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This might come off as a little weird But I'm both sad and excited to say that You might be missing out but just before That isn't it kind of crazy that 2023 is Already underway am I the only person Whenever I write down a date I'm still Writing 2020. it's kind of nuts I Personally could have used a couple more Months in 2022 just to get a couple more Things done what about you but overall It's been an amazing year due in large Part to you all of you watching this Video having all you guys and girls here Watching liking these videos learning Building a community in the comments has Been one of the most fulfilling and Personally rewarding experiences of my Life so thank you all I feel absolutely Honored that I actually have something To say that any of you find helpful and That's kind of become my mission to keep Pumping out content that people find Helpful stuff that might help you become Financially free Learn new skills or just videos that you Find interesting and that's why I want To make sure that you're not absolutely Not missing out on anything on what you Might ask This this thing it's free and it's super Helpful so it has me wondering why all Of you don't have it it's free but not Only that it's something that's packed With information that might help you

Level up in life it's my email Newsletter that's what I'm that's what I'm pushing here my monthly totally free Email newsletter seriously guys if You're already subscribed to my channel Subscribing to this newsletter really is A no-brainer I send it out once per Month and it's a great way for me to Deliver information on topics that might Not play so nice on this channel just Broader topics or topics that differ From the whole fiber freelancing Copywriting type stuff so yeah you Should join it have I mentioned it's Free yeah you should join it you should Subscribe for it definitely you can sign Up by going to I'll include a link Down below there's a page for my Newsletter there's an email capture on Pretty much every page of the site right You sign up it's totally free won't ask You for any information really other Than your name and email address and You'll start receiving my email Newsletter every month so yeah this Video is just a big video to say thank You I love you all and kind of a totally Selfish plug for my email newsletter but Seriously you should consider it Subscribe catch you next time cheers

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