Why I Stopped Making Affiliate Marketing Videos

You've probably noticed that I haven't Released many videos recently so why did I stop producing so many YouTube videos I'll talk about that and what's in store For the future of my channel in this Video so less than a year ago I was Releasing one or more videos every day But about eight months ago I started to Slow down I started releasing one every Couple of days then one a week and now It's about one every month so what Happened well one of the reasons is that I got a bit tired a bit tired of Receiving a particular kind of feedback On my videos the feedback that I got Tired of was along these lines your Videos show similar things all the time Why don't you show us some new methods Like Blah Blah Blah's Channel and so I Would check out Blah Blah Blah's Channel And I would find that what he was Teaching wouldn't work sure it gets him Clicks on his videos but it doesn't Actually work in practice but his videos Were getting views like crazy because he Was talking about the millions that you Could make on ClickBank with no outlay No effort required just push this button And here's the thing I don't make videos Just to get clicks I don't make videos About something that's trendy just Because I'll be guaranteed clicks if What it is doesn't work my videos are Always about affiliate marketing methods

That I use that I know work and so I Just ran out of steam for making videos But I've got my spark back and I'll be Resuming video creation on this channel Over the next couple of weeks and I've Got some important information for you So stick around and when I do resume I'm Still going to be talking about methods That I know work and I'm also going to Have a product or two for you to promote Mode that you are going to be very Interested in promoting from the health And fitness Niche and I'm very excited To be able to share those products with You in the meantime I have a special Offer which I'll talk about in just a Moment the most important thing I want You to take away from this video is that Affiliate marketing can still be Profitable for you even if you're Starting from zero now and it does take Work but you can make money you'll need To invest your time and sometimes invest Your money and you'll see results it is Work but it's very rewarding when you See those commissions coming through so Get ready for the new content coming Soon in the meantime I'm running a Special time limited offer you can grab All of my make money online courses Valued at 197 each for a grand total of Just 77 this is for a limited time and For seventy seven dollars you are going To get the following my native ads

Affiliate marketing course my Bing ads Affiliate marketing course which can Also be used for Google ads my push ads Affiliate marketing course my YouTube Monetization course and my gumroad Product creation course that's 985 dollars of value for just one flat 77 but the price goes up soon so you Need to act now click the first link in The description below this video and Make sure you use coupon code Xx77 here are some results from others Who have already used my affiliate Marketing methods here at J reg puts Results Here are man's results Here are Thomas's results Act now and secure all of my five Courses for only 77 the price goes up Soon click the first link in the Description to get access now and use Coupon code Xx77 thanks for watching guys and I'm Looking forward to seeing you in the Next video

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