This Simple Trick Will Increase Your OnlyFans Revenue – Agencies Make More Money With This

What is up guys and girls hurricane Liz Here and in this video we talk about one Simple trick that'll help you Supercharge your only fans chatting that Is whether you do it for yourself or you Have a team that's working with you I'm Going to show you a trick and a tip that You can use to help improve your Chatting and how to make more money so I'm super fired up for this Oh here fired up let's do it All right so before we get into this Video I just wanted to say I do have my Email below in the description box in Case you do want to get on a call to Find out how you can supercharge up your Of agency as always I will make sure to Jump on the phone with you if that's What you want but let's go ahead and Jump straight in all right so we're here On the back end and this is a old model That we used to manage and the whole Point of this video is to show you let's Say for example That you have either a couple different Scenarios let's say for example that Maybe number one you're managing your Account all by yourself and it's just You then it's pretty easy to be able to Tell who's generating the sales and I'm Talking about from a chat perspective so Let's say Obviously when you're doing Only fans there's a couple different Ways that you make money and the couple

Different ways are with subscriptions so You'll see that right here there's a Subscription price here there's also a Tips part where people can leave you Tips for various different things and Then last there's messaging and this is Where you're truly going to make the Majority of your message Of your income not your messages so the Majority of your income will come here On messaging and it's typically about 80 Of your income now about another a 15 Um will come from subscriptions and five Percent for tips it could be a little Bit more lob-sided than that it could be A little bit less than subscriptions a Little bit higher in tips but the Majority of your income will come from Messaging and the way that that is Generated is through a technique called Chatting and or scripting there's a lot Of scripts that can be involved and you Will chat up your messages that you have On only fans you'll chat up your subs You'll try to engage them in Conversation and developing Relationships and then you'll try and Get money out of them for your ppv which Is a pay-per-view material can be videos It could be audio messages it could be Phone calls it could be video chats it Could be anything like that or videos in General it could be any of that so That's the major ways that you make

Money now here's where it gets a little Trickier so that was the scenario one Where it's just you and it's only you Managing your entire account so it'll be Pretty straightforward you'll see that They'll even divide it up into you can See the subs and you'll see these sub Prices which you know pretty Straightforward this is obviously a Promotional one so it's like promotional 750 second month it'll probably go up to 14.99 and 14.99 is the standard price For a sub for this particular model However she has some promos running and Seems like the main type of promo is 750. okay so you've got that a second Thing that you can do is tips and tips Can just vary somebody could just Randomly feel quite generous send it Over to you but it's distributed here It'll show you how it's distributed Through the platform right here and then There's messages right there's also Posts here which I've never really used And streams where you can make money on Streams which not a lot of the models That we use right now are experimenting Too much with streams that's more or Less like the future they're trying to Engage and do things that is done like On Tick Tock and Instagram and things Like that and then there's messaging Right and you'll notice that here it's Pretty standard 25 49 29 29. this is for

It could be for a couple different Things it could be for one-on-one Chatting and then the model will begin To script it could either be scripted by She has a script from the management Team and or free scripting which is Basically her conversing and then Randomly throwing things at the fan in Hopes that the fan nibbles and starts to Buy so you'll notice that these prices Are 25.49 the other way that she can get People to nibble and buy things is Through something called a DM blast and It's nothing different than an email Blast but you're engaging with all of Your followers your fans or people that Used to follow you so there's a lot of Tools that you can use like of Buddy and Super creator that will re-follow people In the that you've engaged with in the Past or your your old followers and your Old Subs so you'll see that these Amounts can vary so these can be from Any one of those things these here seem To be like more than likely a DM blast Just because there's a lot of multiple 25 ones as well as forty nine dollar Ones so here's where it gets a little Complicated so it's fairly simple to be Able to determine how this happens when It's just you managing the account but Here's where it gets a little tricky so Pay close attention here because this is Where it gets tricky it's where let's

