YouTube Automation 2022: What It Is + How it Works

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Guerrilla Marketing – Top Flyer Promoting

Marketing directly to the public in entertaining and informative ways is the latest innovation sweeping the marketing industry. From PR stunts at festivals to the flyer drops of street marketing, guerrilla marketing is an advertising force to be reckoned with.

Five Sure-Fire Steps To Lose Your B2B Leads

Earning the trust of B2B leads is one thing, earning their ire is another. And there are so many ways for you to do the latter. Read on to know what some of these are.

How Companies Should Market To Ethnic Consumers

Ethnic consumers have tremendous buying power! Companies that pay attention and implement long-term ethnic marketing initiatives will come out on top. Read here about how companies can market more effectively to ethnic consumers and gain profits.

Promoting The Business By The Use Of Custom Badges

Badges are defined to be an identifying mark of a particular brand or company, which is also considered as their emblem. Any type of business can brand themselves with the use of name badges incorporated with the company name and logo. This will give your business a professional look and transfix the branding in the minds of customers.

4 Key Points and 2 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

The world has gone mobile! Smartphones and tablets will overtake PC surfing by 2014. Are you ready, or are you already losing sales? Find out the facts and stats, and what you can do to make sure you’re not left behind. Here are 4 key points and 2 tips to help you.

Submitting Custom Artwork and Graphics: Terminology Help for Non-Designer Types

Custom imprinted display merchandise is a superb way to advertise or market a company. Today’s digital printing processes, in addition to more “traditional” print methods, make it easy to place a slogan, logo, or image on just about any product. However, not every company has a marketing or design department to handle getting the right files to the vendor, in the right format. This article provides a glossary and explanation of some of the more common terminology used by printers and graphic designers, in terms that non-designers and non-printing professionals can understand.

How To Build a Targeted Content Marketing Campaign

Content is a great marketing tool. It makes your brand appear to be the thought leader in an industry or in a geography. For example, if people are searching for a day cruise out of the East End, then a consistent blog will better advertise your services.

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