What's going on everybody it's your girl You know she was going back again with Another video and in this video I really Want you to watch this if you are just Our CPA marketing and you really need to Pay attention what I'm about to say Because I've been doing CK marketing for Over five years successfully I've been Documenting My Success on this channel For five years you can literally go back On this channel look through the most Oldest videos on this channel and see That like I'm not new to this I'm True To this this is a niche that I have Mastered I've coached hundreds and Hundreds of people doing CK marketing so What I'm about to tell you in this video Is something that you really don't need To know and the key tips all right so Watch this whole entire video if you Truly want to take this business model Serious because it's not a lot of people Out here that super Affiliates that's Giving you this type of knowledge a lot Of super Affiliates are underground and They make a lot of money and they don't Make YouTube videos and it's a reason Why because believe it or not a lot of People are just out here gunning for Your campaigns they want to steal your Setups they want to steal your offers They want to steal your landing pages And that's the name of the game okay People rip lenders all the time and I

Understand it so there's no Hard feelings towards anybody that's Doing that it's just that's the reason Why people stay low-key that's the Reason why I stopped you know showing People like everything that I'm running And being more like low-key and Secretive on like kind of my campaigns And stuff like that because I used to be Naive and I used to just kind of tell People everything I was doing and it Backfired and I don't do that no more but that's Besides the point this is for the person Who's looking to get started and you Really need to know that if somebody is Telling you with CPA marketing that you Could do this free no money needed free Traffic all these organic just post on Tick Tock viral you know tactics you're Wasting your time you're even if you Make 100 bucks a day like It's not going to be scalable it's not Something that is going to take you to The next level you're not going to be in Suites like you said I'm in right now on Vacation on Mondays and you know during The week Just offer that simple stuff all right It's going to take paid traffic real Campaign setups okay with real tools Like tracking softwares spy tools and These themes cost money before you even Begin your first campaign you will spend

Hundreds of dollars before even running Traffic and you still need budget for That but when it comes to budget and Stuff people get hung up on well how Much money do I need But it's I really I don't really even Think you should be asking that type of Question I really think the question you Should be asking is What's the fastest way to get set up I Mean it's going to cost money regardless Like I think where people get hung up And what the biggest hang up is is People don't want to lose the money Right people want to spend the thousand Dollars but they somehow want that that Money back guarantee they want that all Right I spent a thousand dollars and I Made three thousand but the truth of the Matter is you're new you're just getting Started you've probably never set up a Campaign before you've probably never Even did CPA marketing like like no type Of marketing like never ran traffic on Any of these platforms anything so how Can you think that you just gonna just Randomly jump into something and make Money And you have no skills you didn't go Through no learning curves you probably Never even took a course a private Coaching you probably never did none of The above so I say all that to say this

Is their learning curve yes but it's not Like this steep learning curve you don't I don't even know if I ever said this But I didn't even pass algebra so you Don't even know you don't even need to Know algebra you don't even need to know Calculus like you don't need to know None of that because you really just Need to know like click the rates Cost for clicks epcs like stuff like That like simple metrics that's given to You by the network your track tracking Reports So it's really just math but it's like Combing through your reports combing Through the data optimizing that data Getting that data and using that data to Scale using that data to create new Campaigns based around the statistics That you got from testing And using that data to take you to the Next level to take your campaign from 100 a day to a thousand dollars a day And it's truly possible because it's Exactly what I did I'm not teaching Theory here I'm telling You guys the exact steps that I needed To see success with CPA marketing and I See so much on YouTube like no money Needed You know just copy paste like just BS Titles That's making in your mind believe that This is simpler than it really is

