This Made Us $170K In Ecommerce

So tick tock's taking the World by storm There's no denying that but ever since Then people have seemed to overlook Other paid media platforms let's say for Starting a brand one of the highest Roi Platforms right now for example is still Google as you see Google is massively Outperforming a lot of other platforms At least when it comes to profitable or High return on ad spend platforms Because you know you can get good Returns on other platforms and drive a Lot of conversions but it's really Important to try to be as profitable as You can with each dollar you spend Online because that way you're going to Be able to not only grow your community And you know continue to grow but you're Going to be able to reinvest your Profits into nurturing that community And just you know overall if you have a More profitable business everything will Work much better it's like a well-oiled Machine That's why at my creative agency at kemi We love running Google ads alongside Tick Tock and meta ads

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