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Two reasons to avoid having your friend Or family member edit your book for free Reason number one you get what you pay For when it comes to editing your book You want someone who is invested in its Outcome often when you have someone work On it for free they have other Priorities that are going to sneak to The front of the line which means your Book is going to get pushed to the side The second reason you don't want to hire Someone for free particularly a friend Or family member is accountability Starts to become awkward when it comes Time to say Hey where's my book do you Have that manuscript fixed up yet and They say no that leads to a very awkward Conversation so my recommendation make Sure you're hiring an editor that way You have a professional relationship you Both know what to expect and you're Going to get the highest quality of Delivery in a timely manner what are Some of the mistakes that you've seen People make when it comes to Self-publishing a book comment down Below

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