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In today's video I'm going to show you How to make 70 dollars in just 10 Minutes completely for free for this Method all you really need is just Connection to the internet and a Smartphone you're not going to be doing Any selling at all this has nothing to Do with paid traffic Drop Shipping or Drop servicing and the best part is Literally anyone that is currently Watching this video is able to set this Up just like I'm going to show you in Today's video now I myself made over 700 In a single time that I was using this Method before I'm going to show you a Live proof of that exactly and show you Exactly what I was able to do myself so You can literally just copy and paste it As well now let's get started the method Guys now I want to show you exactly how You can make actually 70 for just 10 Minutes of doing this method but the Truth is you can make over 700 in a Single day by doing this method if You're going to do it just where I'm Going to show you later in the video Where I'm going to show you exactly what I did myself okay because I actually did This method multiple times I myself with Just free traffic just who I'm going to Show you in today's video and I was able To make over 700 by doing that so first I'm going to show you how to actually Get started so you can start pretty much

Without any selling at all and then I'm Going to show you exactly what I did Myself and also for the people that are Going to watch until the end of the Video I'm going to share with you one More free traffic method that you can Use to pretty much double your earnings Now step one with this method what you Need to do is you want to go to a Website that's called tap mop IO now This is going to be our CPA Network that We are going to be using for this method And I'm going to show you exactly why it Has a couple of very very specific Offers that are going to work crazy good With this one and anyone that's going to Set it up with that map is going to be Able to make easily more than 70 dollars For just 10 minutes because the offer That I'm going to show you are pretty Much something you cannot find anywhere Else and the method is going to be Completely unique and fresh so just go To tapmob.io and pretty much this is an Invite only CPA network but first you Want to download it on either app store Or Google Play and then once you are Signing app you pretty much want to use This code right here now this is going To tell them that you are coming from Ink into Money YouTube channel and they Are going to more or less approve you Without any problems or without any Delay because they know you are going to

Be using my methods and they know that My methods are legit and are going to be Producing you money which is ultimately What they are looking for okay then once You're going to log into your tab map Account this is how it's going to look Like now this is my dashboard by the way Guys if you'd like to actually see me Generate another like thousand dollars Promo zero again on this account then Comment down below another thousand Dollar challenge so I know you are Interested in a video like this I did One like this before I'm going to link It at the end of the video but pretty Much you want to go to tab map then you Want to go to the offers and this is Where you can pick up from all the Different CPA offers that you have right Here now they have plenty of good offers But for this method we are going to be Using a specific kind of offers you want To scroll all the way down until you're Going to find this work from home CPA Offers the thing is there's a lot of Work from home products online that People need to pay for there's a lot of People that are promoting these products Who are pretty much selling them there Is a huge demand there is a huge supply But it's always that people need to pay First so if you're going to actually Give them a CP offer where they don't Need to pay for anything it's going to

Convert like crazy so for this one you Want to pick up multiple CPA offers but Just for the sake of the video I'm going To go with this one work from home food Tester what you want to do is you want To open it up and then you want to Pretty much copy this affiliate link Which is like sponsor dot me slash Number slash number and you want to put It into your laptop So this is the link now I have it on my Laptop and that's pretty much all really Need to have the smartphone for you can Also do it for more CPA offers to Maximize your earnings and to make like Way more than 100 per 10 minutes but Just with one CPA offer you can easily Make like 70 dollars for just 10 minutes Of doing this method which comes to be Like over 400 per hour actually but this Is the uh these are the offers you want To be using guys okay work from home Beauty product tester home work from Home food tester Netflix YouTube or even Like the gaming streamer these are going To be the highest converting offers now The rest of the method also can be done On your smartphone but because I want to Explain it to you I'm going to do it on My laptop so this is going to be our CPA Offer that we are going to be pretty Much promoting right here so this is the Link where you are going to be sending The traffic now the next step you want

To go to canva.com just head over to Canva and then click right here and you Pretty much want to the resolution of a Facebook post but also we want to get a Template which is only pretty much found In the Facebook post and the templates We are pretty much looking for are these Ones like this so pretty much we are Hiring right here or also this one right Here we are hiring or also this one we Are hiring join our team and you can see There's plenty of them this one right Here we are hiring virtual assistant Pretty much all of these templates are The ones you want to pick up so for this Case for this example I'm going to go With this one with this blue one so just Click on it and then you just want to Customize it according to the CPR that You picked so because I picked like a Work from home food tester this is how I'm going to customize it there's Something like this I literally just Switched the image then put down Different colors so it's going to Resonate with like the burger kind of Theme like the red yellow then like the Orange and this is pretty much it and Pretty much what you want to write here Adjust this very important points okay Pretty much if it's a food tester you Want to put a picture of food but Importantly put here 15 per hour because That's exactly what is going to be on

