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Top Tips for Your Exhibition Booth Staff

When setting up a stand or booth at a trade fair or an exhibition, there is a huge number of factors to take into account in order to make the occasion a success. This includes everything from choosing your exhibition booth designers and the activities that visitors can enjoy at your stand, to whether or not you have a good follow-up system in place to make the most of leads.

How to Lead Up to Your Exhibition Stand Event

There is a huge number of benefits to exhibiting at a trade fair or event, from winning over new clients to improving your brand image through the giveaway of branded promotional goods. For this reason, many companies aim on providing the best experience possible on the day, selecting the right outfits for their staff to wear and the best custom exhibition stands that money can buy.

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes of a Big Exhibition Stand

Attending exhibitions has numerous benefits for all types of business, ranging from improving your brand image to winning over potential new clients and contacts. Many larger companies find themselves in the enviable position of being able to afford premium space at the exhibition and a large exhibition stand, but is big really better when it comes to this type of endeavor?

Unique Selling Proposition – The Foundation of a Successful Business

Your USP defines your reason to exist as a business, yet most businesses don’t take the time to develop one. Learn what it is, why it’s important, and how it can dramatically boost your positioning in the marketplace.

A Personal Account to Understanding Thyself

Self-discovery, self-reflection, digging into the depths of your soul is important to make your brain and your heart healthier. Make time to understand yourself in its current state through these various forms: Stream of conscious journaling – Written affirmations – Saying affirmations out-loud in front of a mirror – Recording your affirmations and then listening to the audio – Prayer and/or meditation – The key to success is persistence, patience, and perseverance. Try all of these methods of self-discovery and stick with the ones that…

Keeping Leads Warm: How Sales Managers Can Smooth the Handoff Between ">Marketing and Sales

They say that time heals all wounds, but in the sales industry, time kills all deals. To keep leads warm, especially during notoriously cool selling months, sales managers need to create a smooth handoff between the ">marketing and sales teams.

How to Use Display Systems to Convey a Concise Message

Using a display system is always important to promote a business. Send a proper message to your targeted client through your display system.

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