5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online With A.I Tools In 2023! (ChatGPT & Art)

As you can see here guys they have made Over a hundred thousand dollars online And what I want to do in this video is Show you some of the easiest ways to Make money online with AI software now If you've been living under a rock you Probably know that AI software is Blowing up right now like chat GPT Mid-journey daily e and other online AI Softwares and people have been making Money online with these particular Softwares now right now is one of the Best times to actually get into try and Make some money with this because it's Trending right now and there's so many Little pockets online that you could Jump into to make money before they get Saturated so you're going to want to Listen to this video and I'm going to Show you some of the best ones and take You through step by step how you can Actually do this with some examples as Well I've been making money online for a Very long time and I haven't seen an Opportunity like this for years this is One of those things that you are going To want to dive into or at least have a Look into this to see if you could Potentially make money with these Methods so let's jump into this video And I'll show you how to make money Online with AI alright guys the first Thing you want to do for this first way To make money with AI software online is

You want to head to a website called Midjourney.com and on mid-juni you're Going to join up and you're going to Actually get access to a AI bot in Discord that can create AI art for you And we can use this to make money with AI software now this is one of my Favorite ways and lots of people are Making money doing this and what you can Actually do is you can go ahead and Create these images and you can go over To a website called etsy.com and on Etsy.com you can create things like Canvases mugs t-shirts all sorts of Things with AI art on it so for example We have these shark underwater canvases If we look at my um bot here where I've Actually done a command for it you can See that this is a great white shark in The ocean it looks very real and you Can't really tell the difference it's Insane and you could potentially use This to go and sell canvases online like You see right here see these shark Canvases so you go ahead and do that Like this is a really really nice one Here it sells for 49 this is a nice one Right here that one down the bottom Right here actually looks very similar To the one that I've created right here Now If we go and actually look at this so This is a one with space so NASA and I Went ahead and took a look at this

Particular store you can see the store Right here they've got over 2 000 sales You can see what type of stuff they're Selling I actually used a software Called Allura and it tells me an Estimation of how much they have earned And it's around about a hundred and Fourteen thousand dollars by selling These types of canvases and that you can Go and create using AI software like mid Journey Through the um Discord and you Can actually see here there's lots of Other ones that I could use like this One here that that just looks insane and It really just depends on the like Um prompts that you put in so if you put Like basic information Information you're going to get basic Images but if you're put in a bit more Detail you'll get better images this one Looks amazing this is hot lava on a Beach running down a Snow Mountain so This is the prompt molten lava flow down Icelandic black sand beaches and this One looks really really good so that is One of the ways you can go ahead and Make money with AI software is by going And creating AI art and then selling it On etsy.com for a profit as a canvas mug T-shirt or literally anything now Another way you can make money online With AI software is you can go ahead and You can write ebooks for people using an AI bot called chat GPT so if we go ahead

And look at this and you go to open Ai.com you can go and click on try chat GPT and we'll take you to a software Where you can actually use it to write Things for you so if we go to fiverr.com And I put in right book you can go and Sell ebooks online for people so people Will pay you to write an ebook and all I Did is I've done some examples for this Video I went into chat GPT and to make Money on chat GPT all I've done is Created a 3000 word ebook so I said Write a 3000 word ebook on how to start Affiliate marketing now keep in mind Three thousand words is very small for An ebook they can go up to 10 000 words Even more but I wanted to do this for This example in this video and as you Can see it's written me a pretty decent Ebook covering the basics of affiliate Marketing that I could potentially sell Online to someone on fiverr.com so I Would recommend you go and put up a gig On fiverr.com and potentially sell Ebooks because it's a really easy thing To go and get a chat bot like chat GPT To go ahead and create obviously you Would need to edit it and make it sound A little bit better if it doesn't sound Very good but most of the time it Actually comes out really really good And you're not really selling them for a Lot of money on Fiverr unless you're Like this guy selling it for 1 300 you

