Use ChatGPT To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing In 2023! (For Free)

Did you know that you can use chat GPT To start a fully functioning fully Automatic affiliate marketing business Online in this video I want to take you Through the exact steps that you need to Take so you can go and start your own Affiliate marketing business using chat GPT if you don't know what affiliate Marketing is don't worry I'm going to Explain it soon in this tutorial but in This tutorial I'm going to show you Exactly how to get it started for free So you don't actually have to use any Money if you want to start this right Now I'm also going to show you how to do This step by step and you might be Amazed at how easy this is to set up by The end of this video you will know Exactly what you need to do to start This affiliate marketing business online Where you get paid a commission for Promoting other people's products and When they click on your link and they Make a purchase you get paid that Commission into your PayPal or bank Account so let's jump into this tutorial And I'll show you exactly how to make Money with chat GPT online and start Your own affiliate marketing business Right now from scratch that is fully Automatic once you have this is sit up And running let's jump in and I'll show You exactly how to get started right now All right guys so what I'm going to do

In this tutorial will show you how to Make money using chat GPT and affiliate Marketing now if you don't know what Affiliate marketing is it's when you Promote other people's products and you Get a commission for example with Amazon Associates which is their affiliate Marketing program so this is Amazon's Affiliate marketing program and you can Earn up to 10 in commissions depending On the product and what you are actually Promoting and we're going to be using The Amazon Associates in this tutorial Because we're going to be finding people That are actually using this exact Strategy and they make money from the Amazon affiliate program now all you Need to do is go and sign up and then on The back end you can find links and with Those links you can post them online and You can get paid a commission every time Someone makes a purchase via your links Now the best thing about Amazon Associates is even if they buy another Product within 20 25 hours after Clicking your link you will get a Commission from that as well Amazon has All sorts of deep linking strategies Where you will make even more Commissions from other products or if They add other things to their cart as Well so that 10 can actually make you Quite a bit depending on the cart value People are actually purchasing with now

Let's move on to the next thing for this Particular tutorial you're going to need A tool called chat GPT this is free Right now although they are working on a Premium plan as well so just go to and click on try GPT and You'll be taken to the GPT website now This is chat GPT and we're going to come Back to this in a second but essentially What chat GPT does is you put in Information and it's going to spit out What you actually need so for example You could ask it to write to an essay For school you could ask it for a review On products pretty much anything and We're going to dive into this in a Second now if you actually want I'll Give you guys a really good tip for this If you want to really dive deep into Chat GPT and get much more information Out of your prompts go and follow this Guy here on Twitter he's a bit of a GPT Expert chat GPT expert he gives you tips On prompts to actually use in chat GPT That will give you a better outcome I'm Just trying to find one here all right So I've found it here you can actually Ask GPT very very in-depth stuff I do Mostly basic stuff but as you can see he Has specific prompts and what he asks The chat Ai and it gives them much Better results so word count product Name customer pain Point risk reversal Call to action so you can go and follow

This guy online and you get lots of Different tips on how to use chat GPT to Your advantage and get much better Results out of this software this AI Software this thing is insane and Honestly I've only just scratched the Surface the next step is you want to go On to YouTube and you want to find a Faceless Niche where you can make videos That don't show your face or voice now I Have a video that takes you through the Best faceless niches online that make The most money I will link that video Down below and you can go through and You can have a look at those faceless YouTube niches where you make faceless YouTube two videos and get paid for Those videos to be on YouTube now for This example we are going to use this One here which is from my video where We're going to focus on this website Here where they do reviews on products Now if we click on this video I will show you how they are making Their money if we go down here they are Linking to Amazon products okay so if we Click on one of these it's going to take Us to Amazon and what happens is he will Get a commission when someone purchases This product okay he will get a Commission and as you can see he is Doing this every single day On tons of specific products well once a Week at this point he was doing every

Single day on these specific products so He's making money by doing this or he Wouldn't actually be doing this at all And these are very basic videos He doesn't show his face he's using a Robot voice and he's just using stock Footage that he gets online so I'm going To show you exactly how you can do this Yourself now the next thing you want to Do is you want to go to a website called In video dot IO I will leave a link Below it's an affiliate link and you can Sign up to get started now they do have A free plan that you can use but what I Would recommend you actually do is you Use the paid plan because you actually Get much more that you can do with this Particular software and if you pay Yearly you get a pretty big discount you Save 50 and they have two plans there That you could go ahead and use however It's okay to go and use the free version To get started if you like and we are Going to use this this is all you Actually need to do this particular Method apart from chat GPT so let's get Started and I'll show you exactly how You can go and make your own videos like This and get paid a commission by Promoting those particular products so First you're going to want to go and Sign up to this website here in And then you want to have a clear Project here ready to go now the next

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Step is you want to find a specific Topic for chat GPT to write for you Pretty easy like just to do this with Check GP in this particular Nation I'll Show you right here I've already done it So what I did is I said to chat GPT Write a video script on the six best Gaming monitors for 2003 and what it Does is it gives me a voiceover so it Gives me a bit of an intro right here And then it gives me six bullet points So I said the six best games it gives me Six bullet points on the six best gaming Monitors and then it gives a little bit Of an outro and then I said make bullet Points longer and more specific now keep In mind these are very very basic Prompts if you use this guy's tips you Will get much better results from chat GPT but this is just to give you an Example for this video and as you can See the bullet points were made a little Bit longer actually quite a bit longer And my much more detail and this is just Crazy that this chat bot can do this so Now what we want to do is we want to Head over to Nvidia here now I do have a Project that I've already actually done But I will just show you the basics here Real quick and then we will move on to The next steps so if we go to videos Here What I'm going to actually do is just Put in gaming just to get a gaming video