The mind that Not that much money really is needed This is some simple easy quick little Like little quick flip types but it's Really not this is a serious business It's real super Affiliates are involved This is why you think these tools cost So much why do you think volume is 150 Why do you think these spy tools is 100 Affiliates make money so Like the tool makers know we're making Money they take they cut off the top to Even use their tools so I mean It's really gonna come down to this Right A lot of people have self-doubt a Lot of people have fear It's the fear of the unknown it's the Fear of I may spend this 500 and I may not make Nothing back and that was one of my Biggest fears so I know that's a fair Because it was what I was scared of At the end of the day you might be Scared but if you're the type of person Where you're not gonna overcome your Fears and you're gonna push through and Just take the risk then you might as Well go try something else go try like Amazon or something but even if you do Like an Amazon business you still gotta Purchase products take a risk on the Type of product you want to purchase To publish on your store I mean you may do some Drop Shipping and

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Stuff but that's getting that's going to Get you banned On any site nowadays so I mean Drop Shipping is pretty much dead so it's not No business model out there is where You're not having no risks I don't if You know some risk-free business drop it In the comments and just let me know so That anybody who got a risk-free Business drop it in the comments for Everybody to know because I don't know Any business that's gonna come Without risk all right they're gonna Have to invest money and it's no Guarantee there's no guarantee that You're gonna set up that campaign and It's going to be a winner because we Don't even know you don't even have any Details right because you're going to Set up a campaign you're gonna have an Ad you'll have a landing page you don't Have an offer right and it may be a Problem in that in that funnel somewhere But it's like you don't really know Because you're not getting any data you Didn't send a thousand clicks so you can See all right how many clicks went to The offer did I even get any clicks to The offer did any anybody even go to the Landing page did anybody even click on My ad like you don't even know Where the issue is it could be a bad ad We just change up the ad and then boom Your Lander offer is good

Or it can be a good ad and people are Just dropping off at the lender okay we Need to work on the Lander but you're Not gonna be able to diagnose these Things if you don't even set up the Campaign if you don't even Take the time to realize that like Stats stat statistics are needed in this Business model and I was here I got it's The hardest business no it's simple but It's not like one two three because if It was one two three everybody would do It right I don't want to give people the Impression that oh anybody I believe Anybody could do it but at the end of The day it's gonna take a certain type Of person right a person with belief a Person with risk tolerance You're comfortable with risk you're Comfortable with taking action set up Campaigns I really truly believe That like mindset is 80 of it because I just gave you how simple it is to Like really kind of figure out the Problem like you're going to be able to Figure out the problems unless you have Your campaign set up but the where You're going to get stuck at is taking That first step getting the volume Software getting your competitive Intelligence tools going through it day In day out until you find good lenders Hitting your affiliate manager

Some people some of y'all not even ncpa Networks it's some some of y'all on this Video right now you haven't even gotten In your first CPA Network you you're Scared to apply you are scared to get an Interview and they say hey did you make Money no I didn't make any like your Death like you're definitely afraid of That or something like you're not gonna Die it's nothing gonna hurt you like Even if you get denied from a CPA Network do you not see there's Hundreds probably I don't know if it's Thousands I know for sure it's hundreds Of CPA networks like it's so many Networks it's private Network like you Can go direct with like certain offers Like There's so many affiliate programs and a Lot of people that I was affiliate Marketing debt is there still Opportunity of course do you not can you Look on Max Bounty offers you see Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Offers for something that's dead and die And wouldn't you think that it wouldn't Be no offers available or offers will be Drying up it's like No shortage of offers and that and that Be people hang ups with this business Picking out an offer because you get to Like the offer list on the network and It's like so many you're just like oh my God

Where do I start You got to get rid of self-doubt it's Gonna come down to reverse engineer in Your mind I mean that's what I did that's what Took me from a hundred dollars a day Posting on classified sites posting in Groups To making thousands of dollars per day How did I get to this point I got to This point by first changing my Subconscious mind letting myself know I'm worthy first of all of making that Type of money I'm capable And most importantly getting rid of Fears because I had a lot of hiccups Around money They teach you so many Hangouts about Money like money is dirty the the root Of evil is money and you know just I'll Type of Bible quotes about money and Stuff like that that just ingrains our Mind and to the point to where we don't Even feel worthy we don't even feel like We should see success we we can even get To thousands of dollars per day it just Seems far-fetched in the air somewhere Right and I'm here to tell you that if You look at success if you look at Making thousands of dollars that's Something in the air hundred thousand Dollars a year Which is not even a lot of money Nowadays but you know what I'm saying

