What’s your best price?

When a client asks you for your best Price this is a really really classic Situation that if you don't respond Correctly to you'll lose money in 100 of The time you'll either get asked this Before you have any sort of conversation With a client you know someone messages You blindly what's your best price or After you've had the chance to Thoroughly discuss the project with your Client you feel like they're ready to Hire you they might ask this in in part Of their ask for hey send me a quote how You respond to this question of hey What's your best price really depends on When and how they ask you if this is the First thing they're asking you like the First message you get from this Potential client is hey what's your best Price your only goal should be to try to Deflect them and move the conversation To a point where you're able to ask them Questions about their business and Collect information

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