty much do it for the link That's going to be to your main status

To your main thread and you can see it Already has like 34 views okay and you Can see this is the thread so if you're Going to boost this first it's going to Get a lot of value give a lot of value To other people and then if they're Interested they are going to check out The PDF which is right here and they can Actually read it and then click on our Affiliate links which are going to make Us money on clickbanks you can see this Is the reason why we are using dock Droid so people can actually click there And then come to the sales page which is Going to open up just right now you can Order now and that's how we can make Money on the ClickBank and that's it Guys and using this you can make like 400 easily over and over again for every Single Twitter tweet storm because you Can just simply get eight sales of the Product over time and you'll make like 400 and imagine if you're going to do it For more products for more CPA offers With a lot more posts you can easily get To over one thousand dollars per week Just from these free traffic source and That's it for this video let me know if You like it in the comment section below And also to see how I make over thirty Thousand dollars per month check out This video right here which is going to Show you the exact step-by-step process That I'm using to make over 30k per

Month without using my YouTube channel Or without ever showing my face online Click here and I'll see you there bye For now

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