This Trend Is Now Making Millions On Shopify

There are so many ways to make your Shopify store a success and in today's Video I'm going to be sharing with you a Way in which this specific Shopify store That's within a trend is completely Crushing it we're definitely going to Learn a lot and this is going to Emphasize a lot of the points that I've Been making lately in some of my videos So without further Ado let's get right Into it the store is called Prometheus Design works pretty epic name if you ask Me and as you see what they do is they Sell a bunch of outdoor related gears so If you're a fan of the channel you and You're subscribed you probably have seen That we've been doing a lot of outdoor Stores recently which makes sense you Know think about it it's winter in a lot Of places and people are starting to get Outside and need very specific types of Equipment in order to stay safe and warm And yeah this brand basically is a very Good example on how you can do that Without necessarily going you know crazy On your website design the reason and I Say that is because in my opinion this Website design is nothing special you Could probably accomplish this with Literally a free Shopify theme so that's Always nice I actually prefer that Because it makes it more achievable for People out there like some of you that Are just getting your feet wet with

E-commerce you're just getting started On your journey and as you see they have A bunch of different EDC type of Products which is like the everyday Carry Trend that's huge that's a massive Trend and there's so many products that You could sell within that category of Products but what's super interesting About this store it's a marketing Strategy that they're using so if we Take a look at their traffic Distribution we see that they are Completely popping off that's why I Wanted to show you this this is a very Up and coming brand and it's always cool To see when you know these types of Charts right here it's like very Exciting I'm excited for the brand so if Anybody from Prometheus is watching Y'all are killing it and I'm very happy For you guys hopefully I can give you Some pointers as well from all of our Experience at Academy which is my Creative agency we're not doing any Sponsors on the channel so you know what This is a Shameless plug we are killing It at Academy right now and I would love To work with more Brands basically Exactly like this one right here oddly Enough this brand is not doing that many Facebook ads actually they're doing Basically no Facebook ads so as you see They got this one Facebook ad that just Says Be The Outsider that's kind of

Their brand slogan they say that on all Social medias and they're starting to Post some short form content so that's One of the things that I wanted to Mention is short form content is truly One of the best ways to maximize the Brand awareness of your brand the sales Of your brand the community around your Brand basically everything about your Brand so it's one of those things that I Just feel like is a no-brainer for Brands to focus on at Academy for Example we've been doing some content Repurposing lately I think that's a Super Genius way to maximize your reach I mean it's basically what I do on on my Channel already as well but for example Taking some of these Instagram reels Since they're performing quite well and Posting them as YouTube shorts they're Clearly not doing that very much but They do have some YouTube shorts that do Quite well so that's a massive way to Capitalize on the current boom in short Form content and then what they're doing That's pretty cool and this is another Reason I wanted to show you the brand is They're actually posting this stuff on Pinterest so this is not something you Would usually see right when you think Of an outdoor brand specifically for Guys I mean this isn't actually a guy Brand like a male brand but you know I Don't see any women in any of these

Pictures so to me you know it's kind of Like an implied thing yet Pinterest is Majority women right like you know when You think of Pinterest you think of you Know a Pinterest board with a bunch of Aesthetic things maybe recipes maybe Home decor whatever um you don't really Think of an outdoors brand yet look it They're getting a hundred thousand Monthly visitors on their page here Organically like that's pretty amazing And what's cool about Pinterest is that Even though I don't think it's the best Ad platform to focus on even if you dump A little bit of retargeting budget on Here you can actually increase your Reach but also if you're reposting your Content from other social medias you can Start building up a pretty significant Amount of traffic that's why content Repurposing is such a good idea but Honestly I'm very shocked to see that This brand is not running many meta ads I feel like meta ads for this brand Would do so well a big misconception is That paid media is dying or something But that couldn't be further from the Truth at Academy we're doing so much Paid media and the reason why is because Why wouldn't you right like if you have The money to invest into it and you are Taking an approach where you're trying To be profitable and maximizing your Return on ad spend it's super smart

Right you're maximizing your reach and You're building a sort of machine right I mean when you run paid media at what a Lot of people don't realize is that You're actually using machine learning In order to get customers and leveraging Machine learning is super smart right Because a machine is going to do a much Better job than you will at finding new Customers at least over time maybe not At the beginning and that's why you got To test a lot of things but over time it Most likely will but yeah what I love About this brand is that they clearly Don't you know subscribe to like some Sort of trend or some sort of like Status quo when it comes to creating Content they're literally doing whatever They want like you know it's they're Just really showcasing the products it's A super cool way to build a brand it's Very simple and this is the type of Stuff that I really Vibe with because That's how I like to produce content too I don't like to overthink it I like to Keep it simple concise to the point Valuable and that's clearly what they're Doing they're just showcasing all their Awesome products in a very simple Concise way and getting a ton of views I Still think it could be better right Like I I think they should be filming These with an iPhone that's an easy Change that's gonna cost them like what

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A thousand dollars to get an iPhone and Hiring somebody to actually start Shooting some of this content but I Think it's a worthwhile investment Especially with the camera quality of IPhones these days but yeah this is Super interesting to me I love finding Brands like this I mean Shopify is just An amazing company for being able to Host these types of brands and yeah I Mean lastly obviously if you want to Start your own Shopify store use the Link in the description I got a pretty Special deal that I'm working with Shopify on it's a great way for you to Save money but it's also a great way for You to support the channel so if you're Enjoying the content if you're Participating in the live streams I'm Doing and all that stuff you're joining Our Discord taking advantage of Everything that we're doing here for Free I'm obviously not gonna charge you For anything I love doing this stuff and I get a lot of value from it myself but If you do appreciate all that and you Want to support the channel that's a Great way to do it just use my Shopify Link and get your store started today But with all that being said I got my new setup now so this is pretty Cool I got like a dual monitor thing Going on yeah hopefully you enjoyed this Video hopefully you learned something

And I'll see y'all in the next video That's about it peace

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