5 Ways to make your first $1000 and first 1000 subs on YouTube

Entrepreneurs it's never been easier to Hit your Milestones on YouTube whether That's your first thousand dollars or Gaining your first thousand subscribers On YouTube in today's video you're going To see several ways and reasons on why You can do that and why today is an Amazing time to start have you been Having that urge to start YouTube and Start making it your number one source Of generating more exposure leads and Sales you are in the right place be sure To stick around to the end of this video Because I have a huge announcement Without further Ado let's get going so For the first way let's talk about some Monetization updates that are major Major YouTube has never made so many Changes in one year to make it easier For a new Creator to grow and monetize On the platform starting with the merch So before Historically on the channel you needed 10 000 subscribers to add merch to your YouTube channel so basically to connect Your Teespring store and sell like print On demand stuff any you know whatever a Merch you had going on on your Teespring Store now the merch Shelf has become Known as YouTube shopping and you can Also connect things like spreadshop and Shopify at the same time to your YouTube Shopping section and you do not need 10 000 subscribers anymore to do this as a

Minimum requirement now you only need a Thousand subscribers to activate the YouTube shopping however there is one Little catch you do need to be a part of The YouTube partnership program in order To activate the YouTube shopping but the Cool thing is is that you can feature Two different products from each Different shop on one YouTube video so That's more opportunity for newer Creators to make even more Revenue with Their merch alright special announcement Time yay I just want to say that we have This crazy event coming up called the Subscribers to sales experience and if You haven't heard already what this is This is the very first time I'm hosting This event it is a live opportunity to Get coach coaching with myself and my Team and a group of guest experts that We have coming to teach entrepreneurs Who enroll in the experience how to Create a successful YouTube channel and How to do it the right way okay and this Is a way to get direct support guidance And accountability from me and basically You'll be working alongside me for six Weeks and we'll give you actionable Tasks we'll give you a pre-recorded Video lessons to watch we're going to go Live once a week and teach you step by Step how to do this it's going to be Incredibly fun spots are limited because We want to deliver this product and we

Want it to be not only an amazing time But super valuable and we want you to Get your YouTube channel off the ground Right with your business in mind so what We're really proud of the first time Doing this experience is the done with You coaching right the curriculum that We have for you so not only is it the Live sessions but you also get a full Library of over 50 video lessons you get To be a part of a private Community with Like-minded entrepreneurs who are on the Same Journey as yourself and of course The done for you editing so we have an Editing team the same editors who are Editing this video who will be ready and Available to edit your videos as soon as You come on board and as soon as you Start producing your YouTube videos so Our goal really is to help you really Explode your business by gaining Authority leads and sales and to help You incorporate YouTube easily into your Lifestyle because we know you're Probably busy and this is what I believe Sets us apart from all the other YouTube Help sources out there is that we show You our systems so that you can Duplicate our systems in and around your Channel and we also give you Monetization strategy that suits your Brand and your business so be sure to Click the link below and check out all The enrollment details everything's

There on the enrollment page I promise And when you opt in to get the Enrollment details you'll get a copy of My subscribers to sales blueprint which Is a 14 page PDF on the exact strategy That I use to create multiple six Figures with my YouTube channel Definitely check it out click the link Below and I hope to welcome you inside Of the community alright so the next Thing that I wanted to highlight in your Journey to your first 1K subs and 1K in Revenue is the community tab people Underestimate the power of the community Tab if you didn't know already YouTube Has eight different sources of traffic And Community tab is considered one of Them so now you are able to access the Community tab as a brand new Creator so Historically it used to be where you Needed a thousand subscribers and then YouTube lowered it to 500. now all Creators can access and interact with Their Community which is amazing because You can do things like you know run a Promotion promote physical products if You have a local business or e-commerce Store you can pull your audience you can Add images you can do all kinds of Amazing things in your community and get More exposure and promote your new Videos Etc there's so many cool things And this is huge this is a huge huge Update that is really great for small

Creators wanting to really explode with Their new YouTube channels the next Feature that I really love it's not Really for like growth or generating Revenue but it's a really cool update And that is YouTube handles so now just Like every other social media you can Have an at name in your YouTube url so Basically if my URL is youtube.com Forward slash at Marissa Romero so you Can at me in the comments right now People are selecting your YouTube Handles so I would definitely go and Grab your YouTube handle Um it's up for grabs right now Now's the Time just go and create the channel Which we will show you how to do in the Subscribers sales experience and so you Can secure either your personal name or Your business name or your YouTube Channel so the next way to really crush It and gain 1K subs and revenue really Fast on YouTube is to have a super solid Funnel first of all starts with good Content right which you are going to Deliver which we are going to teach you How to script for success in the Subscribers to sales experience but it All starts with good content good Content is everything good content Allows you to handle objections that Your customers may have it allows you to Demonstrate a product it allows you to Really teach a concept or a you know

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Step-by-step how-to and it is the make Or break of whether somebody stays on Your video or it leaves your video and It helps with the watch time which is Something that the YouTube algorithm Absolutely loves having great content Also helps you identify the pain points Of the person that you're trying to help Because if you're an expert if you're in Business if you solve a problem you Already know your potential clients or Your customers pain points and what They're going through so good content And video is a great way to do that so That's all at the top of the funnel Right then they go down into Um like this right you give them a free Pdf that's solid right this is your Trojan horse or whatever per se and this PDF is going to give them some value for Free this took me a long time to create I put a lot of effort into this PDF so It's it's a no-brainer that when Somebody opts in they're going to get Value they're going to get to know your Brand and that's what's going to make it Worth it for them To give you their name and their email And so this is a big thing that we teach Inside the subscribers to sales Experience is your monetization strategy And really how to position your business For profit now right and it all starts With the top of the funnel and having

Good video content and having a solid Opt-in and Lead magnet so basically the Lead magnet is going to talk about the What is going to talk about some points And give some tips but it's not going to Show the how it's not going to talk About the full entire transformation Right and that's where your service your Offers your proprietary Frameworks come Into place and that's what's going to Motivate somebody to purchase with you And so small creators and business Owners getting started on YouTube I Think the main thing that really Discourages them in the beginning is That they don't really believe that they Can get the traffic and the leads from YouTube but let me tell you this one Fact that when I was a small UT tuber And when I only had I think around 400 Subscribers I was getting about 10 leads Per day in my CRM I use Karcher as an all-in-one business Tool and I was getting 10 leads about Some days it would be eight some days it Would be 13 but on average 10 leads onto My email list in cartridge and I was Like whoa this is crazy like I couldn't Believe it and I'm like I feel like my YouTube channel had to be way bigger in Order to get this many leads per day Because somebody recently asked me it's Like well do you think with like 300 Subscribers I could be getting at least

One or two new leads a month I'm like Heck yeah you could be getting 50 New Leads a month 150 New Leads per month Um for free for free and these are Highly qualified people joining your Email list and that are having the Potential to buy from you and so I hope Those different ways inspire you to get Started today and make YouTube the Number one thing that's next in your Marketing efforts if so definitely join Us in the limited time event subscribers To sales experience you can enroll right Here ask me any questions you have There's a little bubble where you can Directly talk to me on video and I'll be Able to answer any questions you have if All the videos and information doesn't Answer it for you already so click right Here and I hope to welcome you inside of Our community thanks so much

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