Any goal it could be a million dollars a Year if you put it up in the sky I'm Telling you It won't happen because you're the type Of person where It's it's not rooted in your reality you Have to turn this [ __ ] into your reality How do you turn [ __ ] into reality you Turn [ __ ] into reality by literally Focusing on it taking action on it Clearing up any self-doubt clearing up Any fears and you may say all right how You clear fears how you clear yourself Down I mean you can read books you can Read Think and Grow Rich you could do Meditation exercises now you don't have To go deep let me tell you to do money Spells and all that I would never Suggest anything like that but Is techniques and ways to where you can Clear subconscious blocks just all over YouTube it's a whole Niche it's people That's Focus strictly on helping you Clear your blocks If you feel you have blocks and World Blocks and you haven't been able to make No money online and you may be the type Of person where you know everything Already you know everything I'm talking About you watch my videos and you like Man I kind of already knew that because I met some people that's you know what Everything you said I kind of already Know and I taught the students and they

Kind of already know everything they Just kind of scared to take that leap of Faith They just haven't bought the tracker They haven't gotten inside the CPA Network they haven't picked out on offer They don't have any competitive Intelligence tools they don't even know What traffic Source they want to run on You know what I'm saying all these Different Hang-Ups to where it's like if You just make a decision And I'll never forget when I made my Decision I was pacing around in the Bedroom of my father's house so I was Back living at home from quitting my job Being broke busted and discussed it and I decided I'ma change my life I had a thousand dollars from like eBay And I think it like I blew it on Something I don't know what I spent it On all I know is I had a thousand Dollars and then I have a thousand Dollars no more and when I had that Thousand dollars I felt rich I felt like I was making it it was eBay money I was Like oh my gosh I'm finally having Success and then it was gone and I felt Like [ __ ] and I cried for like an hour Straight and I was just crying and I was Pacing back and forth in a room and that Was the day I made a [ __ ] decision That would never be broke again that I'm

Gonna get another thousand and I'm not Even I'm never gonna be under a thousand Again I'm never gonna lose it I'm never Gonna just blow my last and I ain't Never been down and out again because I Claimed it you have to claim what you Want for your life if you don't claim it If you don't make clear decisions to Yourself your Alter Ego your Subconscious whatever you want to call It It's not gonna happen you got to be Clear in what you want in dead serious Because I truly but I know for me it was Mindset that it was my blocks I have Blocks And if that was the case for me that Most likely might be the case for you I'm not the smartest person I just told You I didn't even take algebra I'm sorry I'm in this Resort so I'm not sure if You could hear all the noise in the back But I had a lot of blocks guys and I was Really messed up and I I really had no goals I had no vision And it took me just starting that simple Courses listening to Grant Cardone and Grant Cardone telling me to write my Goals down twice a day stuff like that Like That change stuff for me because from There I started making goals and from Making the goals you know reading

Thinking growing rich Making a definite plan of action Listening to affirmations doing Exercises to clear my subconscious blogs To where I know I'm reaching it because My dreams got more Vivid my dreams Showed me the success I was going to Have my dreams and yo everything is your Subconscious mind and you made it what You see like it sticks with you so what You see throughout the day throughout The week throughout the month like it's Gonna stick with you so all you're Sitting here doing is watching TV shows Hanging out with friends drinking having Sex worrying about women worrying about Men worrying about whatever That's all your subconscious mind is Going to be filled with but if you Change your subconscious mind to where It's like positive affirmations wealth Affirmations gratitude marketing more Marketing marketing psychology campaigns Offers set up like when you make that Your reality that's results will follow That I mean I'm not trying to sound woo but I Mean it's the truth of it all If you want success with business with Life Just make make success your life Get rid of all these distractions get Rid of all this BS in your life I gave It all up to see success guys I gave up

