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Hello it's Matt from not taught at School and welcome to today's video so In this video we are going to look at Two money making AI tools one of these Tools I'll show you now has been used as You can see here by Netflix original Creators and one million people have Already got access to this tool now Here's a cool thing it's free it's Simple and as you're going to see by the End of this video this method is Incredibly and like genuinely a simple Method to start making money online and From home so I'll show you the website I'll show you the potential with this And we'll also look at other people who Are actually making money from this Really simple method so look if you find The video useful give it a like I'd Appreciate that if you've got any Comments leave them down below but let's Dive into it so let's come over here and I'll show you the software first okay so This is one of them and it's called if You come up here it's called palette dot Fm and we can see on here this basically Colorizes pictures and we can see down Here it's automatic there's no sign up And it's free So really simple all you do is you Upload an image and you can see down Here you've got example images down here I'll show you one so we'll click on this One over here we will use this one as an

Example okay so this is the original one And then you've got all of these you Know additional things that you can do As well you can add in you can see on Here you can add in a warm color Vivid Natural colors and there's lots of Different options for you along here so You can you know really play around with This once you're happy with this you can Download it now you might be thinking Well that's that's great I can add color To an image how can we use this to make Money well there's a number of ways you Can do this and I actually tried this Method out myself about Well I mean probably about 10 years ago Now I'm sure my age there but back then AI tools like this wasn't available we Had to use things like Photoshop color Gradients and lots more tools so you Know in order in in order to try and you Know offer this as a service to make Money we had to have different softwares And it wasn't free whereas now fast Forward to today there's lots of these Different AI tools whereby you can Literally as you've seen here sign up People not even sign up just gone to Them upload images and they will Download them for you so that's Straightforward and simple I think we Can all agree the other one I'll show You this now is this one over here it's Very similar it's called restarters dot

IO what I've found with this from Playing around and testing this one over Here and Palette personally I prefer Palette but you know the birth rate so You can check them both out so now let's Go ahead and have a look at the Potential with this method now I'll Share with you a number of websites Because you know why would you put all Your eggs in one basket and you might as Well spread this service around so if I Come over here onto let's go go over to Etsy to start with okay And you can see on here let me show you This first of all so I've typed in at The top here black and white for Toyota Color now look at this 22 000 people a month are searching for This 22 000 people a month want this Service now you can scroll down here and Look when you put something like this Into Etsy it takes the keywords and Shows you all different you know all These different things sometimes you Won't see this service right at the top But we can see here look we've got one Here we've got one here we've got Another one here now I've just clicked On one Which is this one over here You can blaming look at this I'm in the UK they're charging 25 pounds for this Uh today's rate it's a little over 30 Dollars now this is the part in the

Video where most people would say to you Well it's really simple you take 1 900 Sales times it by this amount of money Here and this is how much the van from This listing that's not how Etsy works This over here what you can see this 1990 sales that is total sales within The shop okay so I did a little bit more Digging I went into that actual shop Which is over here so as you can see let Me scroll back up to the top this is the Shop and we can see they've had 1 900 Sales and they've got 69 items listed And guess what all of them are all Offering the same ones okay as you can See here all they're doing is they're Putting up these images changing the Images changing the title but you can See here the price Pretty much the same and pretty much Everything inside of this shop is to do With photo restoration and this color Changing on here so you can see I'm here It's the same service they've just got Six or more is it 60 different listings Yeah 69 different listings on here and If we look at this five star ratings so Let's do some quick numbers Okay so We've got 1990 sales if we scroll down here and we Have a look at this and let's just say Again as an example this 2131 is the average price of what They're selling item and now they do

Have some which are a bit more expensive But we'll just go with the conservative Figure so we'll go with 2131 and let's Just have a look at this and then I'll Share with you some more examples so I'm Going to type in here we're going to go And type in calculator And we and don't we I'll change it to Dollars as well for you so you can see This because I know many of you like to See it in dollars so we've got 1990 so We'll just take this in on here and We're going to times that by The price not that one by the lower Price Which was 21.31 okay times 21 31. That gives us the grand total of four Two four zero six point nine now what I'm going to do is because I'm in the UK And this is UK pricing we'll come over Here and paste that into there And we can see over here how much money They have made in dollars it's a lot of Money from offering an incredibly simple Service whereby we are taking someone's Old image and changing it now look you Can even take this a step further Now you don't just have to offer you Know this photo restoration you could Even if you wanted to make you know more Money from this method you could offer a Photo restoration but then you could Also print it you could offer print on

