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Top Ten Uses of Lanyards

A lanyard may refer to a rope or cord that holds something around the neck and can also be used for fall protection and securing equipment. Originating in the 13th century in France, over the years they have developed a multitude of different uses from security to school events.

Are You Using Local Directories To Help People Find Your Local Business With Online Search?

The big three search engines want to help local people find your local business. Are you feeding them the information they need?

Choosing the Right Flyer Design For You

When promoting a new business or product through the use of flyers, there are number of factors that are worth considering; cost, design, and quantity are just some of the issues that need considering. This article will offer some advice as to how to select the ideal design for you.

Who Is Your Perfect Customer? You?

This guy had perfectly described himself as his perfect customer. The problem was, to put it in his words, “I wouldn’t buy my work, I just think it is cool.” So his perfect customer won’t buy his product! Do you see a problem here? Funny isn’t it.

Seth Godin’s Top 3 Lessons to Become a Better Marketer

Looking for creative ways to improve your marketing skills? Check out top three best takeaways from Seth Godin to become a better marketer.

5 Community Engagement Strategies for Small Businesses

You don’t have to invest in a costly marketing program to reach new customers. Instead, employing effective community engagement strategies can raise your business profile for a reasonable investment of your resources, if you employ one or more of the following options.

The Middle Market (Midmarket) and Social Media Marketing

Middle Market (Midmarket) companies just can’t seem to get enough information about Social Media Marketing. Each day, we conduct a very unscientific analysis of open rates for articles appearing in our “Midmarket Daily” newsletter and find that our Social Media Marketing articles tend to have the highest click-throughs of all the business features we share. Why might this be?

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