1 Simple Way To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos [Step-By-Step Tutorial]

The Marketing Formula: EDUCATING Your Prospect Is Key!

What is education in the marketing sense? Is it data sheets, PowerPoint presentations or is it something else? How can your team use education to keep your prospects interested in your organization?

Product Marketing for the 21st Century

Marketing by definition is all about reaching out to the consumers through targeted messages and by positioning the product based on the pricing, promotion, distribution elements of the marketing mix. Further, the marketers must be able to glocalize or adapt the global brands to local conditions to leverage upon the market power of the specific regions and countries. Further, marketers have obligations towards the consumers and hence must follow ethical norms.

Logoed Bottle And Can Koozies For Business Promotions And Trade Shows

Businesses are always on the lookout for unique promotional tools. While many are exploring the field of social media, there are many who still prefer to stick with traditional methods of distributing free goodies to customers. The marketing trick of distributing promotional products is still extremely powerful for the following reasons.

Offer A 200% Money Back Guarantee? Are You Nuts!

The late, great Gary Halbert was one of the smartest copywriters of our times. Here is the guarantee copy he wrote for Donna Mills (TV star) and her beauty treatments.

Going Global: International Marketing

The era of globalization in the corporate sphere has arrived, and there is no going back. As company audiences increase exponentially, so does the need for marketing specialists. In the past, audiences were only as large as the radio frequency would carry; now, audiences stretch as far as the other side of the world.

7 Urgent Things To Do Before Writing Your Marketing Plan

Discover 7 simple questions to ask to help speed up creating your next marketing plan. The what, where, when, who and how you’ll want to know before you start your marketing plan.

What Magic Happens When A Business Marketing Plan Comes Together?

For most business owners the key to success lies in a solid marketing plan with strong marketing tactics. A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines a company’ overall marketing efforts. There are a ton of plan templates readily available on the internet.

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