Use ChatGPT To Build a Passive Income Online

Welcome to today's video and boy is this A great method because it focuses on the Things that we like it uses AI Technology like I'm going to share with You over here using free software that Is chat GPT we are also going to use This software to build out digital Passive income streams and honestly this Process it couldn't be simpler because We can do it again it's all free we Don't need skills we don't need Experience and as always I will leave Links to everything down below for you Because again like most methods I'll try And share with you on this channel all This takes is a bit of time and effort And the results can literally be Mambling they absolutely can so let's Dive into it okay so let's come over Here on to Etsy Now I was doing a bit of research on Etsy and you can see up here I've just Typed in book keeping template and There's the interesting thing 1 900 People a month are searching for Templates for bookkeeping which is Insane to me and then I was scrolling Through you know trying to look at these Different bookkeeping templates and I Came across this one over here and a Couple more and I had a nose here then Okay so I went into this shop here we Could save about 9 000 sales Collectively that is in the whole shop

Not just this listing now this one here It's going to give me a template Basically that I can use for bookkeeping And if I scroll down here you can see Reviews from this shop and you know that You can see it down here they have other Different templates that they're selling Now the reason why we like this method Is so numbers game purely it's we go Ahead we create the content using chat GPT and another free piece of software That I'm going to share with you and Then we just start creating these things And we'll put the listings up on Etsy And I'll share I'll share with you how To do that end of a bit but because we Are using chat GPT to you know make Money online we're speeding up the whole Process but we can even go to create the Template for us we can get it to write The description for us and lots more Stuff in between okay so let's just go Up here and we'll walk through this Process and by the way it's not just These bookkeeping templates that you can Do up here it can be any sort of Template you can come on here and you Know just do a bit of research so in This example here look we have got Templates for Instagram we've got Template I mean look at that a template Planner 22 000 people a month are Searching for that and then there's lots More you can just play around with this

Okay the other thing I'll say to you as Well is if you go over to and again I'll Leave a link to this down below for you There's this extension up here and it's Free it's called Alora and basically What happens here is once you have got On let me log in Really quickly so I'm going to log in Into here and once you have this Extension Try again and we're in sorry I've got a New laptop and it hadn't remembered my Password but once we are in here okay What will happen is okay let me just Come out of here so I'm going to come Back to where is it gone not this one Not this one this one I'm just going to Type in let me just type in book Keep in template What this will allow you to see is Basically it will Spike on all of the Products on Etsy and it will give you More information about this you can see Exactly which of the best sign items on There so I'm going to click on here like Sir and now it's going to load this and It will show you a lot of information it Will show you the actual the product That they're selling it will show you The actual name of the shop it will show You the typical selling price up here Typical sales so again you can go Through here and you can use this to do A bit more research and effectively spy

On you know best sellers and see what's Selling because then you can literally Use chat GPT to help you to create Something similar okay so it's pretty Cool so you can come in here and have a Look at this so first look at this one Here average price 14 pounds this one But just pick any one so just go ahead And have a look at it so let's just Click on this one and it opens up in a New tab and it will show you everything About this okay so that extension is Pretty cool and like I say it'll show You the I think the most important thing That it shows you is if it will not just Give you this here it will also show you The tanks that they are using which we Will come to when we're listing a Product of our Etsy so it's cool so We've got the description we've got the Tags the title and also the number of Sales and the feedback But once we've decided on a category of You know different products that we're Going to create we then come over to Chat GPT and as you've seen on here okay I'll literally typed in could you please Create a bookkeeping template for Etsy And it will go ahead and give you some Different ideas and you know different Creations that you can use and all we're Doing on here is if you once it's Finished down here it will you can just Type another one in here so it's a

Network error at the minute let's just Change that so even refresh that Because look exceptionally high demand So there's always high demand on this Website over here but if I come back Into down here at the bottom all you do Here is you just type in what you would Like it to create so I just type in can You please Create a simple Book Keeping Template something like this and all I'm Trying to do is get some ideas of you Know templates that I can use and again What will happen here is it takes a few Minutes and it will start to you know Create this content for you as you can See on here and then what you can do is You can go back over onto Etsy and have A look at you know the best sellers like This and see what information they've Got in their bookkeeping you know in Their bookkeeping files and then you can Create that yourself so whilst chat GPT Is over here you know creating this far As you can see it's just starting to Work away we're going to open up another Piece of software which is this one over Here and it's called canva again it's Free I'll link it down below so up here I'm just going to type in Book Keeping

