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So you can see right here this is my Account incg Eric 312 I posted this four Hours ago and I already made 85.81 you can see right here now it Didn't took me four hours to do this I Posted it in like 20 minutes then I left It and I made already 85 and 81 cents on Complete autopilot just from this one Single post right here and in today's Video guys I wanted to show you this Method and show you how you can make Over 250 dollars per day without Actually working at all I'm gonna show You a super simple money making method That you can use without working because We are going to be using an artificial Robot that's going to be doing all the Hard work for you and I'm going to show You another traffic website that's going To send you traffic but also whenever You're going to use this traffic website You are also going to get paid but Before we get started don't forget to Please smack like on this video I would Really appreciate it and also to never Miss out on any of my future videos About making money online be sure to Subscribe and hit notification education Bell so I can notify you whenever I post A brand new one and also comment down Below something for the YouTube Algorithms so this video is going to be Shown to more people I can help even More people make money online and with

That being said let's get started with The step-by-step tutorial okay guys so In today's video I want to show you how I was able to make 85 in just like 20 Minutes of not even working at all I Posted this literally four hours ago I Already made 85 just from this one Single post and this is actually a Traffic website so all this money that I Write here are just some extra that I Was paid just for trying to get traffic From this website now quick disclaimer You are not going to make 85 dollars Like right away when you're going to do This it took me some time but the thing Is this requires actually no effort at All you can post unlimited amount of Times and even if you're going to do This for the next two hours and just one Of your posts is going to go viral and You can end up making like 85 just like I made right here or 234 dollars like This person made the right here Yesterday or 217 dollars like this Person made or 121. 137 153 I think it's Still all worth it because once you post It it's going to be there and any income Is going to be on autopilot okay so step One what you want to do is just head Over to digistore24 and what you want to Do is just create an account right here So if you don't have a digistore account Already just go right here click on the Register now and just fill in the

Details and then you want to go to the Marketplace section for this uh for this Network and you want to search for Weight loss okay we want to pick up a Weight loss product because if you are a Beginner one of the easiest ways to make Money with affiliate marketing is to Pick up a weight loss product because Everybody wants to lose weight pretty Much all the time and this is one of the Most popular categories to actually make Money online with affiliate marketing by Promoting weight loss products so this Is the step number one this is optional But this is going to make you even more Money so go to digistore search for Weight loss and anyone pick up any of These products okay any of them now if You have digistore then go for these but I have a recommendation on ClickBank Action actually what product you go for So just go to digistore if you don't Have ClickBank but if you have ClickBank For ClickBank the one that I recommend Is if you're going to go to the health And fitness category you want to pick up This product right here called the Smoothie diet if you cannot find it just Go to the affiliate Marketplace and Search for the smoothie with two o's not Three the smoothie diet and it's going To show you this product right here now This has been very well selling for the Past couple of years currently the

Gravity is 196 and this product is going To make you money when you're going to Promote it so I know for a fact if You're a beginner and you want to go With the risk freeway just create a ClickBank account then find the smoothie Diet and go for this product right here Then pretty much the sales page is Pretty basic it's like a smoothie diet How to lose weight by drinking smoothies Pretty decent usual page that's going to Get the job done and this is something We want to be promoting okay so click on Promote and then you want to get your Affair link right here and this is the Affiliate link that is going to be yours Okay don't copy my one you want to get Yours now what I want to show you is how To promote this product on the new Traffic website but also how to get paid Just for actually promoting this product Just like I did by trying out some other Articles myself so what you want to do Is want to go to a website that's called The brightsonic.com if you cannot find It just Google bright Sonic it's bright Sonic and then go to this website right Here is the first result it's bright Sonic.com and this is like one of the Best AI writers copywriting tools and The reason we are going to be using this One is because it's super high quality And also they have a free trial where You can sign up without using any credit

Cards you can see right here start Writing for free no credit card required So just click on sign up right here or Sign in or get started and you just want To sign in with Google then once you're Going to be on your account this is how It's going to basically look like and This is exactly what you want to use the Software for you're going to notice There's a lot of Windows a lot of things Happening but you don't have to be using All of them we are really just looking For one of the one of the features this Software has and it's right in front of You it's called AI article writer 4.0 Now this is going to create you a Premium quality up to 3000 word SEO Friendly blog articles and three steps Blah blah blah blah blah pretty much It's going to create a high quality Readable article pretty much with just Few clicks based on what you're going to Put in there without you writing Anything at all because we need to have A unique article but I don't want you to Be writing it because I mean you can Write it yourself if you are like a Copywriter but you don't have to do that So AI radical 4.0 if you cannot find it Just be right here on article article And blogs and it's going to show it to You right here there are multiple Versions of it like the basic one 3.0 Version 4.0 version but the one that I

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Recommend is the 4.0 because it's brand New one and it's going to give you the Highest quality so just click on it and Pretty much the topic or whatever you Want to come up with is going to be Regarding to weight loss or the smoothie Diet and it's going to give you all These different keywords then you can Actually use to bring match create your Article so if you just yeah if you don't Want to come with anything just put Smoothie diet right here and it's going To give you these keywords right here Then pretty much what you want to do is Go right here get an article and this is Like a hack because you can get the Ideas get an outline get an article but All of these are going to take your free Credits that this website has so you are Going to be spending them on that but Actually you can just get an article and Just fill in these things yourself so The title is going to be something like How to lose weight easily with smoothie Diet I think anyone can actually come up With this and then the keywords can be Like smoothie diet weight loss how to Lose weight easily lose weight without Exercising and stuff like that anyone Can come up with that and then turn off Voice excited point of view first person Call to action let's go with like click Here to learn more and language can be English and then click right here on

