A Shopify Hack Nobody Talks About #shorts

What is a Shopify hack that nobody talks About if you want to see exactly how Many orders each Shopify store is doing All you have to do is number one place An order in the store you will get an Order confirmation with a number of Orders in that store so let's say your Order will be number 10 000 then two Days after you place an order in the Same store let's say that number will be Now like 11 000 because every single Order is counted in Shopify system so Now what you have to do is calculate the Difference between these two numbers so Eleven thousand and ten thousand so the Difference is one thousand orders now You know that they made one thousand Orders in that time frame which is one Day or two days but why is that Important because now you know that that Store is doing very well and if they're Doing very well they're selling to Proven market and if they're selling to Proven Market these are probably the Products you can sell too how often do You do this so we do this every month we Do it for 10 to 20 products how much do You think that this one hack has made You definitely more than 40 million Dollars holy

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