YouTube Cash Cow Channel Using AI Software

Today I'm going to share with you step By step how to create YouTube Cash Cow Videos in less than three minutes and I Promise you by the end of the video You'll be pretty impressed with this Method and hopefully it'll give you some Inspiration to try this method yourself Because it's incredibly simple now I'm Sure you're starting to see all of these Different videos popping up about you Know chat GPT everyone seems to be Raving about it personally I don't think It's that great now when we talk about AI software whether we're looking at Video creation or writing YouTube Scripts or you know creating images this Software has been around for years Literally years I first came across AI Software about six years ago and in this Video I'm going to share with you two Different pieces of AI software both of Them you can use absolutely for free to Start with and you can play around with Them and test them out and the work Really really well so first of all let Me share with you a couple of examples Of this actual method and I'll also Share with you some different numbers Because the numbers are very surprising Okay so if we come over two let's go Back over to YouTube okay So now on YouTube you can see at the top Up here I have just typed in the word Natural cures now look at this 8 100

People a month that are searching for This keyword natural chaos and if I Press the space bar we can then say we Have got all of these different Search Terms down here so look natural cures For depression 70 a month natural cures For vertigo 720 natural Kiosk for UTI 3600 headaches 2000 ear infection Etc Etc so there's a lot of sales volume Especially around this topic here over On YouTube and Google and look it's not Just natural cures you can do this in Any category or in any Niche I'll give You another one as a really quick Example if I just type in wood on a wood Working Like so you can see here we can see here Sorry just disappeared we can see here Look look at this numbers on here Woodworking bench 8100 woodworking ideas 12 100. there's lots of search volume Going on especially on YouTube for a Number of these different categories and Niches and it doesn't matter which one We're looking at okay so let me give you An actual example of this and then I'll Walk you through the processor okay so If I come over here this was a channel That RFS came across a number of years Ago and it's called natural chaos now I Know about this channel because there Was using a piece of AI video software Which was called vidnami now this

Channel here you can see they've got 3.4 Million subscribers bearing in man they Have been around for quite a while but For scroll down here you can see I just Want to show you this okay so I scroll Down here look at the videos three Minutes and it's using as you can see Here it's just literally just using Stock footage with text down here this One here look two minute video again Similar Squirrel favorite on the page here these Are what there are their upcoming videos But come down here look two minutes two Minutes thousands of views come down Here look eight days ago 5 700 views It's just crazy okay it genuinely is and If I scroll up here really quickly I'll Show you popular And we can see here going back Six years ago again these sorts of Videos In AI software so none of this is new it Absolutely isn't it just means you know Some of the softwares have changed a Little bit and have got better well if a Squirrel favorite on here I was thinking You know is it only there all the videos Where they're getting millions of views But look at this one here seven months Ago this video again with stock footage Has had 2.7 million views okay and all Of the videos all of them are recent Ones they're all less than two or three

Minutes if I come up here I'll show you This really quickly let me go to the Home And we will scroll down here To videos let's just scroll down and Look three minutes five minutes three Minutes three minutes on up that's still On the old one sorry let me come on here Recently uploaded come down here look Two and a half minutes three minutes Come further on the page less than two Minutes two minutes two minutes Etc okay well honestly these sorts of Videos are incredibly simple to do using AI software but let's go ahead and find Out a rough estimation as to how much This channel is earning from uploading Two and three minute videos and this is A rough estimate okay so we'll come over Here now this website is called it's free essentially Allows you to spy on different YouTube Channels and if I come down here you can See about the channel how many video Views it's had the country where it's From Etc when it's created now let's scroll Down here look estimated monthly Earnings so it's estimating that channel Is earning so between 185 pounds or two Hundred dollars and three thousand Pounds so if we were to take that figure Take a very you know estimate and stick That in the middle we we could say this

