[$900/DAY!] How To Make +$4,000/WEEK Online As A Beginner (The EASY WAY) Make Money Online 2022

As you can see right here in the last 30 Days I was able to make 17.2 thousand Dollars all in affiliate commissions and When I go to the last week I was able to Make 3.9 thousand dollars and just in The last seven days I was able to Generate 4.1 000 and this is all in affiliate Commissions and in today's video I'm Going to show you how you can make over Four thousand dollars per week with Affiliate marketing without any skills Without any experience without selling Anything yourself just by using my two Favorite traffic methods first I'm going To show you how to get paid up to nine Hundred dollars per day even if you are A complete beginner starting from Complete scratch without doing any work Yourself and then I'm going to share With you two targeted traffic methods That you can use to start generating Sales as soon as possible oh and by the Way the second traffic method I'm going To share with you is my personal Favorite and it's actually the traffic Method that I'm using to generate these Sales on my own account but also before We get started don't forget to like the Video subscribe to the channel and Comment down below and tell me which one Is your favorite YouTube channel that You are watching every single day okay So let's get started with the method

Guys now the first thing you want to go To clickbank.com just sign up for an Account go to the marketplace it's the Basic thing but I want to show you the Exact affiliate offers to promote so you Don't have to be doing any selling Yourself you don't have to create any Complicated sales funnels because they Are already going to be done for you and You can just focus on copy and pasting Your affiliate link and then using my Traffic methods to start generating Yourself so just go to ClickBank then go To the marketplace and then on the left Hand section go to the E-Business and E-marketing then scroll down and then Right here right it's going to say these Four different things like gravity Conversion initial conversion and Recurring Rebel for the average Conversion you want to put their minimum Of 500 and click on go now what this is Going to do it's going to show you just The affiliate products that are going to Be paying you minimally 500 per Conversion so we are just going to be Focusing on ones that are going to be Paying you a lot of money and you want To sort them by gravity okay and when You're going to take a look you can see Exactly like right here this product is Going to pay over one thousand dollars On average just one sale of these can Make you thousand dollars for sales and

That's already four thousand dollars and Right here nine hundred and fifteen Dollars just like four or five sales and You are already over four thousand Dollars per week and so on and so on Just make sure you are going to store Them by gravity so you can see which Ones are currently selling the most Because these are so higher priced the Vendors are going to do a lot of work to Follow up with all the traffic so if You're going to check out for example This product right here this is the Super affiliate system by John christani You're going to see that these products Are being sold through on a webinar and Pretty much to actually get to this Webinar you need to like register Somewhere and when people are going to Register somewhere they need to enter Their name their name you need to enter Their email address as well and this is Going to add them into a autoresponder Follow-up sequence and the vendor is Going to be following up with them for The next like 30 or 60 days minimal Really get the sale but the thing is They are going to be following up with Your own affiliate link so pretty much The automated sales funnel is already Ready for you right here and all you Need to do just a couple of people right Here and then just do nothing at all Because the selling part is going to be

Done with the by the vendor so you Really just need to get your affiliate Link and just get some traffic to it now The way to do that is just click on Promote right here and then make sure That the feeling you're going to pick Right here is going to be the one that Is going to have that email capture form Because if it doesn't have it then you Need to create it using like a click Funnels system audio or any kind of a Landing page builder but if it's already There for example for the default I know It's there but direct to the sales page Doesn't have it so you can see this one Actually has it so people need to enter Their email address when they are Registering but this one doesn't have it So for this one you will need to create It make sure you are going to be Promoting this sales page right here Just get your default affiliate link and Click on create a hot link now you want To copy it and then head over to website That's called cattley cat l y and then Paste it right here to bring that to Shorten it so instead of having the long Ugly link now it's going to be a short Affiliate link that's going to look just Like this and pretty much a lot more People are likely to click on it so Instead of this long link now we are Going to have this short one it's pretty Much much more appealing because it

Doesn't have as many letters as many Numbers and it's pretty much just short Ones so a lot more people are going to Click on it and for this product that's Pretty magic you can create like Complicated follow-up sequences yourself But if you are just getting started and You just want to do something to Actually see some initial results all You really need to do is just right now Use these two traffic methods I'm going To share with you to start getting Visitors to your affiliate link and Chances are eventually some of these Visitors are going to turn into Customers and you can wake up check your Account and see those nine hundred Dollar paydays instead of there and then Be really happy so what I want to show You are going to be two traffic methods That you can use right now and the first One is going to be using hercules.com Now this is a website where you can go To and you can advertise to thousands of People daily completely for free now Currently there's over 303 000 different Members who you can advertise to and It's super super simple to do just go to Hercules and you just want to sign up For an account now because I already Have an account I'm just simply going to Log in and I know you know about this Website already most likely because I Have been promoting not promoting it I

