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Can you talk about maybe some of the Concepts from your books the first piece Of advice I always give them is you need To find your Niche and just as you said They always say but wait a minute you Know that's going to narrow my marketing So I tell people you have to find Where's the hook right there's so many People who want to get books published Today so if you want to have someone Else publish them for you you had better Find something everybody's talking about A breakthrough book right you know What's going to really break through and I think corner office broke through for A couple of reasons one is that it was Narrowly defined but the other reason Was I essentially changed the way Self-help books were written because What I did was I kept every chapter Really short so you know all of my books Follow the same model what's the problem How do you fix it and then the other Thing is where is your area of expertise Because that's actually what Publishers Always want to know what makes you the Expert on this

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