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Hey did you know that 95 of hiring Managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to Find the perfect person for any open Position well now you know and that's Exactly why today I want to share with You how you can use LinkedIn to get Hired and particularly the AI tools that Are going to make your profile Unbeatable and are going to help you get The job so stay tuned if you want to get Hired using LinkedIn that the most Important thing that you absolutely must Do is make sure that your profile is Unbeatable not just up to date that is Not enough anymore you need your profile To stand out and to be your branding Your marketing and if you want to have a Free assistant that helps you with your Personal branding and marketing on LinkedIn then I've got you covered Because LinkedIn came out with an AI Tool themselves it's called the enhance Tool that will allow you to come up with The best headline and the best summary Of your expertise to access the enhanced Tool you will be able to allow that AI Tool to scan your profile and propose You the most powerful headline and the Most powerful summary that you could use In your profile so it's literally Branding and marketing you for free the Only thing that I would recommend is to Validate whatever the tool proposes Because at the end of the day it's an AI

Tool so it will not know your entire Background it will not know your entire Worth in the market so you want to Revisit whatever it proposes and make Sure that you perfect it based on your Human touch okay the only thing that you Need to know is that this tool for now Is available to premium users and if You're not a premium user so far then it Might be worth the shot at least for a Month it is 29.99 and it will not only Allow you to use this tool but it will Also allow you to be able to reach out To recruiters it'll allow you to see Who's seen your profile so if you're Looking to get hired it might be Worthwhile getting that and I this video Is not sponsored I'm not getting Anything for recommending you this but I Think it might help if you're looking to Get hired using LinkedIn at the same Time LinkedIn has released a feature That is intended for recruiters and Hiring managers and it helps them write Job postings so you're basically taking Advantage of the same intelligence that Is helping your potential manager write The job description and it'll tell you What to put in your profile so you can Be a match I think that's pretty awesome So even if the tool might not be perfect It does a pretty great job and I know That you'll be able to take it to 110 Percent as needed of course I understand

That not everybody is a LinkedIn premium User and you should not upgrade your Profile if you're not ready to do that So I have actually spent the last few Days trying to figure out what other Tools can I recommend to you so you can Benefit from the same amazing features That the AI tool that LinkedIn just Released has so you don't have to pay And you would get that for free so check This out you can use resume worded which Is a free tool that will literally help You make your profile unbeatable so how Does this work well essentially this is A tool that was created by top Recruiters and hiring managers in global Companies that literally do this as part Of their job they look over tons and Tons and tons of profiles so they've Brought together all of their knowledge And expertise and they've built this Tool that allows you obviously to review Your resume as well but it can also take A look and give you recommendations on Your LinkedIn profile so it works really Really easily what you need to do is Basically just go ahead to your LinkedIn Profile and Export it as a PDF it's very Easy to do that underneath your name you Have a more button there and it helps You download your profile it's super Simple then you go to resumewarded.com And you upload your downloaded profile And then they will scan it and they will

Be able to give you an extensive report That not only scores your overall Profile but also gives you Recommendation category by category how Incredible is that so basically what you Want to do is once you get your report Is go category by category to your Headline your summary your experience Your education and every other section Of your LinkedIn profile and go through The recommendations that you get from Resume worded some of the features and Guidance will be locked for paying users But even for free you are going to get a Load of value so what you do with this Information is obviously up to you but My advice would be that you go step by Step and check the recommendation Patients that they are giving you so for Example under your experience they are Checking if you're using Quantified Impact so you're giving examples and Quantification of the results that You've achieved in every position you've Had so far they will look for red flags For recruiters they are going to look For cliches and buzzwords and recommend You to minimize those and so on and so Forth they will be looking at your Education and whether you've included All the information and all the skills That you've Acquired and obviously your Headline and your summary we've talked About these as well when we spoke about

The enhanced tool well the great news is That if you're getting recommendations Or maybe a lower score when it comes to Your headline and your summary for your LinkedIn profile then resume worded has You covered because they are offering The same benefit and the same feature That the enhanced tool has which is they Will give you an AI generated suggestion For your headline and for your summary Based on the profile that you currently Have obviously it's AI generated so it Won't be perfect but it will be very Good and a great start for you to up Level your resume and your LinkedIn Profile and the stats show that people Who use this kind of tools to enhance Their LinkedIn profile are able to get Five times more reviews which I think is A pretty incredible deal now the third AI tool that I want to recommend you Look into which is also free if you want To get started with is called high Ration and essentially this is a suite Of AI functionalities that will allow You to go end to end in terms of your Career Journey so you can start by Getting help to create your resume and They have a bunch of different templates That you can leverage from there onwards You can not only get AI recommendations On how to write the different sections But also you'll be able to give it your Resume and the job that you would like

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To apply to and it will be able to find The bridge between the two and give your Recommendations on how to upgrade your Resume and then obviously your LinkedIn Profile as well so that you can be the Best match that you can with the current Experience and education that you have For the job that you would like to apply To and honestly I think that is Something that absolutely everybody Applying for a job should be using Because I have done so many interviews And I've recruited so many people over The years and the one thing that I see The most is people showing up to an Interview with the same resume and the Same profile that I've used for Completely different job and that Doesn't necessarily put them in the Right or best light for that particular Interview specific not only that but Higheration is able to help you create a Digital portfolio and even do interview Prep like a mock interview for you to Get ready for your interview for that Particular job and if you're curious I'm Gonna link down below a video that I did On how to use chat GPT to do the exact Same thing for you and a bunch of other Steps in your career Journey so I'm Gonna link it up here and down below if You're curious to check that out as well That said remember that LinkedIn is a Social media platform and what that

Means is that it requires that you do a Lot more than just post your profile and Forget about it you need to be active There and one of my recommendations is That you show your full profile Beyond Whatever is written in there in terms of Your summary or expertise and experience And your education so one thing you can Do is take more online courses Particularly on LinkedIn learning Because this way you will be able to Show off all the new skills that you Will have acquired the other thing you Can do is make sure that you're Connected with the right people not only The people who you want to particularly End up working with let's say but also With the experts with the gurus in your Area in the space that you want to work In number three is try and come up with Your own content either by sharing Media Or by writing your own long form content And if you need help to do that not only Can chat GPT help you do it but also Copy.ai and Jasper and all of the other Copywriting tools that exist out there And by the way if you guys want me to Create a video where I talk more about How to use copywriting tools either for Your own profile or even to make money Then do let me know in the comments down Below and I would be more than thrilled To create that for you alright you guys That was it for today thank you so so

Much for watching I hope this video was Helpful and I hope it's gonna help you Get your dream job really really quickly Until next time please go ahead and Watch this video over here like this Video if you liked it be sure to Subscribe if you haven't done so and Also share with a friend who might also Be interested in getting higher wide Linking thank you so much and I'll see You next time bye

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