Channel is earning 1 500 pounds so about One thousand seven hundred dollars a Month from uploading Two and three minute videos like this Over here okay so that's just an example For you you can find out more Information on here you can see how many Video views are getting every single There that estimated earnings and you Can basically go through and have a look At all the good stuff on here okay so we Know that this channel is ending and Again and again we are we're being Conservative with this we're going to go With 1500 a month uploaded these sorts Of videos okay so how do we do this Ourselves how can we do this quickly Because everybody wants everything quick Nowadays don't they so how can we do This well we're going to need two pieces Of software so the first part of any Video creation is we need a script okay Now I'm going to come over here and I am Going to go over to this piece of Software here I'll quickly show you this So if I just type in Jasper AI software I'll show you the home page Of this Software And you can scroll down here you can Have a look at this yourself I'll drop a Link to this down below where you can Actually get 10 000 words completely for Free to use this software okay but

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Scroll down here there's lots on here That you can do with this software you Can use it not just for YouTube you can Use it for social media they've even got AI art inside of here and lots more it's Absolutely awesome but you can see on Here this Nerf free software there's no Free trial for you if I put this link in I'll put this down below for you I'm Going to come over here and type in Jasper Here you'll see now you should see I Should say you can get this with 10 yeah Over here look you can get 10 000 words Completely for free using the link down Below okay so if you click on that it Will take you up here you can sign up And literally try out for 10 000 words Now if we come back over here now we've Got this this is what it looks like on The inside of this software okay now You've got two options you can come over Here to video And you can come down here and you can See there's lots of options for you it Will give you a script outline you can Use this for script introductions and Lots more but I'm going to speed this up So I'm going to come over here to all And I'm going to scroll down and I'm Going to look for something called chat I have a scroll feather on the page here And basically why I'm using this is just Because it works really quickly okay so

It's here sorry it's on the left hand Side chat I'm gonna click on here Now I wanted to write a YouTube video And let's just pick something off here Randomly okay so let's scroll down here Let's just find something so garlic Paste a secret to banishing Okay I'm just gonna think of something let's Just call here and I'm going to type in Down here Right uh YouTube Script about the following And I'm just going to go with something Like um five Reasons everyone Should use garlic daily or something Like this garlic daily and I'm doing This really quickly okay then I'm going To come down here and I'm going to click On enter now remember on the previous One over here I just said to you you can Do this for 10 000 words for free Whatever it puts out here this is going To give you your take away from your ten Thousand words okay so it's giving us Some ideas here look I'm here to talk About the benefits using garlic there Lots of good stuff in here and then what You could do is you could actually say To it right This here is a line okay So I'm gonna copy that like sir and I'm Gonna come on here and set expand

On this sentence In there and I'm going to hit on enter And basically it's just going to do this For us look it's going to write a whole Script as far as look So now what I could do is I could open Up a Word document then literally copy This and copy this and here is my video Basically on my script or something else What you could do is and it would save You a bit more time I'm going to copy This over here like so and I'm going to Scroll down here and I'm going to say Writer Blog post About the following Like this Paste that in there and I'm going to Click on enter and it'll take a second And it's literally going to start Writing this now the reason why I said To write a blog post is it normally Gives us a lot more content than this Okay so whatever you know just play Around this until you're happy and all I'm going to do here is I'm going to Copy this now I'm not going to copy all Of it because I'm trying to speed this Up for you so now we've got our script Written by AI software and here's the Thing okay I want your script has been Written and you've got your video done Another bit you can simply come back Over here and go to templates you can go

To the video and then it will write your YouTube video description so you would Put your title in here your keyword and It will write the title for you but then Go back over here and click on video Again we can then come down here and it Will even give you video title ideas a Script outline videos Etc so now we've got our script the next Part of this is we need to create the Song the video sorry so again there's so Many of these I'm just going to go to This one and and again this is you can Start this one they've got a free Version of this and then they also have Paid plans but when you first starting Out with this you can just start off With the free version and play around With it so this is what it looks like on The inside so I'm going to come on here And click on create a new video now you Can see on here look at this templates This texture video stock footage stock Media and loads more but all I'm going To click on is text the video Like so then it will give me these Templates and there's loads of templates If you keep scrolling down it'll keep Changing them and basically just Remember all of these are editable okay So you can go with any of these that you Like the look of okay so let's just say We like the look of this one here I'm

