Foreign [Music] From home opportunities from two Separate companies both positions are in IT Tech so if that is an area that you Are in as well and you're looking for Some opportunities to work in IT Tech Area then these are the companies you Want to check out they currently have Open positions and these are high paying Jobs they do require you to have some Experience so I'm going to go over that Information in this video but first of All make sure you subscribe by hitting That subscribe Button as well as hitting Tapping hitting clicking on the Notification Bell so good morning good Afternoon and good evening whenever you Catch this video or this job lead I hope You're doing well now these jobs are Both available to those who are looking For overnight positions okay so I'm Going to go ahead and share the Companies in this video the first Company that you're looking at is Source Pass Source pass is an I.T company they Provide solutions to businesses to Tackle whatever it needs that they have Whether it is to resolve some I.T issues That they're having or provide them with Security Services Source pass provide That for businesses again okay so to Learn more about them you can scroll Through their tabs that they have here

Um you can see again they provide I.T Services cyber security physical Security Consulting Services web Services they got it all covered okay so Make sure you go through their about Section as well to read more about the Company their goals the mission Statements etc etc so where is the Opportunity posted they post the Opportunity on Glassdoor so that's where It's available right I actually found it Directly on Glassdoor so the position is For remotes help desk technician and it Is for overnight shift this is a Full-time position and estimated salary Listed on Glassdoor is 85 000 per year Okay that's the estimated salary it can Vary it could be less or it could be Right at 85 000 depending on your Experience level all right so Source Pass an I.T consulting company that has Been providing Network supports and Solutions for their clients since 2001 They create and deliver Innovative I.T Services cloud computing and Security Solutions that may match That matched the right Technologies to Specific Industries and business Strategies so they have an exciting Opportunity to join their amazing team Of 400 plus staff as a remote help desk Technician so this position is strictly Remote based okay so you should be able To apply no matter where you are it does

Have a location listed here as Los Angeles California but it doesn't mean That they're only hiring in Los Angeles California they also have a rating of Four and a half Stars so they're pretty Good company now let's jump into the Details for this job as a remote help Desk technician you'll be responsible For working closely with their clients Providing advanced level two I.T Knowledge tools and problem solving Skills to determine diagnose and solve All I.T related issues this is a fully Remote position okay fully remote you Usually means that you can work anywhere In the US there's one indication that Might give you a clue that is probably More than likely only available in the U.S and that is their time zone listed Here so it stays that position during The hours of you'll be working during The hours of 10 pm to 7 A.M Eastern Standard Time with one of the following Shifts you will have Monday through Friday that's one shift Wednesday Through Sunday or you could work Saturday through Wednesday the salary For this position they made it clear is 85 000 Plus So I guess 85 000 a year is the starting Pay and then it can go up they stated Here also negotiable based on experience So if you have all the experience listed In the responsibilities section

Everything that basically they're Looking for then 85 000 and up could be Within your salary range right so let's Look at the responsibilities for this Job if you're still with me set up Workstations with computers and Necessary and necessary devices routers Printers Etc check computer hardware Install configure appropriate software Diagnose and maintain local networks Ensure security and privacy of networks Provide orientation and guidance to Users on how to operate software and Computer equipment organize and schedule Diagnostic testing perform Troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve Problems maintain records identify Document computer acts as a lasong Between vendors and clients for open Vendor support requests so majority of This job look as though it is non-form Based so there's very minimum normal Phone involved here so majority of itec Position if you've worked in the High-tech feel your job is mainly online Based right so you'll be configuring and Fixing things via chats or email Communication sometimes you may do a Screen share of your clients computer to Walk them through some steps so that you Can see what exactly the issue is on Their ends so that's based on my Knowledge I could be wrong but it seems So majority of the work is online based

But you may be on the phone assisting Clients assisting clients assisting Clients as well okay so it doesn't Necessarily state that you will be on The phone in any of the responsibilities Here it seems to be more so online based Okay now it states that you guide users On how to operate software so this could Be done via video chats or email and Phone as well so maybe a little bit of All those communication channels so if You're flexible then that's awesome so Let's get into the skills and experience That you will need this job is no joke Especially when it comes to the salary So yes you will need to have experience So they prefer that you have three to Five years of experience in technical Support okay that's just a preference It's not required but you still need to Have some technical support experience Experience working with azer is a plus Experience working with Office 365 is Preferred experience working with sonic Wall devices preferred experience Working with HP devices preferred okay So those are all their preferred and Plus experience and skills that they do Desire their ideal candidate to half of This position and yeah you'll get the Pay you'll get the high salary ability To communicate effectively prioritize Etc etc okay it also State Microsoft Apple sonic wall Cisco and other it

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Vendor certifications is desirable so if You're certified in any of these things Listed here then that is highly Desirable So this is coming from Source pass they Are looking for overnights remote help Desk technician to earn some big money Working overnights now the next company I want to share with you is coming from Network rights similar company they Address it technical issues with their Companies that are looking to get their Issues resolved using their I.T tech Support agents all right so let's jump Into exactly what the opportunity is That they have offer I'm going through These video I'm going through this video Pretty quickly usually I'll show you Google reviews about the company but you Guys are highly intelligent adults you Know how to look up companies for Yourself and I highly suggest you do That because don't always trust 100 Any job leads Um platform to do the work for you okay We look for the leads and we share those Leads we do our little bit of research But it's up to you to do your thorough Research okay so whenever a company is Hiring some of us shoot these job leads Out super fast just so that you don't Miss them so we're not doing a lot of Research on these companies background Research like that just to be honest

