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Step number one copy the link to this Tick Tock video that teaches you about YouTube growth tips step number two Paste this link on this website and Click on download step number three come Over to this business name generator and Go and search YouTube growth tips go and Choose any one of these names that you Think is professional and that you like Step number four come over to Facebook And create a Facebook page with that Same name that you generated in the Business name generator step number five Post that same Tick Tock onto Facebook Reels and replicate that virality step Number six come over to digistore24.com Click on internet and E-Business go and Copy your affiliate link of this tube Mastery and monetization course where You will earn 231.13 every time you sell this product Paste this link in the intro and the bio Of your Facebook page and doing this I've been able to average anywhere Between 200 and up to 8 hundred dollars In a single day in affiliate commissions Using the strategy The camera for this we're not going to Be creating any of our own content as You saw in the introduction of this Video we are completely allowed to Outsource content from Tick Tock onto Facebook reels provided that we do give Credit on the original Facebook page

That we have created to the original Content creator on Tick Tock this saves All the efforts of buying your own Microphone your camera your editing Software having to record having to take Hours to edit and formulate the perfect Video into just a couple of seconds by Outsourcing videos that are already done And complete for you both these Platforms are completely free it's free To sign up on Facebook it's free to sign Up on Tick Tock and it's free to sign up On digistore24 anybody can do this Anywhere in the world provided that you Have a mobile phone a PC an internet Connection and a browser and you can Generate up to three streams of income Online in fact every second of this Video is bringing you closer to twenty Thousand dollars a month utilizing Tick Tock without even creating your own Content without showing your own face And without having to speak into a Microphone I suggest pay close attention To this video because I've constructed This video in the most simplest and Understandable step-by-step tutorial for Anybody watching this to understand Execute this and make money online just Like these results over here I've Personally posted a lot of my own tick Tocks onto Facebook reels I've had Videos that have reached 10 000 views on Tick Tock that same video reached over a

Million views on Facebook reels in my Discovery I've discovered that Facebook Reels pushes out content a lot more than That of tick tock simply because it's a Very new platform it was only launched This year in 2022 it's trying to compete With that of Tick Tock YouTube shorts Instagram reels and become the number One video platform so how does it do That by rewarding its content creators With a lot of virality a lot of organic Reach and a lot of views to ultimately Grow their platform and to make more People aware of Facebook reels so this Is the perfect time to capitalize on This opportunity with Facebook reels and The strategy that I've constructed for You is the perfect way to go about it a Prime example of a page doing this is Called we are video makers a pretty new Page with 34 900 followers making Excellent podcast content tips on how to Grow on YouTube for example the best Podcast ideas to start in 2022 the best Quality microphones to use for your Videos the best keywords to use in your Videos to reach a wider audience and all Sorts of unique and interesting YouTube Algorithm tips in simple short 30 second To one minute videos on Tick Tock which We are allowed to go and repost onto Facebook provided that we give them Credit because in the end it's not our Original content but if you do give them

Credits you are allowed to do so here's Another example of this page over here That only has 17 000 followers but do Note the amount of views that they're Getting for their follower ratio this Page is nearly getting more views per Video than the amount of followers that They have and this is just the power of Tick tock Facebook reels and these short Video platforms your follower account Doesn't really matter your first video Could blow up to a hundred thousand Views overnight it's just how the Algorithm of the short video platforms Have been designed and that is why it is So perfect to capitalize on an Opportunity like this right now because It may not be like this in five ten Years time the easiest way to go and Find this type of content on Tick Tock Is to come over to the search bar on the Top and go and search YouTube growth Tips click on enter and it will show you A whole bunch of different videos on the Feed of various YouTube growth tips Videos if you click on load more you can See you can scroll on and on and on and Also if you go and click on accounts you Can find hundreds of these accounts by Clicking on more which can provide you Content for years to come all you need To do is come over to the feed over here Go and choose any one of these videos I'm going to choose this one they've got

800 000 views so I'm going to click on It copy the link of this Tick Tock and You want to come over to this website Called Tick Tock download Dot online go And paste your link over here click on Download and this website will convert This Tick Tock into a savable video that You can repost on Facebook so go and Click on without Watermark go and close This ad click on close and this video Will start downloading to your PC once This video is downloaded to your PC we Need to go and prepare our Facebook page To start off come over to this website Called business name General Operator.com and go and search YouTube Growth In the search bar Go and click on get started and it will Give you a whole bunch of YouTube growth Name ideas that you can use for your Facebook page for example rocket growth Genic YouTube youtubery growth of beer Growth phobia YouTube political hint Growth away tube imagine YouTube Publicist YouTube Breathe YouTube I Honestly really like rocket growth That's quite a nice simple name so now That you've got your name come over to Canva.com and we need to create our logo And our Facebook page background image Come over to the search bar on canva Search up logo go and click on circle Logo go and click on any one of these

