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Slow Down

So many people think that networking puts them on the fast track to new business. While you may get an opportunity out of one meeting, the odds are against that.

The Age of Mass Choice “Making Your Marketing Strategy Compatible”

Well this article deals with post customization era that is “Mass Choice” era that has contributed to intense competition within markets between business world wide and most of the times marketing strategies are unable to respond to this harsh competitive environment. What I have presented in this article is an out of the box approach to the whole situation that would certainly help organization to over come these challenges, the article begins with explanation of this new market phenomena, covers its various indicators and variables and than give marketer the tools to tackle the situation in a flexible and more competitive manner.

Beat the Summer Slowdown With Strategic Marketing

With summer just around the corner, have you planned out your Summer strategy? In the beauty industry, many businesses see a drop in appointments during this time of year. There are many variables that go into the reason behind the drop; however, if you plan out a strategic Summer marketing plan now, you can prevent the slow summer slump from affecting your business.

How Author Rank Can Help Your Marketing

Google is continually coming out with new tools to help you with your marketing efforts, and to reward those who have good content and sound expertise with higher rankings in its search engine. One of the more recent and most misunderstood elements of Google’s ranking algorithm is Author Rank, which ostensibly allows authors to associate things they write online with a relevant Google profile.

Best Practices in Mining Qualitative Research Data

Before beginning a research, it is important to know some information first. For example, who the research will be for, why they chose the project, what the project is about and how much time they are willing to allot for the research.

We Are People!

How often have you walked into a store or have gone online to shop and did not get that special feeling one may get when visiting a friend, family or someone close? We are people and as people we need you to connect with more than just our money. Is it possible for businesses to achieve that kind of connection? Not only is it possible, it is crucial

5 Tips for Online Marketing

If you want your business to grow more effectively and quickly, you need to come up with better marketing strategies that will win you more customers. Gone are days when you just had to put word in the traditional advertisement media about your business and customers would rush your way.

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