This Trend Is Making Millions On Shopify

Hey guys Zari here and in today's video We're gonna be going over a breakout Trend in the e-commerce space that You've probably heard of and I'm also Going to be sharing with you an example Of a tick tock brand that I saw that is Completely popping off using this and The breakout Trend that we're talking About today is the cold plunge tub so as You see here judging by this Google Trend this is a huge breakout Trend I Mean in the last 12 months this went From literally zero to a hundred right From zero to 100 in just a year now the Category that this is in is lifestyle Health at home if you're wondering by The way what this is what I'm looking at Right here this is the akemi lab so this Is where we publish a lot of the Research that we do at Academy my Company and we're creating it into a Little Discord product you can sign up For the waitlist below but the actual Store that I'm talking about is called Polar recovery so shout out to you guys At polar recovery you guys are doing an Amazing job here I can't wait to see how You continue to scale this especially if You add some Facebook ads and Google ads And Tick Tock ads you can hit me up About that I would love to work with you Guys but as you see what they've done Which I think is genius has created an Affordable alternative to a cold plunge

Challenge right because a lot of people Are doing cold plunges but a lot of the Cold plunges that you can buy like the Tubs are like 5K right whereas this one Is only like let me see 99 so it's only a hundred dollars which Is not gonna kill you right and it does Seem to be really effective it's kind of Like a blow up pool but for you know Polar plunges or whatever they also Picked a pretty good name pull recovery That's a good one and I like the angle Of course that they're taking which is This recovery now one of the most genius Products here or not products ads is This one this one has six million views Organically Um it's possible that they're running This as a spark ad as well that's what I Would definitely do if I was running ads For this brand and you know that's Something that you guys maybe don't know About but that's why it's also so Awesome to be posting content on Tick Tock so you can use that content as ads And pump budget into it to not only Boost the ad or the content itself but Also get conversions out of it and you Can also do that on Instagram and Facebook as well so keep that in mind That's why I think posting organic Content is always a good idea but Let me show you scientists out of Scanning I'm actually going to turn off

The sound but what they're doing is Something very very smart this sound Here is a sound from the huberman Lab Podcast huberman Lab podcast is ran by Dr huberman a Stanford Professor who's Been you know all in on on this cold Recovery method and he talks about it Extensively so what they've done is They've used the next lyric from the Podcast where he talks about it and used It as a sound for the video so it's Really compelling right because as you See here you know he's basically talking About the research that cast conclusive Evidence showing the benefits of a cold Plunge so automatically that makes People you know want to do this right But then of course how do you do this if Most polar plunges or cold tubs are like Five thousand dollars well these guys Are providing the perfect solution to That it's 99 so anybody could afford This yeah I think this is pretty cool I Really like what these guys are doing And again the way that I found this is Through the researches on my team Posting this at the Academy lab so if You want to sign up for the waitlist we Haven't launched this yet we did launch The ultimate Shopify brand starter kit That's another chemilab product but this Is a bit different this is where we give You an optimized Shopify template that You can use along with a bunch of

Tutorials and videos on how to launch Your business and how to launch ads how To create your business Etc but this Will be the Discord server where we're Posting the research and we're doing a Lot of interesting stuff in there this Is going to be my last video in Cancun I'm super excited to be back I've come Up with so many ideas and I have so many Many things that I'm excited to get back And Implement into my life into my Business into the channel uh yeah super Hyped for everything hopefully you guys Enjoyed this video check these guys out And hopefully this gave you some ideas For your business as you see they're not Really doing anything revolutionary when It comes to the content so literally Just using their product and doing that Over and over again they've amounted Over 10 million views doing this in the Past couple months so super impressive Stuff very simple and effective I really Love when I see things like this but With that said hopefully you enjoyed This video and I'll see you in the next One peace

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