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Templates it really doesn't matter for Now because we're going to delete Everything as is and on the search bar On the logo templates go and search Video or growth let's first try video We can use this one over here and simply Click on it it will load it up onto your Logo design page and go and copy your YouTube growth name for example Rockets And we can go and type here Under the sub section Growth click on share and click on Download and click on PNG make sure the Size is all the way up click on download And this logo will now download to your PC once that's downloaded come back to The homepage of canva.com go and search Up Facebook On the canvas search bar go and click on Facebook covers and go and choose again Another template for example this one Over here and go and choose any of these That are relative to the theme and color Of your logo for example mine is blue so I'm going to go and choose this blue one I'm going to delete all of this contact Information as we don't need it And over here we can go and type rocket Growth for the growth of your content go And click on share go and click on Download again make the size as big as Possible click on download again and This will download it to your PC now That we have our Facebook name our logo

And our Channel Banner we can now go and Create our Facebook page come over to Facebook.com go and click on the top Right come over to facebook.com under The Facebook pages sections on the left Hand side of the menu bar click on pages Click on create new page go and start Off with your page name type rocket Growth for your category go and type Content Go and type social media agency for your Bio you can go and type something simple Such as official page of Rocket growth Go and click on create page for your Website this is the most important part Come over to digistore24.com on the top Hand right side you'll be able to sign Up a free account once you've done that Click on the marketplace section on your Dashboard come over to internet Marketing and E-Business and look for The tube Mastery and monetization by Matt Parr go and copy the link of this Product come over to your Facebook page And paste this as your website URL go And click on next click on Add profile Picture come over to the folder where We've downloaded our logo click on your Logo and upload that and also go and Click on ADD cover photo and go and Upload the cover that we've just created On canva click on ADD action button Click on try it and go and click on Learn more click on next and for your

Website link again go and copy your Affiliate link and go and paste this Over here and click on Save finally Click on next click on next again and Click on done once you page is complete It will look like this the next thing we Need to do is we need to go over to Google Drive at drive.google.com go and Click on plus new file upload and go and Upload their Tick Tock that we've Downloaded from Tick Tock secondly come Over to your phone come over to that Same folder on your phone and go and Click on the video that you have Downloaded on these three dots click on It click on make available offline and This will then save to your phone once That's saved to your phone come over to The rocket growth page on your mobile Device if you scroll down and you go and Click on real under the Facebook page Section select the video that you have Saved from your Google Drive for your Caption you can go and type Link in bio For full YouTube Monetization program Just like that as a full stop click on Comments and click on share now once That's been posted on your page come Over to the comments section of your Video and go and type again YouTube or Full YouTube monitor Ization program click on dash and go and

Paste or copy your affiliate link from Digital24 and paste this in the comments Click on comments and make sure you pin This comment to the top of this video The secret to this is not just posting Once or twice you need to go and focus Actually now going and growing your page That you have created and growing your Brand well my example of Rocket growth And growing that as an overall brand on Facebook this strategy has the power to Blow up into a full-blown brand with Getting sales every single day through Your content you need to go and post at Least once a day for the first two Months build some traction build an Audience the first few videos that I Posted on my Facebook page that now has 44 000 followers way down at the bottom Over here reached thousands of likes and Tens and hundreds of thousands of views I remember this was my first video this Video got 11 000 likes and over 1.2 Million views or Impressions on this Video and this was my first video that I Ever posted on my Facebook page so this Just shows you you don't need followers To get views if your video provides Value and captures your audience's Attention the Facebook reels will pump It up and really get a ton of organic Reach allowing you to grow your page and Get tons of sales through the link in Your comments your bio and the button of

Your Facebook page I want you to take Notes how very important it is to Brand Your page and not just to slap together A random Facebook page that has no sense At all it's very important to create an Overall image and brand so what I'm Going to do is to help you out even more Specifically with Facebook reels Tick Tock and making money on these short Video platforms which is one of the most Quickest and Powerful ways to make money Online at the moment I'm going to leave An entire playlist somewhere over here On the screen that you can go and click On with about 20 videos of my best YouTube shorts Instagram Tick Tock and How to make money on all of these short Video Platforms in one simple playlist For you guys that I've put together on YouTube so what I recommend you do is is Click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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