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The CPA offer and then over 18 years old And two hours daily and from United States only other than that you can put There literally like anything that's Going to be related to the CPA offer and Then just put here comment for details Okay and this is going to be very Important then click on share and you Just want to download this as a PNG and Now pretty much once you have it Downloaded I want to show you a free Traffic Source number one where you can Actually put it then I'm going to show You what I did myself to make over 700 Actually for just 10 minutes and then I'm going to show you another traffic Source that you can produce as well to Get even more traffic so the first Traffic storage you want to go to is a Mew.com just go to mute.com and then Right here where it's going to say Search members or groups put their work From home and it's going to open up this Window on the left hand side just select The groups right here and it's going to Open up the groups and you can see these Are all the groups where people are Looking for a work from home Opportunities and for example just this Group right here has 1.5 000 members from United States who are Actually looking to work from home now Let's say just 10 of these people which Is like 150 approximately are going to

Complete like four of these CPA offers Which all together are going to pay you Ten dollars that's over fifteen hundred Dollars that you're going to make just From posting in this group just go to This group and then pretty much you want To join and it's going to maybe take Some time to actually approve you or in This case the approval process is going To be instant then click on go to group And pretty much you can introduce Yourself or you don't have to actually Click on done and then right here right It's going to say post to this group you Want to edit the image and also copy and Paste this script that I've been Actually using myself before that is Going to work super super well just copy This part you can see it right here just Copy that then go to new and place it Right here and this is pretty much what Is it about 15 per hour to work from Home opportunities for us us these are Actually emojis that are going showing Up on phone if people are scrolling then We are looking for 18 plus people who Are interested in working from home our Current opportunities include commenting On YouTube videos food testing beauty Product tester Netflix Etc because these are the CPA offers From tap mob then no starting fee Required and this is the unique part Because all of these offers usually

Require people to pay something first But this one is going to be completely For free so people are going to be Actually taking action on this because It's going to be a breath of fresh air And in common yes please if you want More details only serious replies please And then you just want to post it and Bam this is how it's going to look like Now the reason why we are including Comment yes please is because we want to Make sure that this post is going to go Viral this way people are going to be Commenting on this post it's going to be Shown to more people from the group more People are going to comment and it's Going to have this Wireless effect which Is going to get you even more traffic Than if you were just to post the link Into the group and now that you have it Ready you can see these are actually the Flags that I'll be talking about you can Post it in multiple groups and pretty Much for just 10 minutes which is going To take you like to post it to like 10 Different groups you can easily make a Couple hundred dollars because if one Person is going to complete multiple CPA Offers instead of paying like 2.50 you Are going to receive ten dollars for Every single person and then when they Are going to comment all you really need To do is just send them your link to the CPA offer which is right here and then

Just wait for the kitchen sound to Actually generate your commission Because the application is going to let You know when you are going to generate The commission now this is pretty much Everything that I did myself you can see This is the proof that I did myself and I made over 700 just from this post Alone I posted in multiple Facebook Groups you can see this is how it looks Like it was back in 2018 and this method Still works it still produces results This is pretty much how it looks like You can see you can just post the video And I include it instead of an image I Was recording my screen with my phone Which also works very very well and as You can see I've been getting so many Comments so many comments that I Couldn't even reply to all of them there Was well over 500 comments in just one Single Facebook post and this is another Traffic source that you can use just use Facebook groups just go to Facebook and You want to search for work from home And you're going to see there's 107 000 members 103 000 members there's Literally no way you are not going to Make money if you're going to post an Image like that with a description like That with the free no starting fee Required in these groups there's no way You are not going to make money if You're going to do this and that's it

Guys now all the links are going to be In the video description and if you like To see another method that I used with Tap mop where I made over one thousand Dollars starting from complete zero you Can check out this video right here or Also comment down below if you'd like me To record another video where I'm going To make around thousand dollars again so Click here and I'm gonna see you inside Out there bye for now

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