10 Reasons YouTube can bring $10K to your Business Consistently

What's going on money making YouTube fam In today's video we're gonna go over 10 Reasons that's right 10 by XI I mean [Music] 10 reasons why YouTube can bring you a Consistent ten thousand dollars per Month as a baseline in your business and We're getting started right now P.S stay Tuned for a little later in this video I Have a huge announcement coming It's gonna be big now the first reason We're talking about today is algorithmic Stability that sounds fancy that sounds Like ooh stability algorithmically right If you've been looking for a reason a Sign a push to finally make YouTube a Part of your marketing efforts this is It the algorithm has been the most Stable ever since probably 2016 2015 on the platform the good news is Literally anyone can get started today And dominate on YouTube because we know The algorithm we know the factors of What makes it tick we know the factors Of why some videos go viral we know the Frameworks and formulas so this is Really really great news for you small Creators wanting to dominate on YouTube Within your first six months and within Your first 12 months of launching your Channel and here's the other great thing About YouTube Not only is this a very Powerful search engine everyone says and

Technically it is the number two search Engine in the world but I argue that it Is the number one search engine in the World on top of Google because just Guess what whenever you Google something What are now the first couple links you See that pop up a YouTube video right You no longer see blog articles getting Prioritized you will always see videos On YouTube pop up in the first second And third position on the Google home Pages so if you're not convinced that You can kill two birds with one stone by Having both the YouTube traffic and the Google traffic at no extra effort to you Working in your favor You better be that is essentially double The traffic to your business and your Brand the second reason why YouTube can Easily add an additional 10K to your Business and brand is because of the Fact that YouTube subscribers are loyal They are just fans they are raving fans Now what this means is that you have you Know a viewership you have a subscriber Base of people that are not only Consuming your content they're Interacting with you they're commenting They are sharing with their friends Their their own networks maybe they are Their business owners their self and They're sharing your videos with their Own you know customer base who knows but The YouTube subscribers are here for

Life like they're here to stay okay when You get discovered and somebody is Willing to watch you know the current Video they land on plus two to three Four videos they are hooked it is Incredible in my own experience that I Have had subscribers that have been Following me since I've had 300 500 Subscribers it's pretty insane and I Feel honored but that is a real quality Of it I remember when I first got to Medellin Colombia I had maybe 20 000 Subscribers maybe a little less than 20 000 subscribers someone came up to me And said hey you have the tutorial on YouTube about I'm like you see me on YouTube what and like it was the first Time in that foreign country but it was Really fun and I felt so good and that's Happened more than once and directly Because of this you are able to boost Your Revenue in so many ways which Brings me to my next point which is the Audience and followers that you have on Instagram and Tick Tock I see this over And over again when entrepreneurs Business owners are like you know what We want you know to start with an easier Strategy we want to start on Instagram We want to start on Facebook I get it it Is easier to post images on Instagram But it is not easier to convince your Followers on these platforms to buy from You I think that the danger of these

Social medias are that their algorithms Are so volatile right they're just kind Of like some of the coins in the Cryptocurrency market it's just like What is going on like one day like They're favoring one thing for example Back in 2016 the Instagram app was a Pure photo app you could actually you Know get discovered with hashtags Hashtags actually worked now it's like You see my profile you see other People's profiles they're filled with Reels like Instagram is no longer Favoring photos it's like what the heck This is a photo sharing app or I guess It was and so I don't even know what Happened to igtv they just kind of got Rid of it and lumped all video and Considered it reals and so my point is The YouTube algorithm versus all the Other social media algorithms is stable And once you learn the YouTube algorithm You never have to learn it again and so When you have the knowledge and when you Have the predictability your Revenue Will naturally go up and this brings me To my next point about YouTube and how It can add 10K to your business and that Is the fact that 24 7 your YouTube Videos are pre-selling your leads right All the viewers viewing a YouTube video Have 10x more potential to become a lead And to become a sale within your Business because they are eager to get

Information to get entertainment from You to solve a problem and you're Basically putting your high quality Content in front of these people and When they see the value that you're Delivering they are pre-sold they want To learn more they want to join your Email list they want to buy your Mini Offers they want to buy your programs Etc etc and so that brings me to a huge Announcement for today's video if you Haven't heard already the doors are open To our first ever subscribers to sales Experience which is a six-week cohort Event it's a coaching event where you Will get step-by-step guidance from Myself my team you will get Accountability and you will be able to Ask all of your burning questions about YouTube for business and the idea is That you will feel the maximum amount of Support by going through this live Coaching experience with myself and my Team if you are finally ready to Leverage YouTube to bring you major Exposure leads and sales to your Business for years to come now is the Time to hop in because I don't know if We are going to offer this ever again Enrollment is officially open and as I Mentioned week by week what we're going To have is a curriculum for you again You will be coached not only by myself And also by my team also we have some

