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Bringing you a tried and tested method That uses events to make money I made Over twenty thousand dollars in December And over twelve thousand dollars in February for free using this the primary Mistake people make with print on demand Is they start focusing on a particular Niche for this the audience will have to Be very connected with your brand to Make the purchase and building that Takes time so the main trick with this Method is to focus on events so the Audience doesn't have to be connected With your brand they will be connected With that event and that is what will Make us money so firstly I try to Target Top tier English speaking countries so We can just search for what are the main Events coming up over there in the month Of February there was the Super Bowl That is the American football and I made A lot of money in February using this Particular event then you can see that In the month of April there is Coachella That is the world's biggest Music Festival then if you scroll down you can See the Independence Day of USA is Coming on the 4th of July so these are The events that we can Target after Selecting the events now I am going to Use is the power of AI to create the Designs for the different t-shirts Through these caps we want to sell Leonardo AI is a free AI tool that we

Are going to use that will make this Process super simple of creating the Designs so just come to Leonardo AI Create your account click over here on Get Early Access enter your email Address create your account then search Over here for click over here and enter Your email address the account that you Have created so you will come on the Working platform of Leonardo AI over Here for free you will get 150 tokens That you can use that is more than Enough for a lot of design work come Over here on the AI image generator and Now over here we need to write that Which kind of a design we are looking For we need to explain the whole design To get some different design ideas I've Just come on Google Super Bowl T-shirts You can see and you can see that what Kind of t-shirts are there similar to That you can just write a prompt over Here on Leonardo AI that I have on this This is kind of a design and it will Create the design like I got the idea That both of the team's helmet against Each other clashing like this so I can Create a design like that so I just Search over here for one cities uh Helmet you don't have to touch any of These things let it be at Leonardo uh Diffusion then click on generate over Here you can see all these designs over

Here you can simply click over here on Download after that you can use canva to Create and combine these designs click Over here on Creator design click over Here on t-shirt and you can see this is A sample I created for you so both of The helmets both of the teams clashing Against each other you can also go over Here on text and write a text like who Are you supporting who will win uh World's biggest Clash things like that You can write and this is your design Prepared super simple using AI after That we need to use a print-on-demand Website these websites will create your Online store they will create the Production the product collect the Payment all those different things all You need to do is upload the designs so There are plenty of print on demand Websites that you can use I I personally Use Teespring so come over here create Your account click over here on start Creating then come over here click over Here on create you can select a t-shirt From over here click on create over here Add your image the design that you have Prepared you can change the color of the T-shirt as well add text as well Wherever you want the pricing you can See that per t-shirt sold you will get The profit of around 10 dollars you are Not creating the product collecting the Payment nothing you are doing just

Uploading the design over here click on Continue you can see that you can create Other designs as well other products as Well just click click and all these Things all these designs will be added To your online store so a mug over here Hoodies caps all the things with your Design that you prepared click over here On continue along with this if you want To learn my step-by-step blueprint of How I am making seven figures monthly as A 23 year old boy I provide personal Training as well so you can check out my Website from the first link in the Description box it is the most detailed And step-by-step training WhatsApp Support live sessions hand holding Support is provided personally by me so Make sure to check out my website from The link in the description box now back To the video you can write the title of These designs according to the event Super Bowl special designs Coachella Special designs Coachella Madness things Like that Description two lines about the event That XYZ are clashing this is going to Be the world's biggest Clash so simple Thing you have to write this way Teespring will create an online E-commerce store for you for free like Amazon or any other e-commerce store so People just have to go over there select The product do the payment all those

Things so you can just click over here On store and this is your online website Link that you need to start promoting For getting traffic I start working on One event at least two to three months Before that date of the event so that I Can build my content I can build my Traffic and people can get hype the work Is super simple all you need to do is Replicate what is already viral so just Come on YouTube search for your Particular event You will find different different videos Over here go to the shots and you can See that 4 million views 4 million views If I scroll back you can see 33 million Views so just replicate what is already Viral so just click over here on this Video click over here on share copy the Link go to a YouTube video downloader And download this video then come back To canva search over here for YouTube Shots click over here upload that video Over here and now we need to do a few Edits to be safe from the copyright Issues what I do is firstly combine a Few videos together this is the main Video that is getting viral so this is Our main video along with that you can Use this video and this video for let's Say five five seconds in the middle this Way we have combined different videos Together or what you can do is Place Different memes in the middle okay just

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Like I did over here so this way we have Combined a few videos secondly you can Add some text like the world's greatest NFL uh play the world's best music event Things like that according to your event According to the video you can add text Along with that click over here on the Plus icon and over here you can add your Call to action that is your product so You can upload a t-shirt design over Here and add a text like to purchase the Product Link in the description box to Support your fan link in the description Box to support your music artist to Support your NFL team Link in the Description Box by now so this is how You can combine a few videos together Add a text add a call to action and you Will be safe from copyright once you Have done this click over here on share And download this video this video I Upload on my tech talk Pinterest Facebook YouTube Instagram I upload the Same video on all these platforms using The same titles from the viral video and Upload at least two videos per day for At least two to three months before the Event date and this strategy Works check Out another working strategy to make Money online that is making me thousands Of dollars per week for free

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