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How To Gain Back B2B Leads When They Leave

Losing B2B leads may be difficult, but it is just part of the business environment. The challenge here is how to get them back. Read on to learn how to best do it.

Design Eye-Catching Lapel Pins by Adding Decorative Accents

It’s often the smallest detail that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and lapel pins are no different. While there are hundreds of options available, adding a little pizzazz to your pin can not only increase the value and appeal of your giveaway, but can turn a plain pin into one that instantly draws the eye of everyone in the room.

Understanding Customer Engagement

Regardless of the platform your business offers and your customer uses, customer engagement can be simply defined as customer and brand interaction via various means of communication. Advertising, whether online, in print, broadcast or any other medium is a primary form of customer engagement. Increasingly, as companies spend more ">marketing dollars on internet and social media campaigns, advertising is becoming interactive.

Starting a Virtual Conversation

In our modern digital world of smart phones, tablets and people glued to a computer at their desk, conversations are seemingly majority virtual. Connecting to your audience online is now a ">marketing necessity. Do you know how to start a virtual conversation?

A Major Multi Level ">Marketing Problem – Credibility

In this article we will be discussing one of the major problems in multi level ">marketing – credibility. How to build trust with people, how to stand out, how to be different? Find out here!

Avoiding ">Marketing Metrics Tunnel Vision

">Marketing companies and especially digital ">marketing companies are focussed on cultivating a data-driven culture. Because digital media is famous for being the most measurable channel available to brands and marketers today, it’s not surprising that agencies have become well, a little obsessed with metrics.

7 Elements of an Effective ">Marketing System

A lot of ">marketing “gurus” would have you believe you couldn’t possibly create an effective ">marketing system all by yourself. One of the problems facing many business owners is they simply don’t know the pieces of the puzzle that make up an effective ">marketing system. That’s what you’re going to learn today and then, you’ll be better equipped to create a ">marketing system for your business and generate the sales results you need to thrive.

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