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Guys take a look at these three videos Overview because I want to show you how To make money with affiliate marketing As a complete beginner using companies Like Sheen Nike puma and these companies Can pay you anything up to 28 earnings Per click you can make as much as 88 and Some of these companies will pay you as Much as a hundred and fifty nine dollars Earnings per click and what does that Mean for you it means that you can make Thousands of dollars every single week And this is available in over 200 Different countries around the world the Best part is you don't need to have a Website with this and you don't even Need to create any of the content Yourself because I'm going to show you How to use the resources that these Companies have and you can absolutely Crush it take a look at this I'm going To show you how to get hundreds of Thousands if not millions of views with These different types of affiliate Marketing networks that you can sign up Today's so if you want to know how to Make money with affiliate marketing as a Complete beginner this is super simple And you can get started today make sure You keep watching so the first step in This affiliate marketing tutorial is you Need to find yourself a product to Promote so what I did is I came over to Google and I typed in most profitable

Affiliate niches or affiliate marketing Niches you bring me over to this website So what I do is I scroll down this is How I do my research for products that I Want to start promoting I scroll down Here and as you can see there's a number Of different types of niches one of the Niches that I really commai is fashion And Beauty from there I decided to have A look at different types of shoe Companies that you can promote so all You need to do is type in shoe companies Offering affiliate programs scroll down And click onto this link as an example From there it brought me over to this Website guys and from here I'm going to Show you how I found a whole range of Different types of affiliate marketing Products that you can promote that's not ClickBank it's not jvzoo it's not Digital 24 and you can sign up for many Different countries but before I show You how to do that make sure that you Smash that like button in appreciation And subscribe to the channel because I've got some more awesome content Coming out and turn on that Bell Notification so you get notified every Time I post a brand new video and make Sure that you go down the bottom and Grab my free affiliate marketing guide It's an ultimate guide of how I make Money with affiliate marketing so make Sure it's down the bottom in the

Description for you so as we scroll down Here guys what you're going to see is That they've got all these different Shoe affiliate programs the best thing About this is that all these companies Over you don't just sell shoes for Example you know that Puma sells a whole Range of different types of products Sheen sells a whole different types of Products Nike sells a whole different Types of products Converse from clothing To hats to shoes to accessories Etc so What you want to do from here is you Want to scroll down and you want to take A look at some of these different types Of products and take a look at this you Can see that some of these different Types of companies that you're going to Find here have over a thousand Brands Like armor and Adidas and Asics Etc and When you scroll down what you're going To find is it's going to show you what Your average commission is now some of These products are so expensive and People are ordering as much as a hundred And fifty dollars on average that you're Able to make an earnings per click of 13.83 with this affiliate marketing Offer that means that on average every Time somebody clicks on this link you're Earning 13.83 now you're not being paid per Click but on average because people are Ordering so much that's what you're

Earning this is just one affiliate Program all you need to do is scroll Down and take a look at some of these Other ones I mean look at this one over Here this is 82 earnings per click and The cookie duration is 30 days we which Means that when people find your offer And I'm going to show you how you're Going to get 100 free traffic and I'm Going to show you how you're going to Use the resources that these different Types of companies already have and you Don't need to do any of the work Yourself which is amazing you can make Some really good money because for 30 Days that if somebody lands on your site Or on your offer and they purchase Anything you're going to get paid here Is another one this is night guys as you Can see with Nike earning per click is 26.93 and Nike is huge I mean imagine Being able to make money from Nike Another one over here guys is this one Over here called Chama Reaper shoes when You scroll down I mean take a look at This this is 159 earnings per click and You can expect people to order as much As 195 dollars every single time they Come over here and purchase and the Other one obviously if you keep Scrolling down guys I've also got Shane Here as as well Shane is massive they Have shoes that have every single Apparel that you can imagine and

