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And you can see that I made 55 dollars From this completed and all I did was Just use this traffic now it says you Get money but actually I'm going to get Paid on PayPal or stripe what's going on Guys in today's video I'm going to show You how you can get paid one dollar and Fifty cents which is I don't know a lot But every two minutes Non-stop by using this huge free traffic Source now you can see this is just my Pretty killing account on my WordPress Which I actually used to create those Bricky links like income into money Slash something and this is one of the Links that I actually use with this Method and you can see I received 10 479 Clicks out of which 9.4 000 was unique People this is just one of the link but The second one that I actually used is This one right here I got 88 000 clicks on the link just by using Free traffic I will show you how and 67 000 people out of these are actually Unique people and in today's video I'm Going to show you exactly how to do this And how you can make like one dollar and Fifty cents every two minutes which if You we're going to multiply by 30 that's Like 45 dollars per hour which I know It's not that much you can make online But this is going to be making money Non-stop on autopilot once you're going To set it up you can work on it like one

To two hours per day and then if you're Going to multiply by 24 that's like 1 000 you can make a realistically Possibly with this method if you're Going to do just what I'm going to show You in this video but for that don't Forget to please smash the like on this One subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and comment down below And tell me if you absolutely love this Method or why this method is not going To work for you because I know this Method is going into 100 work it is Going to work if you're going to put in The action and I know that so I want to See why is the reason you are not able To set this up okay step number one what We need for this method is you need to Sign up for a PayPal account because This is how you're going to get paid Again I need to change the language to United States because I'm not from there So pretty much you just go to PayPal and You sign up for a free account by Signing up now just quickly for Beginners if you don't have a PayPal Account this is what I pretty much tell All my students is to just go with a Personal account because they are going To ask you just personal questions if You go with the business account they Are going to ask you personal questions And also business questions just to get A fast account set up so you can

Withdraw the money and start using it Right away just go with your personal Account then click on get started they Are going to ask you for a country and Then they are going to ask you for a Phone number they are going to send you A code you are going to put a code into PayPal then just enter personal details And then you're going to have an email Address where people can send you money Through PayPal now next step for this Method is you want to get a monetization Now one of the easiest ways to monetize This method you can do it with affiliate Marketing with ClickBank with Warrior Plus with tap map or with any other CPA Network affiliate product whatever You're going to choose is going to work So so well but I highly recommend you're Going to be like CPA grip or tap mop These CPA networks are unmatched with The amount of money you can make without Actually generating any sales like these Offers right here are going to be paying You like two dollars dollars two dollars Two dollars the only reason you are Looking for with this method is you want To get the offers that are very easy to Convert so even if you're going to go For an offer that's only going to pay You like 45 cents that's okay you don't Care about that you will have plenty of Traffic what you really care about is The conversion rate because the traffic

Is not going to be doing something Extreme so even if you're going to be Promoting for example like this 12 offer If it requires like to download an Application and complete the step if I'm Not going to do that so you might think Like okay I might promote this offer With this traffic Source but this is not Going to work this 81 Cent is going Toward this two dollar is going toward This 97 most likely this is like a yeah It's a very simple submit if I'm going To check it out I will just show you Right here this is how it's going to Look like it's going to work no problem Just first and last name email address ZIP code and you are going to get paid Just 87 97 which is perfect 97 cents Dollars will be very cool 97 cents but The thing is that you're going to be put On your traffic okay as I showed you uh Right here you can see that this account On this one link I got 88 000 clicks Using this traffic source so I know it Works not all the clicks all the links Are actually made for the traffic Source But this one the 10 000 one is made with It and also this 88001 is suited because It's clicks it says clicks okay so That's the first step next thing you Want to go to uh Tick Tock and you just Want to sign up for a free account I'm Just going to block notifications for The sake of the video you want to just

Go to tick and just sign up for An account now you can either use phone Or email or username or simply just Connect with Google Facebook Twitter Apple or Instagram and you're going to Have an account ready to go now once Your account is ready this is actually My dummy account that I was testing a Methadone before and you can see I've Been getting like thousands of views This was just from a video before you Just really need to have an account Ready okay you don't need any followers The only thing again just add like a Profile picture you can't even add a bio Right away because you need to have a Personal account and thousands followers Now pretty much what you want to do I'm Just going to mute all the not this one What you want to do is just go to Discover and you just want to go through Couple of the couple of the videos okay Now pretty much you can go through Explore page what you are really looking For is you can just go find and you want You just go to search and you just want To find like a funny video now because I'm on a video and I'm recording this I'm going to go with something PG rated So let's go with funny cats hopefully There's not going to be anything random There but pretty much now what you want To do is you want to click on the video I'm going to on on whatever the the

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Sound and pretty much now you want to Click on the share icon right there and For this video it's not going to work we Are looking for this duet okay we are Looking for the duet the reason it's not Working for this is because most likely This person actually used the method Already so let's go with another one Again click on that go with the red now For this one it doesn't work as well Let's go with another one and you can See with this one it actually works now Click on do it and now you don't have to Show your face for this okay you can see I'm showing my is right now just click On the little on this one right here as You can see click on this one right here The the portrait and it's going to do it Just like this okay so you can see I'm Actually on the video right here now Pretty much what you want to do is you Want to tilt your phone just like this And you just want to repost the video Now don't talk during the video I'm Talking because I'm recording a video Tutorial for you guys you don't want to Be talking you just want to do it this Way [Music] Okay so just do it that way do you want To click on yes and okay okay with your Duet screen okay okay and pretty much It's saying you can see that it's going To be replaced with my uh green screen

But because I'm not there it's just the Original video now if I'm going to go on Next then I'm going to put their duet With adorable pet and I'm just going to Leave it there it's going to hijack the Authority of the original video I am Going to get the views I'm going to get The followers and also I'm going to get Thousands of people to actually view my Video and click on my links which are Going to be in my bio and what you want To do is simply add couple of more Hashtags now the hashtag strategy is Just go with the very vague related Hashtags and go with like five maximum So you can see there's already two of Them so you want to go with like a funny Cat a funny cat then let's go with like Funny video because that's what we use To actually find it and let them go for Like laugh okay so very very rake uh Very big uh hashtag so the video is Going to to all the directions because Now we are hijacking the original video Putting it over our Channel and getting All the traffic as well and this body Will all legal ethically because the Person can disable the duet you actually Don't do that and we are also pushing The original video because we are Interacting with it and then you just Want to click on post now what this is Going to do is this is going to post a Video on your channel on your Tic Tac

Account and you simply want to build Like an audience with these videos in a Certain Niche now you can do it it works Super well in motivation Niche business Niche uh all these like uh how to wake Up at 5am Niche on all those Motivational videos you can repost most Of them build a huge fan base and pretty Much promote like in a high ticket Product which can pay you anywhere from Like a thousand to two thousand dollars And that's pretty much exactly what you Got to do now if you want to see exactly How to how I monetize these videos on Tic Tac and also on Instagram and make Sure to subscribe because I'm going to Be posting video about this very very Soon and if the video is already posted It's going to be right here so click Here to watch it if it's not share it And subscribe like comment and I will Keep you updated bye for now

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