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Are You a Spaghetti Marketer?

Every day the world is introduced to new technologies, products and services; gadgets, websites and apps all designed to improve our lives and increase the efficiency of the small business owner. We are told by the ‘latest ">marketing gurus’ that we must do this and we must have that.

Brand Your Business in Name and Slogan

Naming your business is a huge responsibility. Once you have a name choosing a slogan that sets you a part from the competition is of equal importance. Making sure your slogan is catchy and will stick in the consumers mind is key to be successful. Make your businesses name and slogan work for your business. Be creative in your ">marketing and get others ">marketing for you!

Save Money by Outsourcing Your ">Marketing Programs

If you’re weighing the benefits of hiring a full time ">marketing professional over outsourcing your ">marketing programs, you’re not alone. Companies have been struggling with this decision for years and for various reasons, making choices that are counter intuitive. Whether it’s the perceived loss of control or a lack of clear ">marketing objectives, companies often choose hiring over outsourcing without investigating the financial implications of their decision. By outsourcing your ">marketing programs you don’t pay for vacations, coffee breaks or time spent answering personal emails. You’re not hiring an individual, you’re buying a strategy and clearly defined programs, tools and ">marketing processes.

">Marketing: Flaunt Your Schtick

When I think of a schtick, I think of a unique behavior, process or trait that one uses to get a result. In business, why is it key to have a schtick? It’s what has you stand out among competitors. Just doing great business like your competitor is not enough. You have to have a leverage point, or position, that makes you unique. This is a large part of why companies hire ">marketing consultants: to figure out how to define a unique position in the market.

How to Walk the Critical Path

Ensuring your best laid ">marketing plans make it off the page and into reality comes down to your ability to walk the critical path. Your critical path – or ">marketing map – is essentially a step-by-step action plan that lists the sequence of activities you must complete to bring your ">marketing campaign in on time and on budget. It provides an effective way to track your progress towards a deadline, but most importantly it gives you a visual roadmap of exactly how you’ll arrive at your goal.

4 Simple Tips to Create Your ">Marketing Calendar

You need to consistently market your business so you have a steady stream of new clients and prospects entering your sales and ">marketing funnel. Many entrepreneurs leave this up to chance, and have no real ">marketing or list-building plan. You can improve your ">marketing and list-building success with these 4 simple tips!

Enhance Your Online Brand

A guide full of tips & tricks to help you build a better online brand. Some you may have seen before some you may not. We hope this helps you!

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