Would need to actually make sure it's Pretty good but most of the people are Just selling it for like a hundred Dollars six dollars fifty dollars Sixteen dollars so you don't have to put In a huge amount of time on some of These ebooks now another way and this is Also on fiverr.com they've added a new Section called AI services so this is Brand new you can go ahead and sell air Now a lot of people have been saying you Can't actually sell AI ads you're not Allowed to do it if you have a Subscription with the mid-journey you Have the rights to the images you can Read it in their terms and services you Can do whatever you like with those Images and what happens is it creates These images just for you because I'm Private messaging the bot no one else Can see them these are created just for Me to use so you can go ahead and what You can do is you can go and put put a Gig up on Fiverr.com and you can get people to Send you their prompts so they will send You the prompt The Prompt is this thing Right here so for example this here this Is the prompt okay that's what you put Into mid journey to get the image now Because those people have given you the Prompt there's not a lot of work you Really have to do they will give you the Prompt you put that into my journey and

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It will spit out the image now you might Need to do a little bit of playing Around with it different variations Maybe do it a few times to get a really Good looking image but most of the time You're going to get a really good image You can send back to the person that's Just paid you for that image this is a Super easy way to make money with AI Because it's so simple the people that Are hiring you to do the service Essentially do everything for you you Just go ahead and use the software to Spit out the image now another awesome Way to make money with chat GPT online And other AI software is to go ahead and Do sales copy now I've used a example in This video and that is a real estate Property description and to my surprise It actually came out really good so what I did is I asked chat GPT write a real Estate description of a 200 square meter Four bedroom house with open plan living And marble kitchen bench tops now you're Going to want to put in something much More specific so obviously what's going To happen is you're going to get a real Estate agent and they're going to say Hey can you create me a description and You can go ahead and do it with an AI Button they'll give you a description of The house and everything you go ahead And put it into chat GPT you make a few Edits you want to put in more

Information in that and what I did is I Got this here so this stunning 200 Square meter bedroom uh four bedroom Three bathroom house that boasts a Modern open plane living area with a Spacious and Eerie feel the main living Area is perfectly entertaining and Features large windows that let in an Ambience of natural light the beautiful Marble kitchen bench top adds a touch of Luxury etc etc but what I also did is I Asked it to make it a little bit longer So I can kind of chop and change and do What I like and then send it off to the Client this is a really easy one to do And you can do this with other things as Well so they um this one here I would Deliver High conversion copywriting to Boost your sales I will write perfect sales copy that Sells instantly I will write engaging Um sales copy I will write a high Converting ebook description you can do Shopify descriptions you can do all Sorts of stuff with chat GPT when it Comes to sales copy descriptions and Things like that now another really Simple way to use chat GPT is to go Ahead and do advert copy and what I mean Is like Facebook ads because it's so Easy for this to create these types of Ads now the thing about when people are Doing advertising like me for example I Do advertising we test hundreds of

Different variations so we actually use I do use chat GPT myself to create Facebook ads because what I need to do Is I need to go ahead and create like 20 Different ad types and one or two of Them are going to really work extremely Well for me but to do that at scale I Need to use something like chat GPT so People actually go out and they pay you To make ad copy for them or sales copy As we call it okay So I've got an example here and I told Chat GPT to write a 300 word Facebook Advert about my online store that sells Donuts now keep in mind these are just For the example of this tutorial that You sometimes you might need to put in More prompts sometimes you might need to Make it more basic more advanced it's Really going to be up to you in your Testing but it actually did a pretty Good job now in my I would probably make This a lot shorter for a Facebook ad Maybe a hundred words or 200 words but This gives you a general idea of the Type of content that chat GPT is going To spit out when you ask it to do a Facebook advert copy for you or your Client now another way you can make Money with check GPT and this video is Mainly about check GPT apart from the Mid journey is you can actually go ahead And ask it to create video scripts now There is a huge amount of people who

Want video scripts and the reason is YouTube is blowing up right now like if You look at all of these here these guys Have a thousand reviews a thousand a Thousand ninety eight hundred 166 etc Etc now the reason is because most People that do YouTube channels they Need a script to do the video it's some It's really hard I don't use a script I Do most of mine just off the top of my Head but a lot of people can't do videos Unless they have a script in front of Them and that's perfectly fine and the Re and and the good thing about that is That you can make money by selling video Scripts now I don't have one in chat GPT Right now but it does make very good Video scripts I have actually tested it Myself alright guys so those are some Simple ways you can go and make money Online with AI software and I class These as some of the easiest ways for You to potentially make money online With things like chat GPT and mid Journey now if you want more content on AI software like chat GPT and Mid-journey don't forget to subscribe And tap that notification Bell so you Know my next video comes out hit that Like button if you have any questions Let me know below but these are some of The easiest ways to make money online With AI software

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