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Guest experts coming to the experience Event and at the very end of the event We will have a YouTuber 100K panel where You'll be able to not only speak with Myself but also other YouTubers who have Crossed 100 000 subscribers and ask them Anything you want to about YouTube Strategy and one of the best features About this experience besides the done With you coaching is we have done for You editing yes you will basically have Complete access to my editing team that Has edited all my YouTube videos and They know exactly how to edit for YouTube they know what converts they Know exactly what assets and what things And b-rolls and titles and overlays to Put in a video so if you're finally Ready to take your monetization and Growth strategy seriously with YouTube Come join the experience today not only Do we have a live coaching because not Only is it the six weeks but once you Enroll you will have 12 month access to The program and all the curriculum Material that you will be given Including templates Plug and Play shared Funnels you know everything that you Need to take your business to the next Level we got you covered so go ahead Click the link right here or the first Link in the description and enroll today The next reason we're talking about here Today is the ability to basically income

Stack right or better known as multiple Streams of income so you get onto YouTube with perhaps your main stream of Income whether that's a service you Offer or maybe you're doing affiliate Marketing or whatever it is right but What happens over time is you naturally Begin to make more money with various Streams of income for example in our Subscribers to sales Pro program we have A student alumni named Hannah she is a Full-time econ business owner and she Had her main Revenue stream from Etsy But when she became a YouTuber and Creator on the YouTube platform she was Able to add way more streams of income To her business that she wouldn't have Been able to if she hadn't gone on the Platform so now she's able to really Monetize with brand deals and Sponsorships she's created a digital Course she's made money with Google AdSense she's created several income Streams with different affiliate Products that she's promoting on her Channel and the list goes on and on and This goes for any local business owner As well or Ecom store owner or maybe Somebody offering an in-person service Or selling a physical product if you Want to add stability financially to Your business YouTube is definitely the Way to go to help diversify your income Streams and this brings me to my next

Point which is Recession Proof your Brand and your business this is what YouTube will help you do because of the Items I just mentioned but also YouTube Is always looking for great ways on top Of the common ways to make money with YouTube they're always looking to help Support creators financially when they Can for example now with YouTube shorts You can monetize from the Google AdSense Program and you could never do this Before they had shorts bonuses but that Went away and you can officially Monetize with the YouTube partnership Program and they're constantly lowering Different barriers in order to do Different things for example like the Community tab before you needed a Thousand subscribers to be able to Access the community Tab and interact With your community and now as a brand New Creator you can tap into the Community tab which is another source of Traffic and connect with your viewers From the beginning the next reason I Have hinted to it but let's talk about Accelerating your Authority building and So what this means if you are say a Local company or a business that has a Physical product and you have a YouTube Channel and your competitor does not I Guarantee somebody that's doing research And finding that you have a YouTube Channel with helpful tips content and

You know behind the scenes of how the Product is made they are going to Purchase from you solely because you Have the authority on YouTube and it Just strengthens your brand almost like Putting author behind your name you are Now a YouTuber right you are a Creator Another way to add another income stream And to add revenue and 10K to your Business with YouTube is you get better At speaking so public speaking is a Skill and I have been paid to speak at Virtual events and I'll be speaking at My very first live event coming up next Year and this opportunity would have Never presented itself if it wasn't for My presence and my ability to speak on Camera and really build my authority Here on YouTube this is for me Personally an income stream that I want To take in the next level in the next One to two to three years the next Reason you can really dominate Financially with YouTube is the fact That you can optimize old videos and When you do this you can make and create More views which means you can make more Ad revenue and also that means you get More more eyeballs on your lead magnets And offers but the ability to optimize Old videos or old posts is not possible With your Instagrams with your Pinterest And all that like once they fall off the YouTube algorithm within the first 24

Hours they're just kind of gone but with YouTube you can go back you can optimize The title you can optimize the thumbnail You can optimize the metadata the tags Whatever you want and that video could Literally go from receiving 50 views per Day to an extra 300 views per day just With the change of a simple thumbnail Now I hope this video was super Inspiring for you again if you're ready To start building your Authority Creating major exposure and getting Leads and sales in Evergreen fashion Creating your sales machine on YouTube Go ahead enroll today in the subscribers To sales experience I can't wait to Welcome you inside our community you can Sign up and enroll get all the details Right here at this link just click right Here and we'll see you on the inside

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