TV I didn't watch TV for like a year Straight And I still don't watch TV I don't have Cable I don't have like I got like lead Past and HBO Max and stuff I may check Out a movie Cause I like movies but even then I Don't really like movies because I will Have a dream around that movie and it Showed me the movie sunk into my Subconscious mind movies are programmed So if I watch a movie and I have a dream Like kind of similar to that movie it Shows you like what you put into your Head is like kind of sticking there Right to where it shows up in your Dreams so instead of watching movies and TV shows all the time you should be Learning all the time you should be Putting in the things you want out of Life In your mind you should be even if it's Like visualization doing visualization I Do a lot of that Um I even have a a visualization Channel That I created that has like 25 000 so It's not monetized or anything it was Just like some videos I kind of made for Myself but Like I love that type of stuff because I Know it's effective I know it works and And for everybody out there who wants to See success online

Is deep all right you make it simple It's it can be easy once you get to a Certain point of knowledge but at the End of the day Are you gonna invest that time Can you really give up TV can you really Give up no music Can't really give up no sex no hooking Up no clubs no drinking no smoking no Like all these things that you may be Into but are you successful with those Things if you're not seeing success give It up give it up for 180 days it don't Have to be your whole life I'm saying Never have a drink again I'm just saying Until you see your success It should be worth the sacrifice you Have to I feel like you have to Sacrifice To get where you're going Because it's So many people on this YouTube app that Want to make money that want to see Success online Why is it not happening it's 2023 I've Been on this channel five years like It's just time to just get to the money It's time to make things happen I'm Tired of everybody Just having Making it sound like it's rocket science It's not rocket science all right You do need to learn it's a learning Curve right but at the end of the day

It's possible because you can change Your mind you can change your mindset You can't give the TV up you can do Affirmations you can't make a vision Board and just change your whole life And it starts seeing success I've seen It happen before but Everybody who sees success usually is a Certain type of person they're a person Who's serious and they are like Dedicated to making this work for Themselves they're not caught up with All these different business models all I want to do CPA one day next day you Want to do Forex next day you want to do E-commerce next day you join the MLM Like I get it it's a lot going on People are gunning for your attention People are gunning for you to Join them and do what they do But it's only it's up to you what's true In your heart on what you want to do and Just follow that so if it's CPA Doc if it's Forex is truly what you want To do and it's got your heart go do for Us but don't Dibble and keep dabbling Because that's gonna hinder your success No matter what it is You gotta choose something you have to Make that decision and I know I went Over how I made my decision but yeah When I made that decision I said all Right I'm gonna focus on CPA

Like I was doing eBay stuff like that But It just it wasn't it wasn't cutting it It wasn't enough it wasn't I had the key Buy more product and it was like a cycle And I was like bro it's a business model Where I don't need any products I could Be an affiliate I just run the traffic get the data Optimized like I just loved how that Sounded it spoke to me it was in my Heart it was it spoke to my heart it was Something I really wanted to do It wasn't a gimmick I didn't see a Lamborghini and I want to do CPA Market I didn't See me at the beach I didn't see Somebody at the beach I mean you know Because a lot of people get motivated Off that stuff you know they see me Taking Vacations or driving my dream car You know living the lifestyle that I Live and that makes me want to do CPA But that's That shouldn't be the exciting part the Exciting part should be the business Model because you see yourself doing it Because the perks are going to come You're going to be able to stay at Suites like this like it's a given with CPA Market is a lot of downtime so you Know I'm saying you just wait for the Traffic to come in optimized and they do Some split testing throughout the day