Going to click on that Pause that if you want to see how it Looks you can let this run through and Then on the right hand side here we've Got the options for this now we're going To put this on YouTube so it would be Landscape we click on use template on The left hand side over here you can see Script so I'm going to paste our script Into there Let's bring this over And then I am just going to click on Create scenes and now it's brought me Into this page here so basically it's Broken our scripts down in this example Over here into four different slides Down here so you can see this is slide One if you scroll if I click on the page And scroll down it then goes into slide Two and then slide three and then slide Four down here so in here now this is Essentially where you can make your Edits to this so if you're not happy With you know any of the elements to This if you don't like the background The image the video any part of this you Can edit it okay so for example you know If you didn't like the text here you can Move the text around or you can leave it In the middle if you think it's too you Know it's too small you can expand it You can make it bigger up here you can See you just come up to the font size And change it basically you can change

Any part of this so in the background Here for example you can see we have got This um garlic down here if you didn't Like that and you wanted to change it You simply come over to the left hand Side you can click on videos or images Because it works with both of these and Then all we're doing in here is it says Search we click on the search bar and we Type in onion or something related to You know the video that you are creating And you hit on enter and then it will Bring up it's basically there's a text About 20 seconds it will do a search for Any videos related to your keyword and You can see we've got lots on here if You want them all we do over here is we Get rid of this one and then we can just Move in any of these ones that we like The look of so if we wanted to go Without it that's it this one down here I drag this in over here and now replace It here Like so And then what happens is it opens this Part up here for you and basically it Says you can trim down the video or you Can see here like a trim video to fit Scene or you can actually let it play For the full you know full video Depending on how long it is over here It's like 19 seconds 14 27 it's entirely Up to you but normally what I'd say is Just go with trim video to fit scene

Okay and then once you're happy with That let me just move my head we click On ADD down here and then it will add That to your video okay and this is the Process so literally you go through you Make sure you're happy with the me over Here so the images and the videos and Just you know make sure you're happy With your text and then you can just go Through each one of these slides and you Can see that looks pretty cool Yeah it does look pretty cool and then Go down to the next one and the next one And that's it and once you're happy with This so once you're happy with the Images and the videos and the text and The other stuff you have two options you Can go with music if you wanted to add Music or you can go with a voiceover Now down here you can see it says voice Over you can use your uh voice whereby Just reading the scripts here or you can Even go with the built-in AI voice Service there's a number of different Software a number of different voices That you can try and you can just play Around with them so basically let me Just get rid of this look so we've got Automated text-to-speech import from Uploads upload your own or actually Record it so if you was to click on this One here automated text to speech it Opens up here and you can see look we've Got us English they've got a number of

Different languages available you can go Through these and then basically you Pick on your language and then you also Pick on here and literally go through These on here and basically you see you Can click on the player button to hear Them so if I can find Matthew Hope you are happy Uh well I can go listen to let's say Justin Uh Joey Or Joanna Ivy or any of them so you can go through And you can add one of these AI voice Servers on your video if you want and Personally I would say record your own All you're doing is reading this but Once you're happy with this and then Like say you can add in music on here You've got you've got text different Elements and other bits you can play Around with it until it has content but Once you're happy with this you just Click on export up here and it takes a Second and then all we're doing is we're Going to export uh basically download it So you can see here look we want it on 1080 and we click on export which Basically means it will create the video For us and then we can download it but That is the whole process from start to Finish so we are using we are using this Software over here which is called Jasper to create the actual script for

Us and then again we can take on and do Our YouTube description and then Basically you can also come in here and Use this to come up with you know video Title ideas script outlines and lots More but once we've got our script and We're happy with that we then come over To Nvidia it'll be input our script into Here and we're there let the AI do its Work and if you don't want to you know If you're not happy you can just move Bits around but that's it that is the Whole process with this channel over Here I've got any of these AI channels That you look at on YouTube it all comes Down to one thing it's consistency you Know people try these methods and give Up after a couple of weeks it doesn't Work like that if you want to be any Money online and from home then you are Going to need to explain some time and Effort and be putting out videos and as We've seen with this channel here They've been doing it for a number of Years so look that's today's video there Is linked to everything down below if You have any comments or questions let Me know but thanks for watching have a Great day and I'll see you tomorrow Thank you [Music]

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