For the intro okay that's the most Important part right now and we're just Going to go ahead and choose anyone We'll just drag this one we'll just add This one right here and we'll go add Okay So this is the intro now you might be Wondering how do we get the text onto Here what we want to do is go back to Chat GPT and we want to highlight our Intro which is this one right here and Copy this okay I'm going to copy this Right now so right click and then copy I'm going to go back to video and video Here I'm going to go voice over And we're going to go automated Text-to-speech now I would recommend you Actually do pay someone to do a Voiceover for you properly you can use Someone from Fiverr just put in Voiceover and you can get different Languages and things like that if you Like for a more professional Vibe However you can use in video if you like And you you can import your own ones if You like or record your own voice over But I'm going to go automated text to Speech and I'm simply going to paste in That text and I'm going to use Matthew Because that's the best voice I've found And generate voice over and now this is Actually generating a voice over for us And you can preview this if you like are You tired of playing games on subpar

Monitor look no further okay now we're Going to actually add this to this video Right here and we'll push play and You'll see are you tired of tired within A couple of seconds We just made a bit of an intro So we just made an intro Take your gaming experience to the next Level Easy okay now what you want to do then Is you obviously want to I'm going to Cut this off here So delete our split and we're going to Just delete that then what you want to Do is you obviously want to go ahead and Repeat that process for every single Bullet point that you do and you can go And get images off the internet I Noticed on this one here if we click on Here He just says that he uses royalty-free Images so portions of footage found in This video are not original content Produced by top Tech now portions of Stock footage and products were gathered From multiple sources including Manufacturers value Cutters and various Other sources so you'd want to make sure You pick stuff you can actually use but That's his disclaimer there anyways now What I've done instead of going ahead And doing this over and over again Multiple times what I've done is I've Actually done my own version here real

Quick and I'll show you what it's like So we'll go here Sorry there's a lot of stuff pops up you Know how it is Okay we're back at the start Are you tired of playing games on a Subpar monitor look no further as we've Scoured the market to bring you the top Six gaming monitors of 2023 whether You're a Casual Gamer or a professional Esports player these monitors will take Your gaming experience to the next level The Asus Rog Swift pg279 qz is a 27 inch IPS panel gaming monitor with a 1440p Resolution and a 165 Hertz refresh rate It also has g-sync technology okay so That I that's a 30 second clip I just Wrote up before this video super easy And you might be thinking to yourself How did you get this text on the screen All I did was go to text And we'll just do it here real quick and You just go like that You just add it and double click on it And it will add it in And then you will just click on it it's Done too It sometimes takes a while so you have To like Just wait anyway and then you can just Change that text Um however you like so you just change It in here to whatever you like Right I can put my name here

This whatever you like and essentially All you're doing is you're transferring The information from chat GPT to in Video and you can use videos and images From in video now I would recommend Because you actually notice on here that A lot of his videos are just images So Take the voice down for a second so you Can see most of it's just images and He's zooming in panning around it's Giving it a bit of a nice vibe there to Keep people interested in the video so You can also use just images if you like From in video as well but I would Recommend getting the paid version if You are going to do that because it's Way more Um paid content in here than is actually Free content now once you've gone ahead And created your full video so you'll Have a full video this guy's videos not Very long so it actually doesn't take Very long to create this content what 10 Minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes we've got Some that are six minutes nine minutes Six minutes I would recommend five to Ten minutes and that's gonna be a great Range for you to make these types of Videos and you can actually use another Um AI software if you like called mid Journey I'll leave a video Below on how To use that to actually go ahead and Make the thumbnails if you like so you

Can do this all with a AI software now The next thing you need to do is go Ahead and Export your video from video And video so go ahead and Export that Into a file once you have exported this Video what you want to do is you want to Go back and upload it to YouTube but you Want to actually optimize the video now This guy's optimizing is not that good To be honest I would optimize it a lot Better but you want to go do a really Nice title you can actually use chat GPT To create a title for you as well so I Just actually started it just to give You an example so I said write 10 YouTube titles on a video about the six Top gaming monitors and there is quite a Few here that I could potentially use Top uh tops of gaming monitors for an Immersive 2023 gaming experience now These are not that great but some of Them are pretty good and you can Actually just edit them and use them in Your videos just make it kind of a bit Better but obviously like I said use This guy's information here to put in Better prompts and you'll get in better Information then what you want to do is You want to figure figure out the what Type of tags to use and everything like That now to do that you want to go ahead And use a platform called vid IQ and you Can connect this to your YouTube channel And when you upload it will give you

Suggestions on using the best tags then You want to go and write a description This guy doesn't have to have a Description to be honest oh here's a Little one down here but to be honest It's not very good I would be writing a Much better description and then you Obviously want to go and link your Affiliate links that you get from after You sign up to Amazon Associates and Once you have gone and optimized your Video you could potentially go and get Views and rank for those specific Keywords or tags that vid IQ tells you That you want to go and put into your Tags alright guys so that's a way that You can go make money online with chat GPT I gave you a full example and you Can essentially go and reverse engineer Channels like this and you can do your Own version of this you can do Everything with AI you can create the Video script you can create the Thumbnails and you can even create the Video titles with AI software online Don't forget to subscribe tap that Notification Bell smash that like button And I'll see you in the next video

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