With you okay so you are the one who's Responsible for doing your own Independent research on any and all Companies you come across no matter Where you're getting your leads from no Matter how wonderful a person sounds on Their Channel and trustworthy they sound You still are obligated to do your own Independent research all right so let's Get into the opportunity they're also Looking for remotes overnight I.T Consultants they're on a mission to Create a human-centric Innovative Next Generation world of I.T So you'll get exposure to multitude of I.T systems build networks and Connections and tests and implements the Latest and greatest technology you'll Also be involved in strategic Tech stack Projecting planning in addition you'll Be part of a passionate team supporting Businesses with offices all around the World now pay close attention to what They also State they are an organization That really cares about its clients and Its people and they demonstrate this Every day so that's basically and hint Hints to you that this is what they will Expect from you as well all right so Let's jump into the job about this Opportunity it's an overnight I.T Consultant you'll be as an overnight I.T Consultant you'll be providing remote Technical support to employees you

Primarily be supporting Mac OS and iOS Devices and facilitate IC I.T shipments For onboarding and all off-boarding You'll also be collaborating with people At all levels so you'll be doing a lot Of communicating as well this is fully Remote position again just like the last Jaw this position is an overnight Position Requiring eight hour shift between the Hours of 7 PM Eastern standards 8 PM Eastern Standard Monday through Friday So it's fully remote seems as though They are looking for people to work Within the U.S all right so what you Would do they have a list of Items that you will do okay it's not as Long as the last position configure and Support Mac OS iOS devices manage Physical assets manage support identity Platforms develop and update standards Help configure automations Etc etc About you you bring a bachelor's degree In Computing related discipline you have Three to four plus years of experience In an I.T focused role experience with Mac OS and Windows customer service Oriented with strong communication Skills passion for I.T as well as Building relationships and so on okay so This is basically what they're looking For you to bring and the benefits for This job the opportunity to work with

Some of the fastest growing technology Companies Aggressive bonus and profit sharing Program they also offer you 401K Flexible time off policies available Benefits are included okay Home Internet And mobile phone reimbursement they will Pay for your home entertained they'll Pay for your internet as well as your Mobile phone bill so they'll take care Of that bill for you all right awesome They'll also give you some money to make Sure that you're well fed they will Offer you meal stock band as well so Notice on the bottom it states that this Is a 90-day contract to higher positions A 90-day trial run basically so it's a Contract to higher position all right so If you're ready to get started in the Podcast job click course says Supply and The application will pop up immediately It's a quick application if you need Assistance with your resume stay tuned For the rest of this video or give you Some information about the templates I Provide and if you you do not feel Comfortable with the templates you can Always email melissia home gmail.com and Book a resume revamping service with Yours truly Melissa at home and I'll Take care of your resume for you so These are the two companies I want to Share with you on today's video that are Currently hiring okay and if you're

Interested in any of these jobs or if You know someone who would be a perfect Fit for this job I can think of a few People on my ends that I might share This job these jobs with as well go Ahead and share and thank you so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video Happy work from home bye if you Are looking to get started in working From home of course the first thing that You need to have is a resume a remote Ready resume is the key to Lansing a Remote-based position the first thing an Employee sees is your resume and that Introduces you so it's very important That you have an outstanding Professionally done resume that stands Out from all other candidates so to Assist to in putting an amazing resume Together I created my ATS remote ready Resume template bundle this bundle comes With two resumes as well as a bonus Resume two cover letters and two thank You notes this resume bundle include all The necessary components needed for you To create an outstanding resume to Include in your application this is one Sample of what you will receive in that Bundle the straightforward very simple Basic resume you want something that's Very straightforward nothing too fancy Or too confusing it gets right to the Point it lists your professional skills Where it needs to be and then go into

Your experience your work history and Your experience with companies that You've worked for so ATS friendly Resumes are structured to make sure that The important things that you need to Have on your resume is at the Forefront So that when an employee looks at your Resume they see exactly what it is that They need to see okay so make sure you Check out my resume template and it also Comes with the cover letter and as you Can see it details what you can put on Your cover letter how to construct your Cover letter to make you stand out as a Candidate as well as a thank you note Which is important to follow up with Employees about your application if you Are interested in my no experience Template this is a sample of my no Experience template for those who have Absolutely no experience if you've been Out of work for over two years or so Maybe your Homemaker or stay-at-home mom Or even a student who have been in College majority of your life right so If you are someone who has no experience Very little to no experience based on Those factors maybe you've worked a Bunch of gigs done doordash for a while And you haven't been in the workforce And you're looking to make a transition This would be a perfect template for This because it highlights those Professional soft skills that you've

Gained by just life experience okay so There's a way in which you can Incorporate things that you have learned In your life doing side gigs or just Being a stay-at-home mom if you're a Stay-at-home mom you've gained those Soft skills that you can integrate into Any position that you're applying for so This resume template help you to Structure your resume and highlight Those skills as a homemaker stay-at-home Mom or as a student maybe you worked on Projects in school in a team Dynamic on Certain creative projects you can Actually utilize the skills that you Gain from those things and integrate it In your resume to stand out as a Candidate so make sure you check out my No experience resume template if this is Your situation it also comes with a Cover letter a reference page you can List a professional reference or Personal references and also a thank you Note to follow up with employees and it Comes with a guide as you can see words Are written on there which is the guy You and what exactly to write on your Cover letter all the templates that are Available do require that you have word In order to make edits to the templates Okay so if you have any issues with the Templates make sure you email melissia Home gmail.com if you need any tips and Suggestions or if you run into any

Issues with downloading your templates

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