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Today I'm going to show you guys how to Make more money with your copywriting Business I'm going to be comparing lower Cost new copywriters on the Fiverr Platform with higher cost top rated Fiverr copywriters the main goal of this Video is for me to highlight some of the Key differences that Fiverr sellers Especially sellers selling copywriting Services can can look at and consider When making their Fiverr gigs to give Them a better chance of scoring really High ticket customers 100 200 or 300 or Or higher order values with their Fiverr Gigs hopefully this information is Helpful and will help you level up how Much money you're making on Fiverr as a Copywriter and if you find this video And this channel helpful please consider Subscribing I really appreciate it so Here's the first gig I'm going to be Looking at this gig is from a new fiber Seller it doesn't look like they have Any ratings and it's for someone who's Going to write abandoned cart emails the First thing right away that I notice is The language used in the title of this Fiverr gig the title is I will give you A money making abandoned cart email so Right off the bat Hearing that as someone experiencing Copywriting like myself makes me feel Like this person is just selling a Pre-written email so right then and

There the perception of value drops and I just want to point out before I go any Further if the person who's Fiverr gig This is watches this video I'm not gonna Say anything mean here this is feedback Um that you can use and other people can Use to improve and make more money on Fiverr so nothing but love here just Wanted to put that quick disclaimer There the next real distinguishing you Know bit of information that I notice When looking at this gig from a newer Email copywriter is the gig packages They're kind of a little confusing Because they don't mention how many Emails are included in each package So for new copywriters you know not only Is this something that might hurt your Chances of getting orders because buyers Don't know what's included in the price But it might actually make a difficult Situation for you if someone buys Something and they say hey it wasn't Specified I want 10 emails done it Creates a level of ambiguity that just Makes that working relationship kind of Hard to deal with and this is something That buyers pick up on and the last Thing I'm going to really quickly point Out of what really stands out with an Email copywriting gig from a newer Seller is the description I'll be honest it's okay but it doesn't Really talk about anything related to

The past experience or skill set that The copywriter has to be able to deliver This service and that's a pretty Important thing in a buyer's decision Making process the next thing that isn't Always applicable to Fiverr gigs but I Think for copywriting it is is it Doesn't point out who this gig is for Whether it's you know for a particular Type of business or business operating In a type of industry or you know a Business trying to get a certain type of Client obviously it's for abandoned cart But abandoned cart could be anything it Could be products in Amazon it could be Someone selling courses it could be a Whole bunch of stuff identifying this And just you know really explaining it In the gig description is really Something that helps buyers you know Acknowledge and see the value of a Particular gig because it paints a Picture of expertise and experience Overall you know this isn't a bad Example of a Fiverr gig my gigs looked a Lot like this when I started out but Just a couple of those tweaks and you Know things that I pointed out are Things that are pretty representative of Newer Fiverr Sellers and lower cost Fiverr gigs not a big deal though can All be easily fixed now moving on to an Email copywriting gig from a top rated Email copywriter with hundreds of five

Star reviews a lot of different things That I'm picking up on here the first Thing is the title it's super specific I Will write email sequences for cold Email degeneration super straightforward Title just from reading that I have a Pretty good understanding and level of Confidence that I know what this gig is About the second thing I'm going to Point out that kind of Compares this gig To the last gig I looked at was the gig Packages and the descriptions of each Package are very clear you know exactly How many emails and what emails you're Getting with each the next thing that This gig does really really well which Is you know super common and you know Pretty pretty representative of what Makes a really good Fiverr gig that's Going to sell well and you know is Typical with top-rated sellers is it Includes a gig video and not only does It include a gig video but it's a great Gig video that builds trust and actually Offers up some free knowledge for the Person buying this game it points out That emails are meant for generating Leads not for closing deals the key to Remember when you're doing code outbound Emails is that those emails are there to Generate leads not to generate sales Emails are for leads people are for Sales Um this is just one of the things that

You need to remember when doing cold Outbound emails which I can absolutely Help you with and people are there for Closing deals which is a super important Thing to point out because we live in a World where for whatever reason people Think that email copywriters can spin Magic and sell complicated products or Services just through email but the Reality is and it seems like this guy is Really Keen to that reality and that his Emails can help people book meetings or Generate leads where a company sales People can then close those leads super Helpful builds a lot of trust and really Sets expectations for whoever's looking At that game so that is fantastic and That is something that a lot of top Rated Fiverr gigs do really really well The next thing I noticed about this gig That helps this guy command you know Multiple hundreds of dollar prices for All of his packages is he includes Screenshots of testimonials from Happy Customers obviously if you're newer five Or seller and you don't have Testimonials that's hard to do you might Have to put portfolio pieces but if you Do have testimonials including them in Your in your Fiverr gig page is going to Be super helpful and it's going to help People you know have an easier time Making the decision to spend 100 200 300 On your services and the last thing I

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Want to point out is the gig description It's clear it's concise it's informative It builds trust and it's convincing I Feel like after reading this by buyers Feel like they know what they're getting They're working with a confident Experienced seller and that all plays Into this guy being able to charge what He's able to charge so I think the net Net here you know if we're comparing a 13 or ten dollar Fiverr email Copywriting gig with a 300 plus dollar Email copywriting gig the goal here and The main difference that allows 300 gigs To charge three hundred dollars is they Do a much better job convincing people Of the value that they're offering with That gig straight from the subject line To the gig video to the gig packages to The gig description no corners are cut They're they're really good at Explaining their services they're really Good at building trust they have a call To action and what you get is really Clear just from looking at the gig so Anyways this is the first time I did a Comparison video like this one if you Found it helpful you know leave a Comment let me know if you want me to do More of these but yeah that's it for This video thanks so much for watching And until next time cheers

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