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Templar like so and it will bring up all The templates for this okay and you oh Let me come down here let's scroll Through And basically I am just looking for Maybe it's because to all the one where I'd like to try this bookkeeping Templar That's a bit better isn't it so you can Come in here and have a look at these Different templates that it's already Created for you and basically the other Thing to note is whilst canva is free They do offer a paired version so if it Has this Crown over here that does mean It's the paired version now in the Beginning I just go with you know the Free version but then over time I would Literally eventually upgrade to the pro Version because it's about 120 dollars For the year so I've just clicked on you Know any one of these as an example so It opens up like this okay now this here Is a template okay so you can go in here And you know change any element of this But what you can also do is come back Over here to chatgpt and basically have A look at the examples that is given for You so you can see on here look this is A basic template okay and then I could Ask it to include other options and Other bits and then what will happen is You can start to create your own Template getting ideas from chat GPT Take those ideas over here into canva

And just play around with it now the Great thing about camera is if I just Click on anything on here if I click on Here I don't like that color I can come Up here and change that to say this Color okay I can change the fonts I can Change the text I can drag things around Like this but all I'm doing is I'm using Chat cheap Beauty to give me some ideas Of you know different things I can Include in in here then I'm going over To canva to create those templates and Then once this is done we would move on To the part of uploading that product That digital download file on to Etsy Now to do that we've come up here we'd Click once you're happy with your design We've come to share we scroll down to Downward and we would download that not As a PNG we would want this as a PDF Down here suit click on PDFs uh this one Here and then you would download this Item so this would be your product okay Now you would need a listing for that Product so again what you can do is you Can come back over onto Etsy and have a Look at you know other examples of this Let's see what they've got in their Description on here where you can learn More about this or you could even just Come over to chatgpt and say Please could you write me a product Description For uh

Book Keeping Template I am selling On S Okay And do that And then it will literally start Creating the content again for you so we Can see here we're just using this to Speed up the process so once we've got All this done we've come over onto Etsy Over here and then all we're doing is We're uploading that file and this is How it looks on the back end of etsy and I'll also drop a link down below again For you so you can get 40 free listings On Etsy I also get 40 free listings so It's a it's a win-win for both of us but Once we've once you've opened up your Shop on Etsy this is what it looks like Now you would come over here to add a New listing and all we're doing on here Is we are adding a photo of the actual Product okay so we can upload a JPEG of This we could even you know screenshot This and upload this as well you can you Upload I think it's eight pictures from Memory okay and it says on here like use Different variations of this so you make Use of all of these but as we're doing This we're coming down here and you can Add videos if you want but this is the Important stuff so this here is where You would include your title and then

You go through this who is it made by What's made by yourself isn't it and it Asks you like what is it when did you Make it and then you put it in a Category and basically you just go down Here and then this here is where you put Your description from chatgpt and then You scroll further on and look we've got Tags now remember the hello extension we Used earlier this one over here so using That over on Etsy here we can literally Look at the other extension oh sorry the Tags that other people we were using Remember so click on that and look we've Got the tags here of some of the best Sellers so I can use these tags in my Etsy listing over here and then the last Few things to do is give this a price Put in how many you've got now because It's a digital product you want to put This on 999 sorry let me get rid of that Like sir because that's the maximum that It will allow you to do and basically Every time one of your product sells Obviously this here will go down you can Just keep a track of this on your Listings in the sorry on your shop in The back office of your Etsy shop and Then all you're doing is you scrolling Through and changing bits and adding in The orbits but anything with a red setup We have to put information in for it and Once you get onto the bottom here You simply click on Save and that is it

Done but the great thing about Etsy and This whole method is we speak we're Speeding up the process you're using AI Software we're using chat GPT we're Using canvas so that you know a lot of The hard work is done for us even the Product description is done virus and Then we're also using the Alara Extension so that we can go on and you Know see what's selling already in the Marketplace we can look at our tags we Can look at that description and you Know create our own very similar version So this because we know it's selling we Know the actual price of this and yes Using three tools to make money online And from home so look that's today's Video if you have any questions please Let me know as always thanks for Watching and I shall see you tomorrow [Music]

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