This Simple Shopify Store Is Making Millions

Everybody always tries to solve a really Cool problem or create a really cool Business whenever they think to get Started with e-commerce but in today's Video I want to share with you a store That is very practical you could even Argue boring that is completely crushing It they are valued at over 18 million Dollars and it's going to serve as a Really good example for finding Opportunities where not a lot of people Are looking which will greatly increase Your likelihood of success so let's not Waste any time the store is called heat Track and if you've been on our live Streams recently you probably saw me Talk about this store we've been doing a Lot of research live together shout out To every one of you that join and what They do is they sell these mats that Melt snow very quickly or automatically Even so as you see here it says oh okay We lost it it says engineered to be left Out all winter long just one click Activates your heat track snow and ice Melting mats for two inch of removal per Hour so super convenient for people who Don't want to be shoveling the snow Especially older people right older People do not want to be shoveling snow Looking at their traffic distribution we Can see that they are starting to pop Off which makes a lot of sense right the Winter is here let me show you the

Temperature where I'm at right now it's Two degrees Fahrenheit which is negative 17 Celsius right now but that's besides The point as you see they're starting to Pop off since their average order value Is pretty high let's take a look at some Of the mats for example let's do walkway Mats that seems like a fairly reasonable One 179 dollars with so many reviews and Look at how simple this store is right It's just super trustworthy you got a Chat here you got a phone number that You can call they have all the features That you need to know about and that's Basically it and then the reviews even At this average order value they keep it Super simple which is amazing I actually Am a huge fan of this level of Simplicity especially because on Shopify You can basically create very similar Stores like this fairly easily and right Now I have a partnership with Shopify Going on where you can actually sign up For a dollar a month which is insane so If you haven't done that yet make sure You claim that I'm not sure when it's Gonna end it could end very soon and if You use my link that's a great way to Help the channel out and support it so Thank you guys again for using my link It really does go a long way use it in The description it'll be linked that's The first link so the main ways that They're getting traffic is through meta

Ads and Google of course probably a lot Of SEO as well this is a very particular Type of product you know this is Definitely something that people would Look up and they could completely Obliterate the competition with the Brand that they've built but as you see They're even doing let me show you some Instagram story placement so Matt's that Melts snow and ice must be pretty high Tech Are they hard to use No it's not you just gotta plug it in Couldn't be simpler so very good at 15 Seconds long this is honestly the best Performing types of ads that I've seen Lately are very quick like that I think Even this could be quicker but obviously It's getting the job done they're Completely crushing it and then they're Using some simple images probably more So for retargeting and using these Videos for cold traffic since it kind of Explains the product a little bit and For a product like this you do gotta Explain it a little bit like if you just Showed me this that doesn't really say Much but if you showed me this after Showing me this video it may feel a Little more compelling especially with a Dog that's pretty clever because you Know people just love dogs if you use Dogs in your ads chances are you're Going to get a much higher return on ad

Spend but yeah pretty interesting store I thought I'd keep a real brief with you Today got a lot of clips from our stream That I'm going to be posting and of Course I want to invite you to join the Streams live we're going to be doing Those way more regularly now and I would Love to see you there hang out with me And my subscribers it's a lot of fun and It's super valuable actually we learn a Lot together so yeah that's about it see You guys in the next video peace

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