But it's not like an all-day grind out Session Um probably in the beginning when you're Building it out when you're getting the Landers doing competitive intelligence But from there once you got the traffic Going it's just kind of managing the Traffic and Like so you get you know instead of Sitting at home I'd rather just go on Vacation and travel and stuff so this is A given once you're successful at this Business model so if you know this is a Given does the business model make sense Though do if you Vacations aside cars aside lifestyle Aside Does the business speak to you could you See yourself Running Facebook ads running Tick Tock Ads running Google ads whatever you Choose Could you really see yourself doing that Because you really see yourself going Through tracking reports digging through Data Doing your groupings a certain way to Come up with certain Statistics to pull out profit from your Campaign set up new campaigns based on The statistics so that you're able to Build profitable campaigns you know and Scale If that's not what's speaking to you and

I sounded congested I'm just getting Over a cold but If that's not what's speaking to you Then like this is not for you Don't get involved with something based Off the lifestyle don't get involved With something Just off the perks you know Show the perks That's not all I show you know I give You the back end mostly I show perks too because that's that's a Side to the business but at the end of The day This business is more than just perks This business is Dedication Because you can make money you can have A successful campaign and then what if They pull your offer You have a successful campaign and your Ad account can get bad Then what Do you quit You keep going See I'm the type of person I keep going There's no quitting me ever Because I got dreams I got goals But I got vision From where I see myself Or the results I want from this business And I've been blessed and fortunate Enough to See crazy results but it first started

With vision I was that person posting on classified Ad sites making 100 bucks a day But after buying some dinner some shots At the bar What's a hundred dollars right Now I know I touched on inflation and Stuff but I mean a lot of people y'all Coming in here y'all just wanna I don't Want to make a hundred thousand a year I Mean get some big goals big goals is What's going to drive you with this all Right because you can run up 30 40 000 With this business model but after taxes It's nothing Once you spend money on life take a Couple vacations what's 40K You can make that's you you want to be Able to repeat the action successfully Over and over again if you can build a Successful campaign once so you could do It over and over and over again that's All I'm basically trying to get to it's Not just about one campaign it's not Just about one offer they can pull Already be many offers Maybe pick you a niche inside cpay Marketing that maybe you want to stick To in this mattress master that Niche That could be a good tip And then from there if you feel like You've outgrown that Niche you want to Try something I was like hey you move Over to another Niche and you just try a

Bunch of different offers in that niche But you don't want to overwhelm yourself You don't want to split your focus too Much because at the end of the day that Can hinder your success a lot too And I know I'm getting kind of long-winded Hair but I just want to touch on these Things As far as CPA marketing making money Online Like this is really what it's going to Take man and if you're somebody who like You really want to learn like more stuff I'll see paint Market you want to learn From me the techniques that took me to Super affiliate status my private Academy is open as of now And the only reason I really opened my Academy is because my private culture is Full So to kind of supplement for that I Opened up my Academy for a few days I'll Probably keep it open until I get off Vacation once I get home Um I'll probably have a few slots for Private coaching available I'm not sure Probably like in a couple more weeks Um but I just don't want to get too Bogged down with like calls and helping People because I still like have a life And stuff but um Like if you're so started I mean I make It even sweeter for you uh 50 off on my

Private Academy so take advantage of That if you're self-starter you want my CPA marketing you want to learn Techniques that I know it's updated for 2023 I just doing some new content Tick Tock ads stuff like that inside the Academy as well so That's something you're interested in Enrolling that and uh yeah man I'm in Dr Right now but I got some topics I really Want to touch on I'll probably even make More videos while I'm here because I Want to touch on like a couple more Things while I'm here and uh yeah so Subscribe to the channel so you'll be Notified when I drop another video And yeah drop a comment if you got any Questions or Um you just want to Um you know add to what I've been saying Or something like that drop it in the Comments down below alright guys so I'll See you in the next video alright peace

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