Expected earnings per click is 28.88 Cookie duration is 30 days so all You need to do to become an affiliate of One of these sites is quite simply click Onto this once you click onto this it's Going to bring you over to a website Like this this is their affiliate Program okay now when you come over here To Shane official you can see it's going To tell you exactly how it works what Your benefits are so you can make Anything from 10 to 20 percent every Single time you make a sale and these Are reputable companies okay like I told You 30 day cookie duration as well you Can see here it also shows you your Customers benefits as well if you want To go through it and then you can come Over here to join them so what you'll Need to do is you need to come over here Guys and click onto this link to sign up And register which is going to bring you Over to a page that looks like this Where you need to complete all your Details and then sign up like I showed You with this platform you can very Easily scroll down and sign up to become Any one of these companies Affiliates You can also go on to Google and find a Whole heap of other affiliate programs In apparel or shoes or clothing as you Can see you also find Adidas as an Example and you can sign up for at Adidas as well or even Footlocker

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They've got a range of different types Of products so once you have signed up For their affiliate program you can see That they are regularly updating their Garments and you have the opportunity to Promote any one of these different types Of garments so how are you going to get Traffic to make money with affiliate Marketing and these different types of Offers well I'm going to show you that Right now but before I do that what I'd Like you to do is just go down the Bottom and comment let me know are you Enjoying these different types of Affiliate marketing tutorials or do you Want to see more ClickBank Digi store And stuff like that go down the bottom And just comment I'm enjoying this Affiliate marketing content so that I Know and I'll keep creating more content Like this and as I said please smash That like button in appreciation let's Get this video out there so more people Have an opportunity to make money with Affiliate marketing so the free traffic Source that we're going to be looking at Today guys is with Instagram why one Because I'm going to show you how to get The content without you having to create It yourself but number two take a look At this 17 profitable Instagram Niche Ideas to use in 2022 fashion is number Three okay so a lot of people are making Money with affiliate marketing and

Instagram utilizing fashion so now that We have found a product that we can Potentially promote and we have found a Niche that we want to create our social Media brand on what we now need to do is Get that free traffic so the first thing That you want to do is come over to Instagram and create an account for Yourself I'm going to show you examples Of people that are doing this so once You create your account what you want to Do let's say you wanted to do something For example and you wanted to promote Night products what you'd want to do is Create something very similar to what Nike has like this and you what you'd Want to do is upload posts and you'd Also want to upload the rules this is Exactly where you can also come to get a Lot of this content because I can Guarantee you Nike is not going to have An issue with you promoting their Products it's just not going to happen That's why there's a lot of people doing This so once you type in Nike and you Scroll down and you click onto any one Of these different types of posts or Videos what that's going to do is it's Going to take you over to Instagram Profiles like this one over here called Air Force One Nike this is somebody That's doing exactly what I'm telling You to do and when you scroll down as You can see all these videos and all

These different posts that they're Getting are somebody somebody else's Content they're not creating any of this Content for themselves and what they're Doing is they're reposting posts and They're re-posting these different types Of rules as an example if I click onto This one over here let me just pause This you can see here that they're also Pinning the person where they got this Video from so they're paying credit back To their original creator and I highly Recommend that you do exactly the same All they're basically doing is putting a Name over here what this shoe is they've Got all these hashtags which you can Replicate as well and make sure that you Put the original Creator over here so You're paying credit back to this person This is what they're doing another Profile that I found was this one over Here called the sole supplier I mean This guy has one million followers as You can see they have a link in their Buyer and when you scroll down again They've got posts and they've got reels And there is no way that they're Creating all these reels themselves They're reusing a lot of this stuff and When I clicked onto the videos they also Link back to the original Creator now When we scroll up to the top over here If we click onto this link what that's Going to do is it's going to bring us

