5 Remote Jobs Hiring NOW up to $35/hr.! [Work from Home]

Hey guys if you're looking for remote Jobs then this is the video for you I've Got jobs you can do online up to 34 Dollars an hour now some of these do Require you to have a decent amount of Experience and then some of them don't Like number two on this list only Requires you to have a high school Diploma and they are hiring up to 34 an Hour so this list is the real deal and If you're looking for a job just to let You guys know everything has been Verified you know there's way too many Scams out there and I never want to hear That someone got scammed because of me I Look at all the jobs on this list I'm Going to share with you today as a job That I want to apply to myself so I'm Not just giving you guys some crap okay Now I'm doing this video for one reason And one reason alone and that's because People need money but I want you to look At this job as that you're going to get As temporary like storm Leroy says your Job is your first business partner I Want you to use this job to finance your Life until you can quit it once your own Business takes off because think about It no one is paying you to get rich you Are working so someone else can get rich Margaret bernano said it best being rich Is having money being wealthy is having Time I want you guys to buy your time Back I mean isn't that what we all want

Time time to do whatever we want Now these jobs are okay but I want you Guys to think bigger and think about Buying assets and diversifying your Income and letting your money work for You but you have to start somewhere so That's what we're going to get started With this list and make sure you guys Subscribe because I am a six figure Entrepreneur on my way to seven figures And it is so much better when we can do Things together and I want to show you The many different ways that you can get There all right and let's start with Number five and number five is upwork Now this is the only freelance site that I'm gonna mention on this list but I'm Mentioning it because this was how I was Able to get my first job online that I Applied for So upwork is a site that helps creatives Find projects communicate with clients And get paid so I applied to one on Upwork and I got the first one that I Applied for and it was a three month Project for a virtual assistant position And I was making 25 an hour working only Just 10 hours a week and I still had a Full-time job I had a my one-year-old my Husband so you know I was trying to do All the things but this was a nice extra Income to see if I could really work Online and make an income online before I actually quit my job so I'm always

Promoting upwork because it was the First place that I was able to make an Income online now my advice when you're Using upwork is to only look for the Jobs that you know you can do well in Because you want to get a good review so You can get more jobs and when you see a Position that you qualify for apply for It immediately especially if only a few Proposals have been submitted you know They they allow you to see how many Proposals have been submitted for each Project so if it's only like five to ten Or less apply for it immediately the Less competition the better You also want to check if the client has A blue verified payment check before Applying because that's how you can make Sure that it's not going to be a scam And because you don't know who you're Working with you're just working with People that have um are trying to look For people to work for them and the only Way that you know that they are verified Or legitimate is if they had that blue Check mark and if you live in the US Make sure that you are checking only the Jobs that say U.S only now here's a Secret how I was able to get my first Job without having any experience Reviews or references so if you're Pitching your first job try to offer Your services for free for one week just To ease the client's mind since you

Don't have any references or reviews now If a client likes you move on with the Paid service the following week that's How I want my first job and the client Still paid me for the first week even Though I offered it for free so if you Guys are looking for work on upwork go To the website today if you don't see Anything check it in tomorrow if you Don't see anything tomorrow check again I was on upwork every single day just Looking for the right job until I found It and then when I did I got it so I That's what I definitely recommend you Guys do if you're looking for work Definitely check out upwork number four Is a company called bully and they are a Company that is a hundred percent remote And they are looking for an executive Assistant that pays between 24 to 28 an Hour so here's a position right here It's the as an executive assistant and Then looking for part-time and full-time And just right here this is the Experience that they're looking for so They want you to have a minimum of seven Years of direct hands-on experience as An executive assistant or senior Administrative Assistant to one or more Executives so in a minimum of four years Of calendar management so I'm gonna let You guys I want to put the link to this In the description below to see if you Qualify but below you can see the many

Benefits that they have so starting pay Is from between 24 to 28 an hour which Is really good and a lot of great Benefits so 401K paid time off so this Is definitely something you're looking For if you have the requirements for This this company is highly recommended Especially on Glassdoor now glad last Door it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars now I Have never seen a company almost this High people don't usually like to talk That great about a company but there is A reason why so I went through the Reviews and just looking at the comments And this is really a great company to Work for so if you're looking for remote Work and you have the experience that They're looking for definitely apply to Boatly next is number three and it's a Customer support analyst material Support position so this job was found On Flex jobs so it was already vetted it And that's how I know it's legitimate so Let's look at what it says online so This position right here is a full-time Position and it's remote and it was just Recently posted so I highly recommend if You guys fit this description to apply For it immediately so just looking Through this they um you will be doing Providing support to Logistics shipping Delivery and materials to amplify External and internal customers via Incoming calls emails voicemail and chat

