Foreign Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I'm back with another video So very excited to share this Opportunity with those who are Interested in getting started and Working from home and you are interested In a company such as PayPal so today's Video will be talking about position a Position that is available through PayPal and it is remote-based virtual Job it is only available in 30 States up To 30 States I believe in the US they do Have international jobs that are Available in certain countries so if you Are outside of the US then you can Definitely browse through their Remote-based virtual opportunities that Are available for those who are Internationals so if for whatever reason You are not familiar with who PayPal is Or this company let me just give you a Quick background about this company but Uh basically PayPal is an online payment System that makes paying for things Online sending and receiving money safe And secure online they also have an app That you can download to your phone and Utilize so I currently have a PayPal Account and I've been using PayPal for Years I use it for my business purposes As well as my personal on you know Spending to send money to as well as to Spend money online so they have a very

Safe and secure platform for sending and Receiving money in regards to PayPal Opportunities that they have available They do have a few jobs available and We're going to look at their customer Support section for jobs okay they have Two categories as you can see here they Have their customer care operations so If you're interested in their customer Care operations positions feel free to Browse through those jobs as well I do Believe that some of the jobs in this Section is also virtual and it's a focus On their customer support Category they have multiple positions Available in 30 states in the US and It's fairly easy to find these jobs okay So if you go on their customer support Category and click on the link it will Take you to this page and you can scroll Down and again you'll see different Positions that are available in Different locations as well as some Countries including the US so to find Work from home position in a specific Category you can utilize their search Bar just type in customer for for Example customer so ports because There's a position that I want to show You guys in this category and they have A position here for senior director GPS America's Tech supports they have this Position available in 30 locations in The US okay so these are the locations

In which this position is available so We're going to jump into this particular Position because I feel that majority of You may be able to apply for this job Okay so don't let the title of the Position intimidate you senior director GPS America's tech support definitely Can be intimidating if you are someone Who's thinking ah I don't know if I'll Have experience to do that to be a Senior director sounds like something You would need like six to ten years to Um you know apply right but don't be Deterred by job title and completely Disqualify yourself first read the job Description and the details of what They're looking for before you cancel Yourself out so look past that title and Let's get into the job description they Believe at PayPal that every person has The right to participate fully in the Global economy their mission is to Democratize financial services to ensure To everyone To ensure that everyone regardless of Background or economic standing has Access to Affordable convenience and Secure products and services to take Control of their financial lives okay so This is their mission statement as well As their goal for their company and I Always stress this in my video make sure You pay attention to that because it's Very very important to know this about a

Company that you're applying to okay so When you're applying for this particular Job if this sounds like something you'd Be interested in then you are required To create an account with PayPal if you Have already created an account you can Click to sign in in order to proceed With applying for this position and Right here they're just giving you the Details about what you will need in Order to create a PayPal account so Let's get to the job description PayPal Is seeking us support and customer Service leader who can strike the right Balance of partner innovator leader and Coach an individual who has Demonstratable expertise in technical Support and preferably who has led Transformations and Integrations of Large teams so this basically does give You an indication that they probably Would prefer someone who has experience In transforming and Integrations of Large teams in order to even have that You would have to have some previous Experience but they do not list how many Years of experience you need in order to Apply for this position or to qualify Okay one who understands the Nuance of Leading managing guiding and influencing So if you have any of those skills or Characteristics then this job would be Perfect fit for you so the leader is Responsible for PayPal's technical

Support offering to businesses that use PayPal's products and services across Their brands in their North and South American markets so your success will be Defined by delivering Excellence growth And scale technical through Customer-centric approach People process and platform Innovation a Lot of peas and empowered and engaged Team that that continue to learn and Grow their technical skill sets a Metrics and data-driven approach to Power continuous improvements Partnerships with stakeholders across PayPal sales and product organizations So the key skills that they're looking For States here that they're ideal okay Ideal is a key word so ideal basically Means that they prefer this type of Candidate now if you don't have these Particular key skills you may still want To apply if you have done something in The past or in another position that Still relates to what they're looking For again it does not state that you Need to have a certain amount of years Of experience in a role that is related To this position okay so if you have the Skills and the knowledge and you may not Have working working experience for six To ten years or four to five five years Even then you still should apply for This job okay so it states their ideal Candidate has proven experience in

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Transforming customer support at scale In a fast-paced environments applying Strong technical consultative skills Including business Acumen customer Empathy and ability to influence partner This person thrives in a dynamic Global Fluid Matrix environment and its results Focused history in leading change and Transformation with positive outcomes is Necessary So for this particular position as you Read through these skills if you have Led if you're a leader a team leader if You've worked in a team Environments and you are a leader within That team you dictated how things should Be you know done do you manage that team Flawlessly and you got good results as a Team leader then this position would be The perfect fit for you you don't Necessarily need to have experience as a Tech support customer support if you Have the skills okay so you just need to Have skills as a team leader because all These keywords are direct are directly Related to being a team leader and Having proven results these are the key Skills again customer-centric partner The voice of technical customer care Trusted technology leader serve as On-the-ground technical leader for the GTS team strategic thinker data driven Leader manager and Coach so again the Focus here is leadership skills okay and

Being able to manage a team and make Sound decisions so if you're a good Decision maker you have skills in Leadership and leading a team and have Proven results of excellent work in Leading a team then you qualify for this Position and it does not state that you Need to have a certain amount of years Of experience and it does not stay Anywhere that you need to have worked in This particular role in order to qualify For this position so qualifications Again they reiterate you just need to Have proven ability to develop Customer-centric organization gain and Maintain senior executive Trust Develop and Implement sustainable Sustainable strategy navigates manage a Large geographical spread organization Facilitates dialogue across multiple Business units now you do need to have a Bachelor's degree as it states here and That's necessary because it says Required that's the keyword you want to Look for if the job says required then You must have those skills and Experience if it does not state required And they say things like preferred or Ideal then they might be flexible if you Don't have certain skills or Qualification that are directly related But something that must be at least Similar to the role now in terms of how Much this particular position pays while

You can see right here pretty good right The U.S national animal pay range for This role is between 131 000 to 300 000 per year the total compensation for This practice Main include an annual Performance bonus as well they also Offer equity and medical dental and Vision so compensation can also vary Based on different factors which include But not limited to work location and Relevant skills and experience as I Mentioned okay so if you have relevance Another keyword if your skills is Relevant to what they're asking for if You've worked under a different title But your skills and your experience is Directly related to what they're asking For then basically that's relevance to The job okay so I don't want you guys to Feel deterred or be intimidated by Positions such as these with high super High pay with titles that say you know Senior director and disqualify Yourself By writing off this position so again if You have leadership skills and you have A lot of Team worked in a team Environment where you were able to Produce great results and were able to Get the team to accomplish goals for the Company then this position is a perfect Fit for you you don't need to have prior Working experience under a specific Title as a senior director

And there are no mention of how many Years you need to have in order to apply For this position okay or qualify for This job so hopefully this was helpful For you PayPal is currently hiring and I Want to share this particular job with You guys so if you feel like you're Ready to go and give it a shot make sure Your resumes are well put together and Tailored for Mobile's positions if you Need assistance check out the Information and resources in the Description section below this video and I'll see you in my next video I wish you All the best of luck happy work from Home bye

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