Over to this page and as you can see What they're doing this is a link Shortening Services LinkedIn bio which Allows you to place all these different Types of pictures now when you come over Here if you click onto this Nike image What that's going going to do is that's Going to bring us over to Nike as you Can see they are an affiliate of Nike Which is why they are promoting that Nike shoe and anybody that comes in Purchases they're going to get a Percentage of that sale equally if you Scroll down and you click on to say this Adidas shoe so if we click onto this Adidas shoe you're going to see that This is now going to take us over to Adidas so they are an affiliate of Adidas as well and if anybody purchases This they're going to get paid and this Link in BIO software that they're using If you come over here and type in Link In BIO it's called you can see That they have used this software it's a Really cool software to promote these Different types of shoes or garments Etc You can equally you also use this Software over here called the link tree Link tr.double EE and at the end of this Video I'm going to show you where you Can go to get a tutorial on how to use Link tree okay but you can in linktree You can promote for example if you Wanted to do Nike Sheen Puma Adidas

Converse you can promote all these Different types of affiliate marketing Products in the apparel type knee shoes Clothing Etc so once you set that up what you Want to do is come straight back over to Your Instagram profile and then what you Want to do is you want to start using Some of these other people's videos from These products and you want to promote Their products as an example as an Example let's say we come over here to Sheen this is their official Instagram Profile now remember you've signed up to Sheen as an affiliate now what we're Going to do is we can potentially repost A lot of these different posts that they Have over here the other thing that you Can also do because I know rules do a Lot better than post you can very easily Come over here two reels and you can Scroll down and you can grab any one of These videos and repost these videos to Your own Instagram profile let me show You how simple this is let's say if we Grab this video over here that's had 2.6 Million views so we're going to click Onto this video we're going to pause This video I mean if you play this video You can see it's just a whole type of a Video where it's showing different types Of accessories earrings hair bands Glasses clothing Etc scrunchies so let's say you wanted

To promote this video what you will do Is you scroll up to the top or you Wanted to use this video on your own Instagram profile you come up to the top You copy this okay then what you want to Do is you want to come over to this Software called Triple S All you need to do is come over here and Paste that link in there and then click On to download Once you click on to Download it's going to give you this Captcha so click on each image Containing domestic cards cart okay Verify a mask if one more nut so it's Done to one now what this is going to do As you can see there's that video and You want to download this to MP4 once You click onto that you can see here on The bottom left hand corner that this Video is now downloading to my computer Once this video downloads to my computer Then what I can do is upload this video On to Instagram as an Instagram reel now Just while we wait for this video to Download don't forget to go down the Bottom guys and download My ultimate Affiliate marketing guide this is going To give you even more ideas and help you Make money with affiliate marketing show You exactly what I do to make money with Affiliate marketing it's a little Handbook that you can have for Yourselves okay that's going to help you Out and in appreciation all I ask that

You do is smash that like button in Appreciation and just comment let me Know once you have received that Ultimate affiliate marketing guide so Once this video has downloaded guys as You can see if we double click onto this Video it's going to start playing and This is the video that we are going to Start uploading on to our Instagram Profile so in order to do that what you Would need to do is come over to your Instagram profile on your phone now in Order to get that file onto your phone You would need to email that to your Email on your phone and then you can Upload that to your reels okay you can Upload that to your reels on your phone Because if you upload it here on your Computer if we click onto this and you Select that from your computer it's Going to go to your videos and we want It on our reels because reels is what's Blowing up Instagram profiles from there Once you set up your profile you want to Go and take a look at some of these Other profiles create similar profiles Make sure that you've got that link here Inside your bio and make sure that You're promoting multiple offers so if You're using link tree maybe you want to Promote Sheen Puma Converse Nike Etc Adidas even and then all you need to Do is rinse and repeat and keep Uploading these different types of rules

Onto your Instagram profile and you'll Be surprised with how many people will Click onto your link and you're going to Make money with affiliate marketing now As I told you earlier I promised you That I was going to show you how you can Set up that link tree profile all you Need to do is Click onto this video over Here right now where I go into a little Bit more detail so you can learn exactly How you can do that I'll see you on that Video until next time hope you enjoyed The video you guys take care of Yourselves and Goodbye

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