Say you're part of a team now that team Can either consist of you and maybe your Friends helping you manage it maybe a Boyfriend which is usually typically a pain in the ass I'll tell you What a boyfriend helping someone handle Their account it's nothing different Than having a pimp I'm gonna tell you Guys that here right now it's nothing Different than having to pimp because The boyfriend's micromanaging this Right a lot of that money is going into His pockets so ladies be careful if You've got a boyfriend that wants to Kind of get into this crap he's trying To become a pimp that dude ain't doing Anything you're the one that's taking Your clothes off you're the one that's Doing all the work and that Is a pimp so remember that all right so You got a two-man team of some sorts or You're starting to grow at your team and It's now two of you here's where it gets Tricky and this trick right here will Help you be able to make some sense out Of all this it'll help you be able To manage yourself better and understand Who is really crushing this game within Your team and this is very important Because this will tell you who to Promote within your team who to like Give more money to who to toss more Money at who to who to make it rain on In your team ladies this is what it'll

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Tell you all right so pay close Attention to this trick that we use Here's the trick that is anytime you It'll be like a shift right let's say You're handling everything or your Secondary Partners handling everything What you always want to do aside from The subscriptions this is primarily for Messaging okay this is for messaging but Again remember that's 80 of the earnings What you want to do is you want to Create a numbering system so the way That'll work is anytime you send out a DM blast or you try to sell ppv to a Customer always use a number code so That you know that it was you and that's Primarily because only fans doesn't have Anything technical so if you're not Using a tool like inflow you can't tell Who's made what because you'll have to Monitor it by hand so it's to a two-part Tip the first part is do use a numbering System so what am I what I mean by that Is let's say you've got Your we'll still use your pimp boyfriend All right Let's say you got your boyfriend right You got your boyfriend and he's selling he's chatting it up he's better Chatter and you kind of wonder you're Kind of wondering about his sexuality Right anyways your boyfriend is sending Out chats in uh pics of uh stuff to the Fan

What you want to do is you want to have A number code for your boyfriend so Let's say you're selling a set of picks And you want it 49.99 let your boyfriend Be 49.97 you can be 49.77 so now every Time you cease a purchase you know that You can categorize that as either you or Your boyfriend made the sale yours is 77 His is 97 just because he made 20 cents Doesn't make a difference what you're Looking for is strictly the number codes Second part of this whole equation is You want to write it out in a Spreadsheet so if your boyfriend says he Sells something have him put the date Haven't put the amount so his would be 49.97 and have him put the fee and the Net you can have them do that you don't Have to do that part you could do that Part later and then when you sell Something again have the date have the Amount yours will be 49.77 and so forth Now you have it in two different spots You can scroll through this and you can See every time there's a 97 cents and Every time there's a 77 cents and you're Able to differentiate who was selling Better in other words who's the better Chatter who's doing better things so now You go back and you can look at some of These messages and you can see what did They say to get these people to buy all This and you'll notice that if you Track this for 30 days one of you will

Reign supreme like the damn Iron Chef One of you is going to be milking mother You know what Better than the other one and you'll be Able to tell who's better now this Especially comes in handy when your team Starts to grow out so now it's not just You and your boyfriend now it's you now You're starting to hire out a team or Now maybe somebody's helping you with This now you can have multiple number Codes so now now it's not only 49.97 That your boyfriend sells you're 49.77 But now maybe you've got a chatter at 49.87 and now you got a secondary Chatter at 49.66 and now you can see Exactly who's selling what you could Track hours you could track numbers you Have this spreadsheet and you can tell Who is doing a better job chatting now We get together with them when we figure Out what is it that you're doing that You're getting all these dudes to buy This crap I mean obviously the majority Of dudes that come on here are horny Guys so that's clearly we know that but Somebody will for sure reign supreme and You could be able to tell who that is by The numbering system that you just Created for yourself and you're able to Track all this crap and figure out how It goes right so that is my big tip for How to manage larger teams and how to Really be able to tell who's crushing

The game that way you can start to see What is it they're doing and start to Implement that and train all the rest of Your team the way they're doing that so That is how you discover who's doing and Who's got their down and who is mad Mad good at selling so that is my tip For the day And if you guys have any questions and Or comments about that or if you want to Chat with me about how to supercharge Your of agency my email is below send me A shout out I'll be more than glad to Jump on a call with you but that's it For this video I'll see you guys next Time

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