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Sessions and it's looking at the Requirements right here they want you to Have associates degree one year's next Year experience with customer service Role and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps and then There's a little bit more to it here but The hourly rate for this position is 20 To 25 an hour so this is not bad a lot Of remote positions that I was looking Up when I was going doing my research There are only like 14.16 an hour so I wanted to make sure That I was Finding positions for you Guys that were at least twenty dollars An hour or more so I'm gonna put the Link to this job in the description Below so you guys can check it out or Apply if you're interested in it now Number two is United Healthcare and they Have a number of remote jobs and they Have decent reviews on Glassdoor so I Definitely want to talk about some of These and I found one in particular that Only requires you to have a high school Diploma and you can make up to 34 Dollars an hour let's check it out so This position right here was a central Support operations coordinator and it's A national remote position and I'm gonna Put the description the link to apply For this in the description below but Just check this out for what the primary Responsibilities are is that you need to

Manage inbound and outbound telephone Communication in a professional manner And according to productivity and Quality standards so you guys can look Through these requirements and Responsibilities but the qualifications For this they only are requiring you to Have a high school diploma and It's a preferred qualifications are Associate's degree And let's see I think they have the pay On here which I wanted to share with you Guys Yeah so the pay right here so this is Only for residents in California Colorado Connecticut Nevada Washington New York City residents only so Hopefully you guys are living in one of These states and the pay is from 16 to 31 I think I messed up I think I Actually said 34 earlier so it is 31 so Excuse you guys for that and this is a Really great pay rate right now so I Highly recommend if you guys are Interested in this definitely go ahead And apply for it immediately and I'm Gonna put the link in the description Below so you guys can check that out now Number one on this list is a rise and I Chose them to be number one on this list Because they are a hundred percent work From home customer service positions so I know a lot of the remote positions That people are looking for are customer

Service I am not a huge fan of customer Service positions because I feel like That doesn't give you they don't really Challenge you a lot but I'm only putting This because it's going to be a job that You can do from home you're going to Probably be able to find these jobs a Lot quicker than others so I wanted to Give this option to you guys just to Have something to consider her as to as Temporary like this is just to help you Pay the bills until you can get your own Job these everything I'm talking about Today I want you to think of as Temporary I don't want you guys to live A job your whole entire life working so Hard working putting all these hours in For just a little bit of pay so this is Just a temporary job but I want to show You guys about it so arise the platform Where you can actually become your own Boss with customer service work from Home positions so now when you're Signing up they are going to ask you for Your social security number and I know a Lot of people are not comfortable with That but this is a legitimate company so If you have any fears of that I know People that are working for them Um they're not a scam or anything like That and so I understand that you may Not feel comfortable with that and if You don't want to put your social Security number in there just don't even

Apply for this company but um they're Going to ask you for that because I Guess they're looking for a background Check internet and all that stuff you do Need to have your social security number To have that information to do those Things so that's the one thing about This job but if you are looking uh Looking for this they do have some good Reviews also on and they do have other Positions that are not just customer Service positions because I saw that on Glass door they're hiring account Managers for eighty thousand dollars a Year so that's a great amount of money So not everything is a customer service Working from home position but it's Definitely worth looking into just Seeing all the different opportunities That they have and seeing what works for You so I hope you guys enjoyed this list And found something that you could Actually apply for and get started with Let me know in the comment section if You enjoyed this if you want me to do More videos on these but I definitely Want you guys the ultimate goal is to Have your own business or buy assets and Diversify your income so you have your Money working for you instead of you Working for your money that is the goal And I have a whole video on different Side hustles that you guys can do that Can make you fifteen thousand dollars a

Month so this stuff that I'm talking About is like nothing compared to that Video so I'm gonna put that video in the Description below it's a great video I Always tell people If number four does not blow your mind Unsubscribe for my channel because it's Just that good I don't want you guys to Unsubscribe but I'm telling you that's Why it's that good so definitely check It out and wait too at number four Because it will blow you away all right Thanks for watching guys and have a Great day [Music]

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