5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs (2023)

This one affiliate marketing program Earned this YouTuber 716 and 691 dollars just last year let Me show you how he did it hey guys in This video I'm gonna show you the best Affiliate marketing programs that can Make you the most money now I talk a lot About how I made six figures blogging my Second year on this channel and the only Reason for that was because of affiliate Marketing And as a quick reminder affiliate Marketing is when you refer a product or Service to someone using a unique Referral link if they click on your link And make a purchase then you earn a Commission I like to say it's how you Know how you recommend different Products and services to friends well This way you can now get paid for it I Love affiliate marketing because I get Paid for helping people it is like a Total win-win and I'm going to show you How I did this just the other day which Leads us to our first one today which is Number five the Amazon affiliate Marketing program now I just did an Updated video on how it all works and How you get your affiliate links avoid Using your social security number and How my friend Debbie earns four to five Thousand dollars per month with this one Program so you'll definitely want to Check that video out after this one and

I'll link it up here as well but I Posted a video on my YouTube channel the Other day and someone said that they Like the audio quality of my video and They ask what mic do I use so you know What I did I went straight to Amazon I Grabbed my affiliate links to the mic That I use for this Channel and then I Send it to her so I can get paid just For helping her out but you know you Have to put yourself out there if you Want to make money this this way now Amazon has one of the lowest Commissioners out there but because so Many people use Amazon it's an easy Decision for a user to go ahead on their Platform and purchase something so you Want to use what most people will buy From and people are making serious money From that like I said my friends making Four to five thousand dollars a month on That one program all right So the next thing I do want to say Before I get to the next one is that Affiliate programs you choose it should Be related to your targeted audience so I can give you a list all day of Different affiliate programs but if they Do not serve your audience they will not Help you make any money you know I have A Blog about moms but if I'm trying if Power tools has a good affiliate program If I'm trying to promote power tools to Moms I'm not going to make any money so

You know you need to just focus on the Audience that you're serving and promote Products and services that can help them That's how you're going to make the most Money with affiliate marketing all right Number four are custom programs so if There's a company that doesn't have an Affiliate program and you want to work With them they will actually make one For you as long as you have an audience That is all they care about so don't Write them off if they don't have an Affiliate program off just reach out to Them and tell them what you want to do You know let them know that you want to Work some kind of arrangement out and Send them leads I've done it and it Works so if they don't have anything Sophisticated set up they can give you a Special coupon code so they'll know that Anyone that uses that coupon code and Makes a purchase that came from you and That's how they can track it that way or They can add your name at the end of a Checkup you know process which they can Say like how did you hear about us they Can add your name so if anyone clicks That they heard about Um that company from you that's another Way that they can track that so there's No reason to say that they don't have Anything set up you can just say oh just Give me a coupon code or add my name Here because I can give you leads and if

You can do that you can make money and I'm going to tell you guys I don't Accept anything under 20 so if you're Trying to work out an agreement with Someone you don't know what kind of a Percentage you should get I always say At least start at 20 you know what's the Worst that can happen they say no and I Always say look at your competition as a Guide see what affiliate programs They're promoting and then ask yourself Do I want to promote this company if you Do go ahead and find out where their Affiliate program is and go ahead and Apply for it and you can also use this Free Chrome extension that I talked About on this channel before and it's Called strikeout where it will actually Strike out affiliate links use an Article so you can easily they identify Which links have a no follow link and Just you guys know as a blogger you're Supposed to smuck all your affiliate Links as no follow links because you Don't want Google to crawl your Affiliate links not everyone does but They should and unfortunately not Everyone is even educated enough to know That you're supposed to do this and That's why I teach this in my blogging Course and if you guys are a blogger and You want to take it to the next level You know definitely check out my site Six figure blog blueprint.com this is my

Blogging uh site right there and this is How if you want to increase your traffic And income that's where you're going to Want to be all right now the next Affiliate program or the type of Affiliate program is software So anything you need to run your Business most of those products or Services have an affiliate program I Know a lot of bloggers who talk about Blogging they make a lot of money on Different hosting platforms because if You Blog the way that we do you have to Have a host so if you're teaching Someone from an article which by the way Guys how-to articles are an excellent Way to get conversions from affiliate Marketing because the person reading it They need to go step by step in that Article so they will naturally just Click on the link that you say they need To purchase and then they're going to Click on your link make a purchase and Then you automatically get credit for it And they won't even be thinking about That's an affiliate link they're just Trying to follow your guide Now I promote siteground and big scoots On my site and these are two hosting Companies now I love big scoots so much But their referral fee is horrible it's Like 20 or 30 dollars but I still refer Them because they are the best and for Me it is honestly not all about the