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The print-on-demand service with this as Well so what does that mean so let's say You could offer this service where you Are taking someone's black and white Image and you're adding it adding color To this and you know improving the Actual image well then guess what you Could do you could take that image and You could put that on a cup for someone You know as a birthday present as a Christmas Etc and again that is free so you can Use websites like something like gelato Over here and again look I'll I'll put Links to everything down below for you This over here you can see scroll down Here you can basically take an image and You can put this on a phone another Phone over on a mug you could put it on A phone cover over here you can do Images there's handbags wallpaper There's so many different things on here If you come up as products look you can See you can put it onto clothing mugs Photo books cards calendars tote bags Wallpaper wall art and lots more so what We're starting to do is instead of just Having like we've got of on this shot Here instead of just offering one single Service you can start to add additional Services so first of all if we're just Using this palette FM over here we can Offer you know this restoration process We can take people's color and black and

White images and we can turn them into a Colored image and we could put a lot of Listings like that over on S8 as we've Seen with this shop over here okay we Can do that then what we can do is we Could then take image is and we could Put those onto print on demand items Over here and then we could also also Offer that as a service so it's kind of Like an upsell which we'll do the black And white photo we'll then take that Photo and we will put that onto a cup And and then basically you can start you Know you can go down whichever route you Like with this now the cool thing about Some of these print-on-demand companies Especially like this gelato one over Here is Let me show you you can also connect This to Etsy and there they have warehouses all Around the world so traditionally with Print on demand you're waiting a long Time for another product to get created And shipped whereas with this company Over here they have got warehouses all Around the world and it's a lot quicker Basically now if we come over here let Me go to let me come up to company Come over here resources pricing you can Go ahead and have a look at all of this They've got different price and Different subscriptions and let's go to Where's it gone let me type in I'm

Trying to show you Integrations there we Go I can't see it on here look you can See it integrates with Etsy so basically It's kind of hands off in a fashion you Can set all of this up connect it to Etsy and then what happens is once Somebody purchases one of these products These guys over here gelata they will Receive the order they will go ahead and Print that order for you and then they Will ship it as well for you and I'm not Saying you have to do this I'm just Saying look this is another option for You and you know it's pretty awesome It's just aware of offering upsells from Your initial offering of a photo and we Can see that I'm going to sell globally Sell produce locally so you can see Where they've got all of these different Warehouses where they're doing the Shipping from so we can offer this Service over on it so why limit it to Etsy you can go onto another platform Like this one up here and this is Fiverr And you can see I've just typed in black And white photo and I've scrolled down And again very similar to Etsy you'll Get some different things like this it's An illustration but all I was doing was Just scrolling through and having a look For someone who was selling these black And white photo into Color Prints but Then click on here we can see this Person over here look I will turn black

And white photos into color photos They've got a basic package they've got A standard package at 12 pound 89 and They've got a premium package coming in At 38 pounds so a little over 41 I believe and then also look you Could also offer this service on places Like Facebook Marketplace eBay Amazon to A degree you can have your own website There's lots of ways that you can do This and start to upseller and now I Hear the thing that many people said If it was that simple everyone would do It it is that simple it you know the Thing where people fail with making Money online is always the same it's Time effort and consistency and I say This on the Channel all of the time all Of the methods that I share on this Channel with you they're all proven like This method we are looking at today it's Proven as we can see on the screen here This person has made a lot of money Doing this but they didn't give up after A week or two weeks of you know not Making any sales how long will it take To get a sale who knows it depends how Well your your you know your pricing is It depends on your titles on here how Well your um keywords are done here your Title your description all of these Things but it's not difficult at all so If I was going to go down this route Myself I would look at what the best

Sellers are on Etsy I would have a look At their pricing I would look at their Titles on here and I would also have a Look at their description then what Would I do I'd create my own I wouldn't Copy this but I would you know I'd have It very similar because you know there's That saying isn't there success leaves Close well all of the Clues here are on The screen for you we've got someone Over here who will do another 50 Grand With this method and we can now use free Tools like this which is being used by Netflix creators and a million people Around the world so look that is another Method for you using AI I'll share some More tools and some um paired ones and Free ones in the next few days and weeks In the meantime if you want you know Free resources for adding online you can Come over to my website we have got lots Of things over on here fine so yeah have A great day and I'll see you tomorrow Foreign [Music]

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