Generate and then this software is going To create this article for you in just Few minutes depending on your internet And software speed it might take longer It might take shorter just click on Generate and stay tuned for the article Okay it's finished and this is the Article direct that I received now you Can just copy and paste it download it As a PDF document text file with Everyone just just save it somewhere so When you close bright Sonic you are Going to have the article it's pretty Much what is the smoothie diet and then All this text right here pretty much Done for me I didn't have to create Anything myself and this is the reason Why we actually want to use the right Sonic because depending on the niche Depending on the affiliate program Affiliate product that you are promoting You want to get it done for you unique Article created so you can use it to Promote the product and also get paid With the website that I'm going to show You next now you can see there are People making money on this website just Like a few hours ago like three hours Ago 122 dollars then this one is two Days ago 497 dollars this one is one Hour ago 126 dollars two hours ago 118 11 hours 231 17 hours almost 500 3 days 57 so you Can see like nine days ago 14 so you can

See there's like people making a lot More money people making less money than Me but the thing is when you're going to Use this website chances are of you not Making any money are pretty slim and This is just going to send you traffic So all this money you're going to be Making are just an extra sauce that you Are going to be making on top of the Affiliate commissions okay so the Website is by the way called steemit.com You can see it right here and this is a Website that I highly highly recommend You're going to be using because the Thing is you can see like for example Where is the my post uh right here four Hours ago 85 already and I was just Posting some binding stuff I was just Testing out like crypto Niche because I Think it's very hard lately especially In the community so yeah there's a lot Of different posts that you can do right Here but the thing is this website is Going to promote it to this community Communities and it's also going to be Sending you a lot of traffic because This is a very active social media Website that's pretty much yeah getting Paying you for posting here so what you Want to do is you want to go right here And you want to click on this pencil Icon Okay click on the pencil icon and Pretty much this is a post that I was Trying to post about something like

Google or stuff like that but what you Want to do is you want to post the Article created from bright sunny so for Example what is the smoothie diet and This is kind of like very generic title So what I'm going to put here is what is The smoothie diet discover how to lose Weight drinking smoothies In 21 days so it's a lot more specific And yeah pretty much it's not just a Generic one and they want to copy and Paste the entire article just like this So this is what you want to do then Paste it right here and then this is Where you want to add your affiliate Link now to actually edit there you can Already just highlight it the text you Want to get your affiliate link from the Website we're going to create a link Click on copy and then use any link Shortener for example like short url.80 Or just Google short URL and then you Just want to paste it there and click on Short in the URL and this is the Affiliate link that we have created you Can see this is the long URL and then This is the short one you want to copy It and then go back to steemit and add It right here okay so click here to get Started with the smoothie diet yourself And then add the link at the bottom now There isn't any other way to currently Add the link especially on like a brand New account that's why I'm showing it

Showing this to you on this brand new Account because you can see this is like My uh profile Eric taggy but this one Was like infcg Eric where is it right Here anac312 because just that's like a Seasoned profile that I have but this One's brand new one it doesn't really Allow you to post a lot of links so this Is the only way to do that and when You're going to get more like Karma it's Called right here the most more posts You're going to post and the more votes You're going to receive you can start Posting your links directly into the Post and then add three hashtags like Weight loss smoothie diet and lose Weight and then you want to pretty much Go right here and click on post and then This is how your post is going to look Like okay so you can preview it right Here I'm going to zoom it out a little Bit you can see the post right here and Then bam this is going to be your link So this is the reason why we added those Little uh Arrow Signs so it's going to Add these little I know how you call it But you can see it's not the same if you Scroll through this post it doesn't look The same it's actually like highlighted And pretty much it's just these little Arrow Signs so that's how you want to Add it there so you can see the entire Article is just like this and then the Highlighted part right here is click

Here to get started with the Smoothie Idea yourself they click on this link And this is then going to be your Affiliate link which is going to take Them to the sales page where they can Make a purchase and you are going to get Paid every single time and then just Really click on post and Bam that's it You can see that four seconds ago I made Zero dollars on this one right here let Me refresh this if I'm going to make any Money because sometimes your posts are Going to get instantly like boosted and You are going to get paid pretty much From other people sharing your content So in like 14 seconds or 25 seconds you Can actually make money but currently I Don't really have any money right here So one more time let's see if we are Going to get any money but I doubt Because it's like a dummy account that I Just created just for the sake of the Video but yeah just go ahead do it Multiple times because just one of your Posts can make you like 85 dollars like It made for me and I know if you're Going to do it multiple times even if You make let's say zero dollars which I Don't think is going to happen you are Going to get traffic and you can make Money on ClickBank from this free Traffic that you're going to receive and That's it guys I hope you enjoyed this Video let me know what you think about

It in the comment section below and for More videos click on right here and Check out the most recommended video for You to make money online

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