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Money I truly just want to help people God has supplied all my needs and more And I have learned along the way that on The long run if you're just being Helpful and honest people will support You so that's all I'm just trying to do I'm just trying to say even though I Don't make that much money off of big Scoots I'm still going to tell you when Your blog grows sign up for a big excuse Because they are an excellent company But as a beginner you're going to just Need something not as um it's a little Bit more expensive so I promote Siteground And I was looking at my uh numbers the Other day when I was preparing for this Video and I could not believe that I had Made over forty thousand dollars from Siteground and that's from one affiliate Program so that's why I'm telling you Guys that's why I love vlogging and That's why this stuff works I have a How-to guide on how to create a blog When people are just going step by step And you guys know my stuff is helpful so I'm just like being helpful helping you Guys out you have to pay for hosting Anyway you I just end up doing it when You're clicking on my link so that's how This stuff works and I'm just being Honest I use siteground I had no Problems with them and that's why I Promote these things to you guys I use

Most of the stuff that I promote and That's why it's like a win-win for me I Get to help you and I get to make money At the same time that's why I love this Stuff and it doesn't even have to be About blogging it probably won't once You first get started I actually make More with other companies and it's not Anything related to blogging so just Think about what software products that You use and then think about how you can Promote them Number two is courses now online courses Is the new way to learn and you can Learn more and earn more through an Online course than going to college Right now and you know depending on what You're majoring in but that's the truth I know it sounds crazy no I recommend a Lot of helpful courses on my website That can help people make more money so When someone clicks on my unique Referral link and purchases a course Then I earn a nice Commission because Many of these courses are around two Thousand dollars and up so if you've Taken a course or if there's a course in Your Niche that others could learn from See if you can promote it on your Platform and that you can make a really Great income from courses alone and now Number one is skillshare this one Affiliate marketing program earn this YouTuber 716

000 and 691 dollars just last year let Me show you how I did it now skillshare Is a learning community for creators Anyone can take an online class watch Video lessons create projects and even Teach a class themselves now Ali has About eight classes that he teaches on Skillshare and he gets a nice amount of Views on his videos now as a teacher you Get paid for the number of minutes Watched by students in their classes Each month teachers typically earn Between 5 cents and 10 cents per minute Watch so he gets paid from people Watching his videos and from affiliate Sales so right now skillshare is Offering 40 commission which is up to 67 For every new customer you refer to Skillshare so from a combination of his Own videos and affiliate sales that is How he's made so much he even has a Special deal with them right now Probably because he you know gets so Many views that they give him ten Dollars for everyone that signs up for Their free trial using his unique Referral link so they don't even have to Sign up then actually pay for him to get Money that's the deal that they have Right now and that's the deal that I Want and just you guys know you can Negotiate with these affiliate programs So as more people are clicking on your Referral link and they're you're seeing

That you're getting a nice amount of Conversions you can go to them and say Hey I'm doing a lot for you right now is There anything that we can do to work Out and most of the time they will say Yes I have I've done this for almost all The affiliate programs that I do very Well with I go to them and say hey I've Been doing really good for you guys what Can you do for me and I have always Increased my commission because they Want they want my partnership they want Me to continue to bring leads to them so I want to do the same thing with Skillshare and I'm I'm like late to the Game on this because Aaron on demand She's in the YouTuber that I absolutely Love she's doing the same thing so Basically if you go to her Instagram and Click on her Link in BIO just go to her Vlogging for business course and if you Click on that you can see that you have To sign up for skillshare to watch that Course So anytime someone actually signs up to Watch her video she not only gets paid For people watching her video on Skillshare she also gets the affiliate Commissions as well when they sign up And hopefully they'll sign up and become A premium user so needless to say I'm Going to start doing the exact same Thing and teaching some lessons that I Know a lot of people are interested in

On skillshare so just think about what You can teach and then drive people to Your skillshare page and do the exact Same thing all right so what you guys to Do this I actually I'm gonna document This whole entire process and then I Want to show you guys how I'm doing on Skillshare but I want skillshare to Sponsor that video so I want you guys to Click on my impact link that one put in The description below because in order To sign up for skillshare you need to go Through impact first there that's the Affiliate marketing Network sign up for Impact it's a free account and then find Skillshare and that is how you join Their affiliate marketing program so go Ahead and do that click on my link in The description below so then I can show Skillshare I get a lot of people that Are are clicking on my links so you Should sponsor a video for mine and then I'm going to share with you guys all of My details on how I'm making money on This platform so I can help you as well So make sure if you guys want to use Skillshare as well click on my link Below so I can help you earn more money And just kind of follow my process and I'm just going to obviously share all That stuff with you guys so I just if You're still watching this video I love To ask you guys to say like hey wait I Made it like comment below I'd love to

Know that people actually watch the very End of my video because that means that Like you know someone is actually still Here I love to know that so if you can Just put in the description below and Say hey where I made it and I'm sorry my Voice is all scratchy though today but I Did want to share this information with You guys I hope you found this video Helpful and as always thank you for Watching if you guys are not subscribed To my email list yet I don't know what You're doing so go ahead and just I'll Put that in the description below as Well so you can stay updated on all Things blogging alright thanks for Watching guys and have a great day

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