When they promise you future work…

A client asks you to provide a discount On the promise that they will send you More work in the future yes yes yes we We've all gotten this type of request Someone messages you out of the blue Saying they need to hire you and that They have a lot of work coming your way But right now they just need to buy one Little project from you but they want a Discount based on that promise that They're going to send you a bunch more Work here's a spoiler for you if you're Taking my advice you are rarely going to Take their word for that instead you're Going to use what I'm about to tell you To try to make way more money up front When you respond tell them that you know Sure you welcome the opportunity to you Know sign up for long-term Partnerships With clients but in order to provide a Discount you require your clients to let You know how many more orders or how how Long they might want to work with you Like how big is this volume discount Going to be based off of and if they Know that you're going to set a price That they have to pay you for upfront

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