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Have been recommending it on my videos For a very long time I don't have an Affiliate link I don't really promote it I just want you to pretty much make some Money using this website and I know a Lot of people made a lot of money using This website so that's the reason why I'm always always recommending it Because sometimes you don't need to get A new website you just want to use the Website that I showed you already in my Videos if you just want to go to Hercules once again you want to click on The add mailers and you just want to Copy and paste the email that I already Created for you now this is the email Just to make it super super simple and This is going to be sent out to those 300 000 people if you have the paid Account or you can send it to 1 000 People per day per account if you have a Free one but there's a little hack you Can just create multiple accounts on Hercules and pretty much send this email Completely for free to thousands of People because if you create five Accounts you can send it to 5 000 people If you create 10 accounts that's 10 000 People so now really just copy this Headline right here and also pause the Video to rewrite this email they just Copy this part and then you just put it Right here into the subject line I'm Going to change this to HTML email and

Then just copy the body and you're going To see why this email is so powerful Because it's really just enticing people To register for a free training so it's Already selling the program it's just Telling people like hey sign up for a Free training you're going to learn how To make 10 ten thousand dollars per Month so that's all you really need to Do okay because if it's a free training You really just want to get people into The ecosystem and then the selling is Going to be done with the vendor he Already has the email follow-up sequence He already has all everything Retargeting in place and that's it That's pretty much it now make sure You're going to highlight this email That highlight these two call to actions So click here that's the first one and Add your affiliate link and then the Second one is right here free and cool And pretty much the way the email is Written is in a very special and generic Way as if you were writing to a friend Pretty much hey first off put your Credit card away so people are already Like okay I'm not going to be buying Anything you might as well check it out This training is free even though the Value it provides can be easily worth 1997 click here to see what I'm talking About in the register now it's like yeah Might as well do it just because of the

Curiosity like what is on the other side And then inside you're going to discover A simple three-step system that Beginners are using to earn over ten Thousand dollars their first month Online that's it free and cool plus some More bonuses if you register through This link right here and that's the Email it pretty much doesn't disqualify Anyone it's free you're going to learn How to make ten thousand dollars per Month and you're going to get some Bonuses like who doesn't like that and That's pretty much it so that's the Email that's the first traffic method You can submit the ad and check this out Bam it has been sent to 303 000 members and pretty much it this is The Hercules this is how it works you Can just create multiple accounts you Can send out to 1 000 members per Account and yeah that's how you can make Money you can promote any affiliate Offers you can probably do whatever you Want on this network pretty much they Don't really have any like regulations As long as it's not like these ones okay So these are the pretty much yeah these Are the only rules right here you can Pretty much promote any kind of that Program any kind of CPA offer and Whatever you want on this website and Now pretty much for the second traffic Source I want to show you something

Really awesome okay now if you just go To Google and you're going to search for Example for how how to make money online You can see how to make money online You're going to see all these different Results now you can see that the first One two three four of them are actually Advertisements now this is in my own Language but it's just saying Advertisement and another pretty much my Favorite traffic Source are Advertisements on search engines okay And the reason for that is because Someone if someone goes to Google and They search for how to make money online What they are thinking about are they Thinking about like buying some I don't Know six pack shortcut are they buying About I know like how to buy a training For dogs no they are thinking about okay How do I make money online they are Putting the effort to learn how to make Money online because when you go to Google there is no Discovery section you Need to put something into it and then They choose the word how to make money Online so now they are scanning for Information that's going to tell them How to make money online and one of the Easiest ways to actually get info front Of them is using the advertisements Because the first four of them are Actually advertisements and then they Actually get some search results you can

See it right here like they need to Scroll so further down to actually get The real search results so one of the Easiest ways to do this is just with Using advertisement but okay Eric but Okay I don't want to pay for Advertisements well here is the cool Part there are websites out there like This one which is going to give you 500 Completely free advertising coupon to Advertise on Google and use these Advertisements almost completely for Free now if you're going to get 500 for This free search ads are you going to Use them well if you want to make money I highly highly recommend that you're Going to use them because websites like This are going to give you like 500 Credit and you can pretty much spend This credit to promote any affiliate Offer and make some very easy money Because for example if you're going to Like run an advertisement just like this On the first page of Google for helping Money online and you going to promote a Product that teaches how to make money Online from five hundred dollars you are Going to make at least a couple hundred Dollars in affiliate commissions and if You are not paying for this advertising Credit this is all pure profit that you Take home with no ad spend with no Investment that is pretty much Completely like free money okay so this

Is the second traffic source which I Highly highly highly recommend that You're going to use also with a free Google ads Credit Now to actually get This credit you just need to go to Website that's called at creative AI This is a website that's giving away These coupons and to learn how to set up These advertisements completely for free I highly recommend you go and check out This video right here where I'm going to Share the exact step-by-step tutorial on How to set up Google ads and also YouTube ads so if you'd like to learn How to do that then click here for the Next video I'm gonna soon out there bye For now

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